Circus in Amish Country.

Laila wishes.

Elle, so proud of her TICKET.

Cool typography.

G-man is hot. The line is long.

~We had fun hitting the circus…. (Wait, no, realistically it was not fun. I wrote that out of habit) … the other week. More on that later.

The interesting part was that this circus was held in a literally ALL amish country town. Mount Hope.

The sale barn there sells local produce, puppies, antiques, and cattle on Wednesdays. If you drive thru Mt. hope on a Wednesday, you will think thoughts of regret, and sit on your hand so as not to lay your whole body across your horn.

You just don’t honk at buggies clogging the road in their native town.

So yes, cultures collided at this Kelly Bros. Circus.

A few things made us smile, sneak pictures, and look curiously.

Such as:

Why do the amish shun worldy practices such as the county fair, the Swiss Festival yet FLOCK to the circus like migrating Canadian geese?

The “POPULAR” pony rides at the circus sat idle…. What amish person is going to pay for a pony ride when Bessie can take them on a ride at home for free?

Bessie may be more of a cow name now that I think of it.

Same for the camel and elephant rides. The women barker for the camel rides about tore her throat out trying to convince the mob of plain people (backed up in line to get into the show) to buy a camel ticket from her. Us included.

And. How can there be so many amish people here and yet, I (from amish background- my dad was amish until 8 years) do not see one person amish I know. In fact, the only amish I know, I realize, are girls I work with at the restaurant.

I was also fascinated with the beautiful, young, amish mothers. The only thing plain about them may have been their distinct dress- but even that was neat and attractive.

So much fascinating for this tourist from rowdy M-burg.

Oh, and the circus wasn’t really fun because:

We decided to eat supper after the show/bad idea!/mom forgot the family snack/girls whined to go HOME 20 minutes after we got there/circus started half hour late/they packed that place so tight mom thought she might get claustrophobic/mom is pregnant/it was so hot/everyone squished beside us was equally hot/mommy’s body was touching stranger’s bodies as she sat/mommy hates that/mom had to go sit in the car- she got so lightheaded/2 little girls cried for mommy and made daddy leave the circus halfway through/tickets were not cheap/mom and dad were not happy on the way home/it was super hot/there were only outhouses/elle came down with puking sickness that night/rest of the family went down like puking dominoes the week after/ mommy and daddy have vowed to boycott all circuses from now on.

that’s why.

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  1. Amber says:

    Oh no! I hate when something that i think will be super fun, turns out to be a bad idea. And then a sick family! I do love your pics, tho. Esp. the ‘mommy’ on the left licking her lip. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Beth says:

    This doesn’t make me want to go to the circus . . .

  3. julana says:

    HA! laughing… that sounds AWFUL! in every way AWFUL!

  4. Joy says:

    You make me deffently never want to go to a circus or even mt hope! I’m laughing and cool pictures but not good you got sick

  5. Rachel says:

    so, the circus is coming to our small town on Friday.
    and, while this is not the amish hub that your town is, i am quite curious as to how many plain people will be there…i’m guessing TONS.
    i sort of want to take my kids though.
    sort of.
    after reading Water For Elephants, i’m not sure about how wholesome such entertainment is…or, at least my perception of it is always going to be altered after having read that book…

  6. Anonymous says:

    This is too funny. I took our kids to that same circus too and concluded we will not be going again. I will take my money next time and do a quiet peaceful family night elsewhere. I spent 12.00 on cotton candy and was not too impressed. I found it funny too that the amish lead such simple lives and then flock to watch half naked ladies hang from a tent top, and pirate theme well lets just say I didn’t enjoy it either and I about roasted too and my poor butt was so sore till we left… circus and pregnancy do not go together:(

  7. April says:

    That is so funny! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve taken the kids somewhere and had a terrible time. At least they don’t seem to notice, and I’m pretty sure they have a good time. I do think it is very strange that county fairs are frowned upon and the circus is not… it really should be the other way around.

  8. dori says:

    this is why we didnt go… i figured its packed with amish

  9. Anonymous says:

    laughed out loud, cuz we were there too. I would love to know what the circus people think of the crowd in Mt. Hope, that would be interesting. Also, the Man in the last pic is one of our customers, if only he knew..

  10. Lynnelle says:

    It’s bad enough when it’s your kids’ hot sticky arms against yours. But a perfect stranger? Yuk. So sorry it wasn’t any fun.

  11. Bevy says:

    THIS whole post had me “rolling on the floor” -laughing.

    I’ve always pondered this very question. When cultures collide? Who has left with the more intrigue…
    Who has the more influence on the other? Probably the circus people.
    Oh my, and that…

    “the woman barker” – I’m trying to imagine/picture this scene and I would have totally thought the same thing. Why on God’s green earth would anyone want to pay $$ for a ride on “whatever” when Bessie takes them around at home for FREE!

    You poor thing… hot, hungry, squished up against strangers…then sick, falling like dominoes at the end of it all. That’s NOT funny. ;(

    I will say. Seeing all of these Amish made me think of and miss my time at Gospel Echoes/Goshen, IN. – several years ago. I served as a nanny there for one of the teams .. and OH/IN Amish kind of look the same.
    I’m going down memory lane now. I remember going to fairs, concerts and barn auctions, etc. They (amish) were there aplenty. Come to think of it. – the GE team I’m talking about probably has been through these parts often. Eating at the Essenhaus (?), having banquets and stuff.
    Oh memories…

    Your photos… nostaglic feeling, nonetheless. Thanks for bringing me a good chuckle today. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Jenny says:

      “Iโ€™ve always pondered this very question. When cultures collide? Who has left with the more intrigueโ€ฆ
      Who has the more influence on the other? Probably the circus people.”

      love these thoughts, Bevy, so true. you always make me laugh. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Aug says:

    Your last paragraph was HILARIOUS. Mostly because it didn’t happen to me. And oh, the other thing…the older Amish lady in the one picture (she is close up…on the left hand side)…that picture had me looking twice and three times. Because I thought she had a real life mustache. But after a while I realized it was her tongue. I was kind of relieved.

  13. clarita says:

    I laughed out loud at your ending paragraph! I love how you write. And your entire description was great. The “migrating geese”, and the pony rides especially. ๐Ÿ™‚ Funny for me because I wasn’t there, but I love how you can still make a great story out of it!

    And are you still not feeling well with your pregnancy?? ๐Ÿ™

  14. Andrea says:

    Jenny – your way with words! You have a gift–funny funny stuff. I don’t even feel sorry for you because sometimes the more awful the details the better the story. Definetely worked in this case.
    Oh yeah, I hate those nights when everthing is supposed to be fun, but it really is just misery.

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