Nine Years.

The Kauffmans get smushy again– because we can.

Today is our 9th Anniversary.

No, I will not try to top my husband’s tribute to me (last post)– that was unbeatable, the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me, and very much more than I deserve.

So, marriage.

If you had to define your marriage in one sentence or one phrase– what would it be?

Ours is: Iron sharpens iron.

Even when we were dating– we had a very free to speak, opinionated, fierce, and feisty relationship. I called our fights “brawls” with a smile, because although he made me so mad sometimes I wanted to punch something… I NEVER feared him, and greatly respected that I could speak and be known in our relationship. And if I wanted to yell my point (as an immature bride), no one would fault me for that.

OR, pour water on his side of the bed when he didn’t come sleep when I wanted. (Did that twice.)

Awful bride! Whoever missed out on that one was a lucky man!

Do you know the Civil Wars songs: Poison and Wine or I Have a Friend? I think of us when we were dating, every time I hear those songs. Don’t read too much into it, just take it into consideration in a vague way.

In every way, he was my stabilizer. Even when we hit hard times, sometimes things that everyone/no one knew about. But I could always count on him to:

~ Do what was best for us.

~ Take into consideration what I thought/wanted. (He still to this day, asks for my advice on everything– things that have nothing to do with me at all. It is quite flattering…)

~ Get advice from others.

~ Sleep a few nights/weeks over everything.

~ Pray with me about things or find someone wiser than us to talk to.

~ Stick with me through it, and fight together about stuff.

~ Lead in a way that was utterly confident and manly.

And as the years have gone by…. that iron has rubbed, rubbed, rubbed…


“Are we ok?”

“You know I’m crazy about you.”


“Ha ha, did you think about it, we haven’t had a fight for weeks now.”

“I almost forget how. We are very close to perfect.”

Pinches hard.

“Ow! THAT was not adorable at all.”

“I wasn’t trying to be adorable, I was going for annoying.”


To my sister: “Yeah, I know, he was the duh one for picking me. But he seems quite happy with his choice.”


“That’s fine if you want to do chin-ups in the basement– just don’t go all ‘mid-life crisis’ on me.”

“Actually, can you please come down and watch me? It’ll go better …. And NO, you can’t iron while you are down here. Uh, Sit DOWN. You don’t have to multi-task ALL the time.”


“Seriously, your grouchiness has ruined my morning. Yesterday you made my morning with your jokes.”

“Oh, Jenny, look there on the fence post! A robin! That should make your day now.”

“That is pretty…”

“Plus you can’t count on someone else to make your day.”


“You know, the annoying, fuzzy, hovering, period that everyone uses–”

“You mean an asterisk?!”

(Ex: *breaths into a paper bag*)


“So what would YOU do if your wife became a prostitute, and went to live in a brothel?”

This was years ago and I still remember it.

“I’d come find you, and beg you to come back home.”


Over the years….

Our life together looks shiny and lovely, the constant motion of friction has brought forth a pearl of a marriage.

Today, on the first day of Year Number Nine, I call my husband the greatest gift God ever gave me. And I just LOVE and admire him to death.

Happy, happy Anniversary to us……




No more PDA posts, I promise.

I think we got that all out of our systems now.


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  1. Annie says:

    I really enjoy your writings 🙂 so real !!!!

  2. Ruth says:

    Happy Anniversary!! Oh my… you could be describing us, but it’s always so much more funny coming from anothers mouth – and those fights, Oh.. those fights – I relate. You had me smiling through the whole post. And.. might you both be first-borns?

  3. Bevy says:

    That’s awesome.

    I missed the previous post. I’ll be going back.

    Hey. I like your style: iron sharpens iron.

    Happy Anniversary. Ours was this past Monday – at 7 yrs.

    Many more to come. Many more to come.

  4. Lynnelle says:

    What a fun post! Happy Anniversary!

  5. Ruth says:

    Oh so funny! Yes,you could have been describing me & A’s marriage perfectly. & yes,it gets better with each year that passes….the water poured on his side of the bed gave me one great chuckle:)!

  6. Amber says:

    Love this post. Not too mushy at all. 🙂
    Happiest of Anniversarys to you! And many more!

  7. Elizabeth says:

    HaPpY Anniversary to my beautiful friend Jenny!!! {You are so pretty, you know that?}

    Your marriage sounds so fun and amazing. Have a Wonderful day celebrating 9 years together!!! =)

  8. Andrea says:

    Seriously, you guys are a great couple. Love the banter between you online and in real. And I often thought of Gene & myself as an “iron sharpens iron” couple-YOU STOLE MY LINE!:)
    and I don’t know if I’ve said it before-but you are a talented writer-love your style.

  9. jennie z says:

    You guys are awesome!
    I totally missed your husband’s post to you…it was amazing….it touched me….almost cried and I’m not a crier!
    Love you Jenny…happy anniversary!

  10. April says:

    All the quotes are priceless! I’m grinning like a dope at the computer screen. You better not stop doing these PDA posts… it makes me so happy to know there are couples like you two in the world raising children. It’s a good thing.

    LOVE those songs too.

  11. April says:

    Hey, I did post without a smiley face. I think that may be a first. I’m growing up.

  12. Aug says:

    This was such a sweet post! And I don’t use the word “sweet” lightly. It is so interesting to me how everyone’s relationships are so different but how the common thread through all of the marriages that work long term is that neither person ever gives up and that they are both committed and want the best for the other person. I still barely know Galen, even after being friends with you for all of these years…

  13. Jolynn says:

    Your little ‘conversations’ just made me laugh! So real! 🙂
    And ‘Iron sharpening iron’ is so us too. So we’re not the only ones…

    • Jolynn says:

      Can I add a PS? (Assuming the answer be yes…)
      I love that song Poison & Wine! And just cause, I youTube(d) the other song and loved it too! 🙂
      happy 10th year beginning! Wonder what it would be like to say 9 yrs? We are working on completing 2! It’s def better than the first!

  14. diane says:

    what does pda stand for? i loved loved loved this post! it made me want to be married and that. is rare. 🙂

  15. clarita says:

    Oh goodness, like April, I’m here grinning like a goon at the computer screen.
    I LOVE this. Your marriage is so inspiring, really and truly. Something I love that you wrote is the way he values your opinion and you both speak your minds – that is something that seems so rare in a marriage. And I LOVE the conversation quotes. Your kids are so blessed to be growing up in a home where there is so much love and adoration of each other!

    And YOU are just beautiful beautiful!

  16. amber says:

    i read this the other day and have been wanting to get back to comment…

    there’s something so powerful about a wife/ husband praising each other in public! maybe because we don’t hear enough of it. *thank you* and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY you pda lovin couple. i say MORE posts like these last two!! 🙂

  17. cindy says:

    belated happy anniversary wishes from me too!

  18. Sherilyn Miller says:

    I keep coming back wanting to comment on both of these last posts, and I just don’t know how to say what my heart wants to… 🙁 So beautiful, and precious, and darn funny… Congratulations!!!– we just hit our 12th. 🙂

    And this is sooo random, but I am simply dying to know how you pulled that water trick off. I lay in bed one night trying to think of how you did it and how you could hide the fact from G. So much so, that B and I had a discussion one night after kids were in bed, with me asking him about it, to try to figure it out.. 🙂 I died laughing over it, and wished I could try it with him, but he said he would just sleep on the couch ALL night if I did. So really, I am serious, HOW did you do it?

    • Rachel says:

      I second this: How did you dump the water on the bed? And out of curiosity, did that make him come to bed quicker or just keep him away? I love your spunk!

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