Thanksgiving Weekend.

Thanksgiving was at my parents this year. It was really special. I’m sure having a new baby had something to do with this- but I just felt OVERWHELMED with blessing this year.

My mom had these pretty, festive tables set up.

We have a tradition– that before we eat, we drop kernels of corn into a tin cup, and say what we are thankful for. When it was Elle’s turn, she said,

“That our family can be together for Thanksgiving.”

She was really proud of coming up with that herself. The next day, I asked her the favorite part of being at grandma’s house was, and she said it was when we all said what we are thankful for- and then she repeated what she had said. 🙂

We Millers love our flavored creamers. What a cozy, FUN day!

Brother in laws talking eachother’s EARS off…. such deep chatting was happening.

(Calling for the sarcasm font… get over here!)

Little Sterling- who always makes my day even sweeter.

My mom made this chalkboard and Kendra (my brother’s gf) wrote the menu on it. I thought it was a great show of combined creative talent.

Fun people, fun conversations. Of course, I wouldn’t know because I sat at the little table. 🙂

Jordan’s snacky in the afternoon~ Coffee & Pumpkin Torte (made my Julana).

The next morning- little angels?

THIS IS WAY MORE REALISTIC. They fight over him so. bad.

Every eeearly morning starts the same- two girls not wanting breakfast because they are fighting and begging to hold their brother. Picture two little girls sharing a Mountain Dew and all that extra energy is angst the whole day to consume him with their love and devotion (No, they don’t drink MD, that is what it feels like). Its sweetly stressful.

No really, it mostly just feels hair-pulling stressful.

The day after Thanksgiving, Galen’s parents came to stay with us for parts of three days. They came to see baby and us. They just blessed us like crazy.

My mother-in-law made every meal we ate, even breakfast.  It was just one delicious meal after another. She even brought more freezer meals and snacks along from PA from my SILS. Also, she brought her own towels and bed sheets so I would not have to wash those after they left. I told her I need to keep a memo and learn from her- I really want to be this thoughtful to my grown children/spouses someday.

Another thing she did that G and I thought was really thoughtful: when she first got here, she asked Elle about school… then she also asked Laila how she is liking Sunday school.

I didn’t really think about it, but later Galen said she wanted to ask Laila a question too since middle children often get lost in the middle. This meant a lot to me, because Laila has really struggled since Sterling was born. I mean really, really struggled. I think she feels really lost and doesn’t know how to act. It’s like I don’t know her lately- she is more insecure and gets angry/HURT easily. It makes me sad, because I love her so much, and sometimes I don’t really know how to help her feel better.


Sheldon & Joann and their family stopped in a little one afternoon. It was fun to have them!

Kauffman time.

Elle and grandpa doing a find-a-picture from the Nature Friend magazine.

Grandpa reads them a story.

My girl’s favorite thing their grandparents played with them was called “Turtle”- it was such a cute little game. If you ever see my girls, ask them to play it with you. 🙂

Sterling is crying- I will say goodbye!

Love, jenny

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  1. clarita says:

    What a special Thanksgiving! I ditto a lot of what you said – I felt so overwhelmed with blessings this year. My own little family? How did I ever become so lucky? Not all easy, today was a rough day in fact, but I’m just so blessed.

    I want to sit and learn under your mother in law. Please pass along your memos. 🙂 I love how they ask your children questions about things that are special to them – it just seems like such a great start to relationships between grandparents and grandchildren. And making all your meals? and even brings towels and sheets? She knows just what helps out a new mom!

    I think of you often… It seemed to take me about 3 months before it felt like we were a sort of “normal” family again after Hudson. I know it’s different for everyone, but I just think of you a lot.

  2. kristy says:

    I remember alexis being this totally different child after McK was born. I would look at her and wonder where she came from… funny, i dont remember when it turned normal again. Your MIL really did bless you.. sounds so nice. Glad you are getting spoiled.

  3. Bevy says:

    I love that corn idea. And your Mother-in-law!

    Very sweet. Very thoughtful.

    I just want to say… hang in there mamma – you’re doing wonderful!

    I know my middle – Aubrey – sure does enjoy her chance to big sister (more so!) when big brother (Caleb) is off to school. Except my baby (Jayne) is nowhere near as little. In fact it’s my girls who fight more than anyone. Big sis tries to play protective mom, etc. to independent 15th month old. Not always so sweet.

    It’ll come together…
    just love on her. She’s adjusting and yet – she has to know she’s just as special.

    You’re on it!! 😉 You’re doing great!

  4. I like how you added a photo of the coffee pot and cream… in my mind it’s not a real holiday without a constant flow of coffee.. even if i’m not drinking it, just knowing its there… =) Thanks for pointing out the positives in your MIL as well. Its encouraging to hear, and wonderful to celebrate her thoughtfulness!

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