{Summer maiden}

{Laila posing}

A few random shots from AUGUST- a great month.

Even though Elle is smiling- she LOATHES getting her picture taken. I am pretty sure the shot before this was of her crying. I deleted it.

We have a ratty garden intent of producing one item: grape tomatoes. The girls love to pick them!

I LOVE how long Laila’s hair is getting. Proud momma.

Elle is my artist- she draws intricate, datailed pictures all day long. Laila never really draws people. So the other day when she drew her 2nd and 3rd people pictures ever, I savored the moment!

To me, they are just DARLING.


The other Saturday morning, my Once a Month Club went to Rebecca’s bistro for a mother/daughter get together. It was really, really sweet and fun.

My girls felt like the stuff as they ate their fancy ‘meat and pancakes’ breakfast.

We were sad to not have with us Silla, Chloe, and Kate. 🙁

My food- everything you order there is good.

As we left, my girls had to examine the fairy garden…

I realized at 30 weeks I had not one pregnancy picture. So I made G snap one as he was running out the door. It is so cheesy.

After he left, I thought I can try to get a self portrait of my belly, and this is what I got- so “Hi, there!”.

The other night my nieces and nephew were here. My girls had made Easter eggs one night, so the kids found them and begged to eat them. Whatever makes ya happy…

“School Elle” was teaching an art class. I was very impressed- she has great technique.

After the park and ice cream, every one was bathed and eating popcorn and watching a movie. I felt pretty accomplished let me just say.

Ok, weird ending… but I got a clinger named Laila here. Got to go!

Enjoy your holiday weekend! ~jenny

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  1. jennie says:

    i loved scrolling thro these pictures.
    wow… thats lots of kids! did you babysit by yourself one evening?? way2go! 🙂
    your pg belly is ‘adorbs’ 😉 but seriously it’s cute and you look so happy! i am excited for you.
    have a good day, my dear

  2. clarita says:

    oh how i love this post! i always love pictures of your little girls. you dress them so perfectly, they could be boden or etsy or something equally awesome models. 🙂

    and i’ve been hoping for a pregnancy picture! you look great! and it’s getting so close!

  3. amber says:

    oh, look at you and super cute tiny belly!! i can’t believe you’re 30 weeks already. wow. your pregnancy has flown by… for me! 🙂 loved this little catch up post. and seeing rebecca’s makes me miss you and all our ffe girls~

    hugs for a happy weekend.

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