The Violet Hour.


To me…
This is the most beautiful piece of music in the world.
It makes me think of a life,

of pain and joy,
of rain on a window pane,
a story told,

a certain wistfulness,
of time passing,
of walking through an old house, imagining it’s stories.

I often play is during the day if I want to feel:
Sometimes I picture a little eatery…. where I am sitting alone and it’s quiet.

Sometimes I picture a little house, beautiful in it’s aging.
The violet hour– doesn’t it sound so ‘Mmm yes’. I always think it sounds like something
Anne Shirley
would say,
The Sea of Shining Waters
and other pretty things she said.

What piece of music makes you feel this way? Please take time to link to the song you love- I’d love to have more to add to my every days.

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  1. beautiful…beings that I'm already in a dreary mood, it made me want to cry though.:)

  2. Lisa Troyer says:

    annie's song.

  3. Lisa Troyer says:

    the music box dancer by frank mills.

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