Baby Room BEFORE.

Don’t you just love how I wrote BEFORE in all caps in the title line- just you know… to clear it up for anyone that thought this was my completed baby room.

Yes, the Art Room has gone far, far, far down hill. Can we just call it the Armpit of our house? The Problem Child room. The Black Sheep of the home.


Anyway, my baby room is now 80% done. I actually cried over this room. It took me a week to paint it, partly because I kept having to load up the girls and head back down to Sherwin-Williams and mostly because with 2 girls I could only work on it a little it at a time.

Oh dear baby in the womb- you better treasure and cherish your bloodsweatandtears <(really spellcheck you don’t LIKE how I spelled that?!) baby room.

And a few more Craptastic shots of the the BEFORE.

BEFORE. Remember that.

Because you never know when you might want to start a project that includes a plastic doll, a tripod, a cardboard box, and some forgotten fabric… it’s best to just leave it all out.

Being prepared is SMART.

This picture makes me go yesss. Yesss. Yessss.

All ya’ll trashy stuff, are a burning in the town dump, hanging out getting to know new junk at Save and Serve thrift, you saw our front curb, or you are in bins in my guest room dresser. You do not control me anymore. NOW I CONTROL YOU.

Piles and piles of photo albums from over-eager jenny in the 1900s, I so hate you all.

Stopped vacuuming this room.

Closet of horror. Housing all G’s music folders from every choral group ever sung in, and books from college days of yore.

And (dreamy face) that oh so uber cool and elusive green SNOWBOARDING JACKET G wore all through our SMBI days. He roamed the halls wearing that jacket with cargo pants,  long sleeved Ts with ski lingo-logo-jargon, and some very kickin’ soccer shoes that were quite “new” in that time period. Who was this man that sat around with a LAPTOP AND A SMALL CELLULAR DEVICE?! Oh, and what? he buys things online– who does that?


Anyway, so I love and hate that jacket. Great memories. Belongs elsewhere.

And because I am weird in more ways than one- I had to go shoot the old soccer shoes with my camera phone. They are too good to miss. Please remember these were being worn in what…. 1999. Pretty pushin’ it in their day. Rumor has it, G’s school kids admire them now.

We keep them around,

“just in case I ever need them for a dirty project.”

~end quote.

Closer closet details. I feel like this has turned into a scandalous expose.
Hanging Folders: more hardworking than their nemesis Laying Flat Folders.

Sewing area delights. Happy to report this sewing machine now also resides in a landfill somewhere.

Ok, well that’s all folks.


Thanks, Willie Wonka for the backup.

Come back in 2.5 months…


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  1. linda hershey says:

    you might as well have an evil laugh playing as i reach the end of the post. there can’t be a BEFORE until there’s an AFTER. it’s cruel!!
    I love your “scandalous expose”. it looks like a room i was in charge of.minus the tripod. and add a few more barbies.
    totally laughed at the ski jacket. and because i am still reliving good memories of the 1999 days…i actually like those shoes!
    and what DO you do with all that stuff of days gone by? like your dear hubs chorale books and such? i have stuff of weldon’s that would seem sacrilegious to throw away…but WHAT do i do with it?
    love this post. cannot wait for the AFTER.
    p.s. –i did find one cute way to store some days of yore items. stacked them in old suitcases.

  2. Amber says:

    I love this post! It’s hillarious. YOU are hillarious. And real. And I love that. 🙂 Can’t wait to see the After cause I know how awesome you are at re-doing and decorating.

    And I love the ^^^old suitcase storage idea^^^.. I have an old trunk that would be perfect to store what is now keeping house under my bed. 8)

  3. lisa says:

    i can only imagine, once rescued from the disgrace of this condition, what an incredible baby room this is.

  4. Marilyn says:

    I loved the dial up video…it only needed to be followed up with “you’ve got mail.” Ok, so maybe I’m a total sucker for that movie. 🙂 Can’t wait to see the after pictures!!

  5. April says:

    You are SUCH a tease. Looking forward to that 2.5 months! Can’t wait to meet that darling baby and see all the things you’ve been working so hard on.

    Your room makeover makes me want to get started on my laundry room and master bedroom!

  6. Thelma says:

    OHMYGOODNESS. i totally remember those shoes. and have that exact mental picture of how you described Galen at SMBI. but the shoes. I remember them because they were that edgy and cool. Noone else wore them. noone. It’s prly the first thing i noticed about him. not that I was noticing things about Galen or anything ,but I doubt I could tell you what shoes any other guy from an term of bible school had.
    yes. bible school papers and chorale music, and photo albums from that era. it is a sin to throw them out, no? I have a whole huge tote of all that stuff under the basement steps. It’s just going to mold I guess. But at least I haven’t thrown it out. I love the mantra that if you haven’t used it in a year to get rid of it. But Bible school memoribilia, or any sentimental artifact, it seems kinda criminal to get rid of it, even tho no one ever looks at it.
    I like what Linda said up there, that you should have inserted an evil laugh at the end of your post. It is not even right to show a ‘before’ if you have no ‘after’.
    I just KNOW it is going to be the most awesome baby room ever. it had great potential, under all the hanging flat folders and such.

  7. Thelma says:

    haha. and i actually just listened to the soundtrack of dial-up internet. I think i might have got chills up my spine. Cuz we lived in an area w/ really bad service, so maybe you would get a connection, but maybe not. So it was kinda like winning the lottery when you listened to all those sounds, and then oh-la, got online to check juno email. Dorcas Whetzel just may have emailed, who knows.

  8. Audrey R. says:

    Loved this post and can’t wait to see the finished baby room! Dial up internet- we had that at one time, and I was SO glad when I found out I could get high speed for just as cheap if I switched to another company. The only good thing about dial up is that one tends to only use it for things that are necessary! 🙂

  9. Meg Martin says:

    Now I know I’m not the only one… because even incredibly amazing talented people like you have those areas of their houses. I still think the armpit(S) of my house looks much much worse, but you definitely inspired me to tackle them! And I just moved! Sigh. For me it’s not so much all the things I have because we came to Japan with the bare minimum… it’s knowing how to organize, period. I’m good with the three main rooms of the house, but after that? Not so much!!! LOVED your post. :)))

  10. Bevy says:

    lol!! oh Jenn that is awesome. I’m loving the willy wonka quote at the end.

    Too fun!

    Great bones in that ole house of yours … I tell you that a lot. At least, I think about it.

    SO, you went to SMBI, too!?! Or just your hubby? See? I did too(for one 6 wk term)… I want to say back in early `93 (I think). Flash-back memories at just the mention of it… 😉

  11. cindy says:


    notice that i used all caps to clear up any misunderstanding that i might have thought of this and you as only slightly funny.

    i need to organize places that look in my own house. but my motivation isn’t what it used to be…now that The Farmer and his wife aren’t making babies anymore. 🙂

    looking forward to your after shots. and the gender reveal!!! so happy for you…

  12. clarita says:

    Are you kidding me. Before ONLY?? You are an incredible tease. First the announcement on facebook that you’re finding out the gender, but not telling. Now the baby room before but not the reveal! Wow. Because I am sure it will be one amazing room. We sure are a bunch of anxious friends, I tell ya. 🙂

    Funny funny post. Sure enjoyed it. 🙂

  13. amber says:

    such a gifted writer, jenny.. now we’re all hanging!

    and also.. i’m feeling a bit more NORMAL cause i have places in my house that look identical. ~ i love that you kept the shoes/ jacket. wouldn’t they be cool in a shadow box or something.. like if you had a cool rec room. you could get a little inscribed plaque to hang inside underneath that said, “the beginning.” how fun to point to it and tell your kids, “this is how i first remember your dad.” 😉 though now that i think of it.. maybe it’s a morbid idea. like a shrine. but still.. hanging on to that stuff out of sentiment is just too sweet.

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