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After attending the school Christmas Story Journey last night (where Galen works and Elle attends Kindergarten) I feel blown away by the Christmas Story like maybe never before.  It was so so good. I walked through with my sister Julana, her kids, Laila and Sterling. Watching the wonder and awe on their little faces made my night too- they were SPELL-BOUND.

This morning I was thinking about a few of the cool things I have come across online this Christmas (nursing baby= more time online!) that I have really liked and thought I would share just a  few.


This video:


The simple beauty of this blog: Keeping It Cozy.

and also,

Dreamy Whites.


Then there was this Focus on the Family episode I was lucky enough to catch while driving. I can’t say enough good about it. It was the most interesting, fun, thought-provoking piece I have heard on the history of Christmas. YOU SIMPLY MUST TAKE TIME TO HEAR THIS!  The linky:

Focus on the family: Teaching your kids about Christmas.


I have heard many raves about the movie The Heart of  Christmas… then a few days ago my friend Carmen offered to loan it to me. I plan to watch it tonight.

Here is the trailer if you want to get a sneak peek…


My friend Stephanie pinned these Nativity Story coloring pages on Pinterest and I quickly printed them for Elle and Laila, I though it was the darlingest thing ever.

Find them here.


My ‘Christmas Ideas’  Pinterest board keeps inspiring me.


And lastly, an old favorite, but still dear as ever…


love, jenny

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  1. amber says:

    love that song, the gift.
    gonna print those pages.
    want to listen to the broadcast {tomorrow, when i’m more awake}
    checking out your pinterest board.
    miss you.

  2. Thanks for the kind mention and for sharing some of your Christmas favorites. Lol… I know what you mean about nursing baby… sometimes that is when I catch up on blog reading! 🙂

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