Sensational 6.

This weekend with old girlfriends was just what the doctor ordered. If there was in fact a doctor that would prescribe such things,

“No, it’s not an apple a day any more that you need, but a girl’s weekend. Here I will write out an order for CVS.”

I have known these girls for years now. Christy is my “newest” friend and I have known her for, I believe, 8 years now. Jennifer, for instance, I have known since the age of 12. (I am 33 in case you like Math.)


Where the bread is soft as a baby’s bum and the pizza Italy-esque.

{Me, Ruth, Christy}

My happenin’ scarf is from Jennifer’s superhip store.

We had so much fun lounging at Jennifer’s house (a house that belongs on Pinterest or in a Pottery Barn magazine), eating cobbler and ice cream, sitting on the deck at night with the crickets blaring, having big discussions pool-side, sharing stories of faith and family, IKEA, Dunkin Donuts, shopping at Jennifer’s store (Main Street Exchange) exclusively- after hours, buying/trying on cute stuff there…  and just sitting at Jenn’s table… eating and conversing and laughing. Great talks with Dawn traveling.

And finally feeling like I have a real personality. I ADORE being a mom, but sometimes you just need to be a PERSON again. A calm, conversational, no one talking in my face needing things kind of day. 🙂

I dearly love these girls…. ♥

My IKEA lamp I bought on the trip. I really like-y it.

That’s all for today…


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  1. April says:

    Hey! The comment box is working!

    That looks like the perfect day out with the girls! Good food, Ikea, private shopping trips in super chic boutiques… look at you being all superstar 😉 I think I need a virtual Jennifer’s house and store. Would you mind indulging a curious and slightly envious CA girl?

    Love you new lamp. love your posts. they always make me smile!

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