(We like to take our own snacks and goblets to fancy hotels… No gouging for us! )

I shopped a lot, we visited the German Village one day, attended a Hiland baseball game, and of course, “bookstoring” is always a fave jaunt for us.

{ The ORIGINAL Max and Erma’s. }

(Not sure what is with the look and the stabbing)

(A terrible quality camera phone pic we took.)

Just a few shots from our FABULOUS “couple moon” we got to go on last month. We both said it may have been the most fun we have had as a couple to date.

Just so. good. to get away and just enjoy each other’s presence fully. He laughed at my jokes so much I finally asked him if he was on something.


Gotta run, sorry so short. jenny

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  1. Rachal Yoder says:

    Are you talking German Village in Columbus? We were there for our last anniversary and I told John that it had been my FAVORITE anniversary yet! Glad you had a fun time and Happy Anniversary!

  2. ahh. you beat me to the fb comment thing-a-ma-jig. at least I'm pretty sure I'm going to add it to my blog. I always think it looks so cool 'cause you can always see someone's pic, etc. anywaaaay… I love your couplemoon. sounds divine. and I love that your man laughs at your jokes. makes me feel justified for sure for always laughing at your stuff online. 🙂

  3. Shelly Nissley, this fb addition is cool, BUT I just realized it deleted every comment I have ever gotten from my blog!

  4. oh no! I don't like that! thanks for the heads up. I will definitely look into that before switching.

  5. Always fun to read you. BUT the deletion of your blog comments makes me very, very sad for you. 🙁 Surely they are retrieveable. Surely.

  6. I will live vicariously through the success of your couplemoon…since it seems to be a far away dream for us! love hearing that it could very well be your best one so far. nothing worse than great expectations gone awry…and so he should laugh at your jokes. you're wickedly fun-ny.

  7. apparently I slightly panic at change, cause I'm so confused by the new layout! I see in your comments it's a new fb thingy.. but all your comments gone? that just makes no sense. fb ate them! make them spit them back up!

    always love a post from my jenny friend. is it weird to say, I like the vibe here. because I do. other than the new fb posting. 😉 a couplemoon sounds so heavenly to me right now. I'm feeling dry and distant in our relationship & I was just saying to shayne, "we NEED some time just us." I think it's so vital~.

    the original max & erma's is cool. the ones in cincy closed down, but I loved those places. a max size bbq, cheddar burger w/ extra bbq on the side to dip my fries in.. YES, PLEASE! 🙂

    hope you and baby are doing well.. big hug

  8. about the new commenting thingy: I can still see my comment on my dashboard on wordpress. so technically they are not lost.
    but all past comments are now not readable by anyone else. not sure if I like it or not? right now it looks like I blog and blog and blog for years. never get a comment…. but just… blog on. what a loser. 🙂

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