A small post for Saturday….

{A leather mini recliner I found at a thrift store for a good price. It had a rip in it, but I managed to get some Amish guys to sell me a piece of leather to repair it with, she cleaned up SO NICE.}

{ a few fresh flowers still survive in my backyard }

{french vocab cards in an old silver cup}

{the only live plant in my house- i want more!}

~I do not really have anything important to say today. It’s a Saturday, and soon I will go into work for a few hours. It has been raining all morning- so that has been peaceful. G came downstairs this morning and said,

“A rainy Saturday morning- can it get any better than that?”

I have taught him right.

I made grape juice and scrambled eggs this morning for G and I with real cracked pepper, mozzerella cheese, onions, bacon and green peppers. I try not to brag- but it really hit the spot.

I will say though- that the girls are level-ten hyper this morning and needing a good run in the rain. Sometimes I can take the noise. This morning…. (picture me shaking my head and rolling my eyes.)

Last night I was feeling a little chef-y, and I had this idea in my head of this soup I wanted to create with these pantry items.

It turned out SO.



It went down the drain after we suffered through supper. Garbage disposal ate good last night.

So anyway, if you ever put these ingredients together, go ahead and stick them back in your pantry. I hate to say epic fail, but it must be said here.

Which is another reason why it was so good that I scored a delicious breakfast this morning. It put the wind back in my sails.

I just told Elle she needs to go run outside and she said,

“I don’t wanna live in the STREET!” ~Whatever that means.

Laila loves her daddy bunches. She likes to climb on him like this when he is talking on the phone… or reading… or anytime really.

The nose makes a great handle.

An older picture from the last pool day of the season (with their cutie-pop Yoder cousins).

Elle was very concerned that her best friend and her sister had the matching suits- “They are going to best friends now!” she wailed.

You know you are all grown up, when a great mail day is a favorite magazine and a big, FAT COUPON.

Well, my news bag is empty. (Anyone else remember writing that to a penpal as a preteen? I do.)


What made your Saturday fun today?


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  1. Charity says:

    Just invoicing, paying bills, and getting ready for the dreaded task of ironing here! I am secretly relieved that you only have one live plant in the house. Do you have to be like 50 years old till you get the hang of houseplants? All of mine die a slow, painful death–no matter how valiantly I try to give them life. As much as I hate faux plants and LOVE real ones, this might be one area that I have to admit total defeat. Now where do I find extremely life-like fake plants? P.S. How could the soup have been a fail? I think the ingredients sound good together! Was it the dill?

  2. I always love when you write funny things your girls say. They just totally crack me up!

  3. shelly n says:

    It’s a rainy saturday here, too. So far i’ve mostly been hanging down at the new house, shop-vacc-ing rooms for THE FINAL TIME (I think I’ve cleaned up in there 4-5 times . . . ) before the painter comes next week. Sooooooo excited. Otherwise, a trip to home-depot with the whole family, and now reading in the naptime quietness. I am looking forward to lazy, rainy saturdays when we chillax like jennyk’s gang and lead a “normal” non-building life again. Oh, and can i hire you to be my own personal thrift-store shopper? I need nice leather chairs and a whole bunch of other fun stuff for our new place!

  4. cindy says:

    i love waking up to rainy days. it inadvertantly gives me permission to…relax. slow down. sit and sip. conquering will happen…at another time. ahhhhhhh.

    but funny. because i started a post this morning about the sunshine coming through my windows and splashing on my table and floor…and how happy that makes me.

    i can feel BOTH ways without contradicting myself, right?! 🙂

    your kid quotes are awesome as always. lol. and i must be grown up afterall. that would be a great mail day for me too. my saturday was fun because my kids and their friends were entertained by a snake that they found! so they were happy and busy. and i was…too!

    happy monday!

  5. Jo says:

    Loving that recliner! Wow. Classy.
    Sorry about your supper. Hate when that happens.

  6. amber says:

    laughing at elle’s, “you want me to live in the street!!” too funny~ and what’s with kids not wanting to be outside these days? i know i sound so old when i say, “when i was a kid…” but really. we really DID live in the streets and play all day. :)) i hated being inside. with my kids now it’s either too hot or too cold or too windy or too something. the other day emma came in because she said the grass was too long and bothering her feet!!!!

    and i have a love/hate relationship w/ that magazine cover right now. let’s just say it got me all inspired to make chevron pumpkins, and they didn’t turn ANYTHING like those ones!!! wah!!

    hugs girl. miss you~

  7. amber says:

    just had you on my mind earlier. clicked on my bookmarks here before going to bed and saw bailyandme and decided to say a little, hi! here. : ) hope you’re doing well. miss you~

  8. christy says:

    Hey, Jenny. I don’t think I’ve commented here for awhile. Just wanted to tell you I’ve been thinking about you a lot the last couple weeks. I always love when there’s a new post from you–funny, thoughtful, or inspiring or maybe some of all of them.

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