Farm Date.

My Girl’s Club decided to do a play-date the other day- since sadly, even though us moms are best buds, the kids really do not know each other well anymore…

It was Shelly’s month and she picked Yoder’s Amish Farm in Trail, Ohio. It is really, really cool! You know, I hear tourists all the time talking about these kinds of places, and I think I always kinda thought in my head: lame.

Well, I was WRONG. As soon as we parked and got out, I thought: I want to live here.

Quilts on the fence.

Beautiful gardens.

Pretty amish girl weed-eating.

A creek with ducks.

Picnic tables and a little play area.

Stately white house. Stately in a simple way, of course.

Colorful aprons flapping on the line.

A small shot of the gardens.

Locals get to tour the barn for free they said.

Here they show the 8 Little Eagers the baby bunnies. (We didn’t even have NEAR all of our kids along either. Plus, Stephanie was missing. Boo.)

Many eager hands.

Took some FILTHY girls home. Had to strip ’em down!

Sack lunch picnic = fun.

These four are four. The Quadruplets as it were…

It was a hot hot hot day! But a fun one.


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  1. linda hershey says:

    love all those cute expressions on the littles. and that top picture of Elle is priceless. i know what the highlight would have been for my crew—the muddy water! the Girls Club sounds like a keeper.

  2. Aug says:

    I see Lauren though. Guess someone was a good friend and brought her along even though her Mom couldn’t come.

    Looks like a fun day! Maybe we should visit there sometime when we are back in Ohio.

  3. Shannon says:

    What kid wouldn’t love a day like that! 🙂 For me being raised on a farm, I am sure raising some city slickers.

  4. Di says:

    that looks like a good day!! i guess I could just take my boys to my inlaws though for that kind of thing. 😉 Minus the large variety of animals…

    Pretty pictures, like always! ~

  5. amber says:

    oh, i can see elle wanting to stay there forever!!
    looks like a super cool place to stay. 🙂

  6. Jenny, I’m excited to have found your blog through my friend Ruby! Your writing is lovely and captivating!

    – Amy

  7. Way to find the “gem” in your backyard! 😉

  8. Brooke says:

    The pictures of the kiddos are just precious.:)

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