Why yes, I did have that baby.

Sterling Grey
birthdate: 11/8/12
time: 7:51 am
weight: 7 lbs 12 oz
length: 20 inches

Yeah my baby is 2 weeks old tomorrow. I kept thinking that I never updated by blog about it (not the end of the world or anything)– so since my sister has my girls for a cousin’s sleepover tonight, (bless her) tonight it shall be.

(Meanwhile: everyone on Facebook, “Shut up about your baby already!”)

This is getting hard already, my back hurts suddenly, and Sterling is not happy with the amount of milk he apparently did not get.  So he is sniveling and crying over there. Rare for him, actually, he is either part gem or part Jesus- because he is one good and sweet baby.

I guess now I will post a bunch of pictures, since I can hold him and do that at the same time.

Five minute old Sterling comforts momma during the last part of her C-section. It was a terrifying and beautiful experience.

Yes, it can be both.

I don’t think I had quite fallen in love with him yet at this time….

…but by the next morning- WHEW, I was IN LOVE.  (I usually bond with my babies that first night, feeding and sleeping with my baby).

Home! To these happy and EAGER little girls.

Elle looks super drugged here. She wasn’t. She just gets really annoyed when I take her picture, and can ignore photographers like you wouldn’t believe.

Laila, oh Dear Laila… she adores and loves her brother but her rough, irrational ways with him have been a real toughy.

Elle is over-the-moon smitten with him. Or if I want to say obsessed, I could say that as well. If she could, she would sleep with him, take him to school for show and tell, bath with him, carry him around, make him her dolly, and just (s)mother him in general, all the days of her life.

I trust her with him- she is a big help to me.

Some over-the-top fighting was going on with these two. So their punishment was Elle “reading” stories to Laila. They ended up liking it. Score-sies.

Laila, I love you. This week has been a rough one for us.  Next week we will keep trying to get it right.

The girls have a constant art project going at this table.

One cool thing about having a baby is, you see friends you should see way more often!

Shelly and Erika came over- I can’t tell you how good it was to see them again.

Little Sterling. Here he looks like a friendly little chap. The kind that would offer a pregnant lady his seat on a bus.

(Speaking of which, you would be shocked at how many men do not offer a pregnant woman their seat these days, I thought of it often in the past 9 months.)

Here. Not so friendly. The kind that would scoff at the poor, and look down on the rest of the world in general.

What? Oh, ok.

He says it was just gas, and please don’t judge his character by this picture.

So thankful I have such a sweet daddy for my children? Kids? Littles? Small ones? Youngsters? Small fries? Nestlings? Tykes?

I have really grappled (not really but…) with what to call my children, now that I can’t just say “the girls” anymore.
Somehow all the words above are just not me.

I come from a family where we were not allowed to say “kids”.

Well, that made us feel cool saying it, forbidden, you know. It just rolled off the tongue all rebellious-like, so at times, I would drop it in, “… us kids are…” and e.v.e.r.y. time my dad would say,

“Children are NOT baby goats. Kids are.”

So I guess that stays with me.

A father with his Small Sprouts.

When I took this picture of Laila she said three times,

“I did not come here for a picture! I just came here for playing!”

That Sterling! A chipper,  old man with a wry sense of humor. He always has a great old corny joke in his pocket to pull out.

Elle, my proud little Native American.

Her eyes look all swollen furrowed, I think it’s just the headband.

Little brownies.

Ok… Well, I need to go. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I am so excited. So. I have gotten out very little the past 2 weeks and I am just so ready to hang out with my family! My brother’s girlfriend is coming in from Indiana, all the regulars will be there, and of course, I am excited to have little S-man there too. He makes my day every day… in every way.

You! Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! I feel blessed abundantly tonight.


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  1. Beth says:

    He is a handsome little chap! Thanks for the update and all the super cute pictures!!

    I remember when my Thomas was born, I just kept saying, “he looks like a tiny old man!” haha

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your hubby and kids-er, younguns!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Congratulations, Jenny! I love his middle name…it’s on my “someday” list. 🙂 I think Sterling looks a lot like Elle, minus the hair.
    Enjoy those newborn days…

  3. Bevy says:

    Well… you should. Feel blessed in every way. Because. You are!

    Congratulations! I’ve been wondering…

    What a sweetie and he looks like both of them – I mean when each of the girls holds him, he takes after that one. My kids did that, too. Speaking of “kids” – ha, caught myself. I grew up the exact same way and in trying to sneak in the usage of it was even more “cooler”. 😉 My mom/parents would say something along those same lines… “I’m not a goat. I didn’t have kids…I had children.”

    I LOVE that one photo of Sterling – you’re right! “Chipper, old man with a wry sense of humor”. It looks like he’s gonna be a charmer for sure. He’s going to have to to keep up with the ladies. You’re little ladies.


    Enjoy your new bundle of love – as I know you already are.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. cindy says:

    congrats to you here on your blog as well jenny! i loved your “chipper, old man with a wry sense of humor” caption! how DO you do that? so funny and so nailing it. and then i’m looking at your indian princess thinking her headband was changing her eyes…and oh. you thought so too.

    happy HAPPY thanksgiving…and welcome sweet baby sterling.

  5. So happy for you that you are on this side of the c section.. Hope recovery is going smooth as ever.. 🙂 Congrats on the sweet little boy! I enjoyed your pictures and the quotes as well.

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