elle turns five.

Elle turned 5 last week!

I wanted to do a bike trail party and then a kiddie pool party. But it was just so. hot. the week of her wedding. So we had a low-key, mom is really tired and unmotivated party.

Edit: Did I really just write wedding?! Now I can’t tell if age 5 is really hitting me hard, or if i am just that out of touch lately. Summer has been long and hot, it has really done me in. And I just have so many projects on my plate right now. (Call it early happy nesting.)

Children of the 1950s.

…Want to see a good old cake FAIL?

This might make your day brighter if you are feeling low.

Or full of self loathing- you can just turn all your distain onto me and my cake skills.

Pinterest Photo I was shooting for:




Yes, I can make that cake.

My cake.

Honestly, it looked uglier in real life. Kinda annoyed now that it looks half cute on the picture because I know you will say to me,

“Your cake was cuuute, it wasn’t THAT baad.”

No. It was weird. It was short and low. Not tall and stately and ELEGANT like that one on Misleading Pinterest.

I didn’t have a tiny cake mold so (insider alert) that top layer is 4 gross cookies from Dollar General. Yes, the brown of them showed through, so I slicked on more frosting and then it just got smeary-er and gooey-er. By the end of working on that dumb cake I made a vow.

Never. making. a. birthday. cake. myself. again.

There are too many other ways I can show love to my daughters. In hindsight though, I have to say Elle loved her cake. So really, maybe it didn’t matter.

Elle with her gifts from daddy and I. A doll, a chair, a watch, and some hip, hip glasses.

Listening to a birthday message on the phone.


Well, I really should go. While I was here posting: the girls crumbled their pop tarts into powder over the coffee table, Laila is gargling with my iced coffee. Elle decided her dreams of getting that certain $29.99 doll kit at Walmart should be a reality. She has been pricing all her ugly toys with stickers and writing backwards $ signs on them. I guess we are having a sale. Oh, dear, what to do? Is it just me- or is sitting on my front sidewalk selling junky toys just NOT what I had in mind for today?


PS. I don’t know why it says “Comments closed” at the bottom of my blog- I do love comments so it’s not me closing down the love. 🙂


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