Just a few moments from dear June.

{My husband is gone for a bit, so yes, I am trying to get caught up with my bloggy.}

{Bike trail}

{Sis Julana, sis Joy, and my mom}

At the bike trail, we had a picnic. Elle planned a week ahead to do a tea party for her cousins. She planned and planned and drove her mother a little nuts. She is one INTENSE planner. Here she is with her supplies. Also, I let her pick out whatever she wanted to wear that day. Even her hair-do was instructed to me very specifically.

She had this basket all packed the night before.

{The sources:

Green antique tea cups: a gift from my Aunt Ada Kay, very precious to me.

Pink china plates: thrift store- years ago.

Napkins: Target.

White vintage egg basket: inherited from my late grandma Wenger}

{Joy Bells and Olie- as Laila calls her.}

{A toad: entertainment for HOURS.}

{Laila: potty training= no pants}

I tore out the WORST overgrown bed of hostas here, and made it well, better.

Another flower bed I tore stuff out of and tried to make neater looking.

This corner used to be all boxed in with a huge picnic table. WE moved the table into the yard and it opened up this spot. Really makes our teeny yard feel bigger.

Galen was gone the other weekend. We decided the night before, to hit Lake Park Aquatic Center– we called a few friends but ended up going just us.

It was fun, but every now and then I heard:

“Are our friends coming?!”

“There is no one here THAT WE KNOW!”


“Oh, over there is my friend!!….. no, wait…..it’s not them.”

{Laila lounges.}

{water play.}

We had the bikes along so biked at Cochocton Park also.

This is a bad picture from my phone, but it still displays a certain feeling that I love.

One evening we ordered Chinese take-out from our favorite place here in town (Elle’s choice), and watched a movie together. It was a fun night- just us girls.

Texas Roadhouse for my momma’s birthday!

Texas Roadhouse has good salad!

The chicken critters were not the same as they were back in the day (that was for Nicole and Shelly). Man! TR holds so many old memories for me.

Dad, Joy, Laila and Jacinta. ♥

I love to see my little girls gazing for hours at pictures. Here Laila is still in the throes of learning potty (no pants).

Morning girls, still missing their daddy. 🙂

The girls had fun having friends Sophie and Payton come over.

A closer look at the baubles.


That’s all from me for now.

Watcha been doing this JUNE?

Love, Jenny

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  1. Cindy Fox says:

    jenny, I love your back yard! Can’t wait to spend time out there w/ you (soon!), drinking your good, fresh lemonade and laughing w/ our husbands!!

  2. julana says:

    enjoyed this posts. 🙂

  3. Luci Martin says:

    I love how you capture your girls and other people in the simple and GOOD things of life. And your yard and flowers fit that too. I have a huge yard and it’s hard to keep up with it all. Sometimes I dream of just a little spot where I could pour my time into making it delightful.

    You know what I’ve been doing this June because you hear more than you need to on facebook, probably. 🙂 Enjoying long days, weeding, making garden tea, weeding, taking a long road trip again, and just loving summer.

  4. clarita says:

    I love Elle’s outfit. 🙂 I get such a kick out of these 4 year olds trying to style it. We’ve such got it going on here too, and some days I’m rather proud, and other days I’m completely mortified. Right now we’ve got the ‘drowned rat’ look going on with hair for our eldest. So not sure how she thinks that is the coolest.

    Your backyard is just beautiful! And the vintage chairs! (I still think vintage is so cool) You’ve made it so inviting and cozy. Inspiring you are!

  5. Charity says:

    Lovely post…summer really is the best! And a burning question: Is that Cheng’s you are speaking of? Last time I tried them (probably 5 years ago) I was kinda like “ewwww” but maybe they’re awesome now? Because sometimes I get so hungry for Chinese food (plus it sounds so cool to pick up Chinese takeout for dinner) but I thought there was no decent place in miles…

  6. Charity says:

    P.S. I think Elle’s choice of outfit and hairstyle is absolutely darling. 🙂 She is a real fashionista!

  7. Aimee says:

    I think your sister Joy looks so much like the Nester! Your family is adorable as always and I just love your style. LOVE! 🙂

  8. amber says:

    how can you take ANYTHING and make it look so pretty! like the chair and bucket of flowers.. such a cozy looking spot and i love to sit right there and.. just sit!! 🙂

    fun to catch up. always enjoy the pics of the girls. such cuties. and started a blog post earlier that i titled, “dear june.” so your title made me smile. if i still use it, don’t tell lisa! she’ll think i copied you. 😉

    what i’ve been doing in june is RUNNING. but not the good kind. the kind in a mini van where i’m running everyone here and there and everywhere!! i don’t ever remember a busier time. kate’s last day of hs was today.. and ben graduates grade 8 tomorrow!! big stuff. excited for july and the 2 months of summer here. 😉

    hugs friend. miss you~

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