K Life: a numbered list…

Well, I am going to try to post something.
I come here and it just looks like a weedy garden to me. My header really bothers me. It has to be 3 years old– since that baby up there is big Laila. Also, I was looking at each of the pictures and I do not have ANY of those things anymore, or it looks way different.

Since I have no wind in my sails for writing right now I thought I’d go numbered/Christmas newsletter style. Maybe that will help. No idea what will happen from here OUT…..

1. I slept very little last night. Laila came to my bedside and woke be up 3 times. Once she told me she was very hungry for a milkshake. I told her to get in bed with us as fast as she could–  anything to divert her from those thoughts, anything is  better than trudging down the steps and firing up the blender at 3 am. Then she did, but she poked and poked me until…. well, I don’t  remember what happened after that.

2. But anyway, because of that, after taking Elle to school and coming home, loading the washer, and feeding Laila….. I put her on a Sesame Street computer game and fell asleep for a few hours. Tonight when G came home– the house was a complete and total wreck, but his wife was very cheerful and rested. I think he was happy about it.

When he gets home from work, I always explain why the state of the house is what it is. He thinks it’s kinda weird and asks me sometimes why I do it. I guess I just want to be worth my wages.

Tonight I said: “By the way, the reason the house is such a wreck is because I slept on the couch for hours today.”

He said absently, “hmm.”

Me: “So what’s that look– I can’t tell, jealousy or disapproval?”

G: “It’s really- what do you call it- when you just don’t care… apathy? No, indifference? It’s FINE.”

3. I really like my husband. I mean I like him. I have been thinking about that lately. He is the most interesting and engaging person I know. And he is not dull. Dull and unimaginative drives me crazy, I think.

The other night we were sitting in bed talking, he was working some advanced algebra in a real nerdy way on his computer. We were discussing hashtags– you know: #.

G: “I don’t know why you hate them so bad. I mostly think they are just hilarious. I love ’em.”

Me: ” I just cannot believe you are serious. You.like.them?”

G: “You know what your problem is? You just don’t have a sense of humor.”

Me” “Um, yes, you are so right. That’s why I think you’re so funny all the time.”

Oh man. Get a slam, BOOM! comeback with  backhanded compliment. I fell asleep high on that one.

Most people write cute things their little kids say–  I guess now I just write cute things I say.


4. Elle is in school this year. She is 5 now, and so much more well-rounded than she used to be. I think she is braver, more confident, smarter, more hardworking (disciplined), and she is reading a little already. Thank you to whatever her teacher is doing with her. Plus, 2 days a week I feel like I have a babysitter. Laila and I do all kinds of crazy stuff while she is at school, like going to the doctor…. getting groceries… sleeping on the couch…. and socializing at fun places. I love it.

Here are a few pictures of School Elle.

She did not so super much want to go to school that first day.

Walking to the gate with her ‘I’m just bumming at home today’ sister.

Posing with the principal at Elle’s school, because he looks uncannily like my husband. Sometimes we even pretend we are married- it’s so fun.

Here are a few of her classmates putting their cute little things away. Everything Kindergarteners do is cute.

5. If you see me in 4 weeks, I will have a baby with me. I am over-the-top excited. I am sure I was this excited with my other two– it’s just that…. it has been LONG since we had a baby. Long. My girls don’t even know what it’s like. I cannot wait to experience it all as a little family.

Reality, I know: in 5 weeks when I am living out this ‘dream’– likely you will not hear from me on here, because I am just here in my house tearing my hair out. Oh, well, I am still excited. And I will have Vicadin. Actually that sounded like a joke, but really when you have been cut with a knife– reality is that you need a healthy dose of that stuff. Sad, but true. 🙁

6. I am pretty apprehensive about the actual surgery, you can say a prayer for me? It’s just I have e.v.e.r.y step of the way memorized, and there are like 5 steps that in my head I already have to breath through when I think of them.

7. Today I was listening to the radio and the speaker was saying that Jesus sweated drops of BLOOD before he was sent to the cross. It impacted me. Jesus never sinned, he was perfect always. Yet he knew physical agony about future pain.

That really comforted me– I think I picture that, as a person in tune with God, I should sit elegantly with my hands gently folded, and a look of peace on my face (preferably looking heavenward), as I think of things I am nervous about.

8. How has my PG been going? I hate to say it. Very well. I told G that 80% of the day, I forget I am pregnant. I basically feel the same as regular me. (Because regular me is always hormonal and sleepy.)

9. I still like to work on small projects. I don’t get much done that is crafty– but some days… This is a room-brightener pillow I made.

Some cozy pjs I made for Elle.

.75 fabric from thrift store and comfy as can be.

One of two mums I purchased for the outside– oh look, they are turning brown from someone who never waters them.

Finally two days ago I ‘falled’ up the mantel. It’s not perfect, but it’s cleaner and it makes me feel cozy so that’s all I care about.

10. Candles make me so happy.

11. G is gone tonight– he is reffing a football game at school. Elle is drawing at the table. Laila is curled up on the couch sleeping- I’m not sure whether to carry her to bed, or wake her. I threw all the supper and cookie making dishes in the dishwasher, now I am sitting here. I should be packing– we are going away this weekend. A venture that joins school related things and being with Kauffman family. It should be a great weekend.

12. It seems as a family with young children– you can go through some DRY times socially. Amen? But somehow lately we have been so lucky and have enjoyed so many fun times with company, out of state friends, and just special times here and there having great conversations with good friends in the last few weeks.

I feel really grateful because with baby coming (along with winter), I think it could be a very quiet, hibernating kind of winter.

Here I will insert a few pictures from the times I took time to get out the camera…

We LOVED getting to host Charles and Cindy for the night. They just moved home from Bangladesh, so we had not seen each other for 3 years!

Scrappy looking cuties, eating an early breakfast.

Little girls hit it off so well!

We have this CD, by the Hostetler Kids that has a darling song at the end about dancing with daddy. (I won’t lie- I tear up) Anyways G and Laila religiously dance with the song every night– and sometimes during the day. Here they are teaching it to Chuck and Chayla.

(Here is another rendition of the song- if you want to hear it.)


My aunt and uncle came to spend a few days with all kinds of family a few weeks ago. We got to have them for a few days. I even was lucky enough to keep them for 2 nights. Always lots of good talks, being tourists, being with family,  and good food eaten in good company when they come to town!

Cozy breakfast at Rebecca’s Bistro. Notice- no children that day! Special thanks to my friends, Shelly and Carmen for doing that for me. ♥

My uncle Terry has a very awesome, dry sense of humor- can you tell?

Well, that is longer than I thought it would be. I feel a little more caught up now. I can’t say for sure– but I have this feeling I may not post here again before the baby. But who knows? The urge to write can strike at the oddest times. Maybe I will blog hospital-bedside. Doubt it though.

HAPPY FALL SEASON TO YOU. I just, just love it……….


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  1. Thelma says:

    love the update. i do wish you would blog from your hospital bedside. your fan club would be grateful:-) I’m kidding.
    Curious. which steps of the c-section do you have to breathe through? Hands down my least favorite part is when they have to poke your back, and you’re hunched over, shivering in the cold OR room. After that’s done, and the catheter is in, and the numbness is all set just right, then I breathe a huge sigh of relief. Well, yeah, then also having the IV in the back of my hand, just thinking about it gives me the cold chills. Sorry, maybe I should stop, i don’t want to send you into breathing excercises again. Cannot wait to hear your news.
    jealous that you got to see Chuck and Cindy already….:-)

  2. linda hershey says:

    Thelma—i was starting to breathe hard. just reading that. maybe i should double up some gratefulness prayers on normal delivery….

  3. April says:

    I’m going to miss you! But I understand completely. I can’t wait to meet that baby!!! So curious 🙂 AND you have to do the “after” post for the baby’s room. I’m holding you to that.

    Those p.j’s you made are adorable! The color and the big bow are perfect. I’m forgetting all the funny things I was thinking while while I was reading this post (I should take notes). You and G and so funny and you dress your husband very well (at least I assume you dress him. I dress mine and he’s always so relieved to not have to think about his clothes).

    I’ll be praying for you Jenny! Just do what I do, and procrastinate. Every time you’re tempted to start worrying just say, “I’ll worry about that later, I’ve got lots of time to panic.” (It sounds like a joke but I really do that).

    PS- do I get a prize for the longest, most rambling comment ever?
    PPS- I dislike hash tags too and I think we both know I have an excellent sense of humor (that means that G’s theory is bunk)

  4. Aimee says:

    I’ve had three c-sections and so remember feeling overwhelmed about all the not-so-fun (horrible) parts of the whole experience before having Violet. But then when it actually happened, I remember thinking “well, that wasn’t as bad as I remembered it to be”. I think the anticipation is almost worst than anything. Especially the needle part.

    Anyway, I hope all goes so well for you! I had Violet in November and it was kind of fun to cozy up for the winter with a newborn. You will do great! Despite the inevitable days when you want to tear out your hair! 🙂

  5. amber says:

    jennyjen! because for some reason i just feel like calling you that tonight ; ) i LOVE your blog~ seriously. i read alot of them, but yours is one that each time after i’m done i feel this smile. if not literally, then inside. it makes me happy, but also kinda soothes me, if that doesn’t sound completely weird and freaky! i swear i’m not!! but i think the spirit of a person comes across intheir blog, and you’re a very calm sort of person to be around! love your thought process in writing.. even in writing bullet form. just so gripping.

    i love the pillow. and the casual way you just throw out how you whipped up those pj’s.
    elle is a adorable school girl~
    and funny about that principle looking like your husband..
    you better be careful with that. ; )
    candles make me happy too.
    and i’m so excited for you to have that little baby in your arms!
    looking forward to hearing the news. please post bedside!
    thinking of you in these last wks. big hug.

    my visit here was a good way to end my night. : )


  6. Beth says:

    Loved this catch up post! I like hashtags. But I also like you so that cancels out right??

    Your comeback was pretty good. Usually with Steven I think of it like, .5 seconds too late to be funny. There’s a window you know, after which it’s TOO LATE to get the joke in. So I’m especially impressed you had such a good one IN the window of opportunity.

    I too, have been thinking about the after pics of the room.

    I’ve had 5 csections. You can do this thing. It’s old hat now.

  7. Amy says:

    you do have a great sense of humor… i like the newsy posts best. but then i think i’ve said that before about other kinds of posts you’ve written! fun to hear your excitement about the new babe joining the family, hope the delivery goes so much better then you could have expected.

  8. clarita says:

    So I’ve had this post open for about the last 24 hours, and I’ve also spend nearly that same amount of time just laughing to myself about the different parts. You don’t even know how this made my day. 🙂 You bring humor in such a great way – in the ordinary, little things, but in ways that seem like, “Ahhh, this is how life should be!” And I agree with Amber – I think the person’s spirit behind a blog comes through so much, and yours is one of beauty, of rest, and of joy…

    I should jot down a commentary as I read, because there were so many things I wanted to say… The falling asleep high on the retort you gave G… that just killed me, because I have done that same thing. And for real, it gives me an adrenaline rush. ‘Dance Me Daddy’ is played and danced to around here too – though not every night like you guys -, and I think I cry every time I see it happening. It’s so PRECIOUS to see daddy and daughter dancing… Your little Elle is SO beautiful. Her school uniform/outfit is so cute too – one of the cutest uniforms I’ve seen… I am so excited for you to experience a baby with family. It’s more busy than my other two babies, but it’s not nearly as overwhelming. It’s just so FUN to see the big girls adoring their little baby. I think you’ll love it. 🙂 And it’s okay if you take a break, as long as you can back again. I know how hard it is to start blogging again when you are gone for a while. 🙂



  9. Prayers for you and your upcoming c section. Just had my 3rd section this past friday.. So the anticipation/freaking out about it is still very fresh..:) But i have to say the 3rd time around was the easiest(so far!).. And so very worth it of course..
    love this post and your humor.. 🙂

  10. Dorcas says:

    Lots of interesting stuff I could/should comment on but what really caught my eye was the daughter-and-principal-dad picture. Having “been there” for almost 20 years, I think it’s an all-around wonderful educational arrangement and your husband and kids will always appreciate this time.
    [Yes, a good arrangement, even if they call him “Mr. Smucker” at home to get his attention.]
    Blessings to you and your lovely family, especially in the weeks ahead.

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