It’s beginning to look a (little) like Christmas…


hi, well, it’s christmas eve! i have this post sort of uploaded for probably a week now. i guess if i don’t post it tonight, then who really cares about my piddly christmas post. (who cares anyway- ha.)

i really did not decorate much- it all kinda stressed me out this year- yes, i have a 6 week old baby. i love that excuse! but i thought lights behind a curtain created a kind of cool affect.

we made a few batches of cookies. not much. not anything fancy. i really should not be eating cookies, and people always give us a lot. looks like i finished these shortly before 2:00. it leaves so many questions though- was it am or pm?! one will never know.

i thought lights along the hardfloor was a cool, and LAZY way to display lights. until… galen came home and said the girls were plugging and unplugging them and he thought them a real safety hazard. so that turned out to be a lame-o idea.

i hung a wreath on my one cupboard door. it cheers me when i am in there making food…

one of my friends brought her 4 children and caroled for us- it was the cutest thing ever- they even rang little hand-bells. my girls got these ornaments from her- i thought they looked cute in this fish bowl. (that galen gave a little goldfish to me in, when we were dating. how cute, right!)

i ADORE cozy, bright spots to read and sip in.
HAHAHA! who am i kidding though- i never read. if i read, it never fails they all 3 come pile on me. well, sterling was probably there in the first place.  but if i sit– they come.

elle heading to her school christmas party. she was very happy.

today she was wearing those boots and i noticed she unraveled the one pom-pom on her boot. these kinds of things irritate me.

me: “WHAT did you do to your BOOTS?”

elle; “yesterday at school i saw a long string and i was so SO curious. so i pulled it and it came apart.”

me; “well, that was not a really cool thing to do.”

elle: “but i was so CURIOUS.”

i know her, she totally thought she could win me by using a word that i would like.

i didn’t take this picture for the book- but it’s a really good read. and i am kind of a picky book reader- i really hate cheesy or poorly written books. i am soooooch a book-snob. (read that in a really snobby, irritating voice, because i am a little bit mocking myself.)

but no really, i liked it because it is a great outside eye-ball of how american society looks to one other (in this book, the french) culture. she makes observations of the people she meets- they are witty, snappy,  and oh, so fascinating. it’s not a biblical book, but i felt if using a grain of salt, a lot could be learned from reading it.

i covered up the door/books with burlap, it looks way better. so much better in fact, that the man i live with commented on it.

my mantle that presently looks nothing like that anymore.

painted a cheesy gold frame white- looks so fresh and better.

i love plants so much. they bring life to a room.

one of so many family pictures we tried to take. it went a little rough.

i took this picture because i really like this currier and ives winter print.


our elle is getting so tall.

me and my little loves.

girly-whirls… <3

another family attempt- it’s ok, just not super cheerful.

i think it looks like galen and i get real happy when our kids are sad. mean!

sterling wasn’t looking at my camera. these helpful hands kept showing up to help him to find his way to obedience.

i love this picture- so typical of how they look about a half an hour after G gets home from school.

(because i believe that every working man deserves to be greeted every day by small children dressed in their sunday best. it takes us half the day, every day, but it’s WORTH IT.)


shy laila and cheeky elle with their grandparents.

i guess we put our hands in our mouths when we get nervous. and worst of all, ocassionally our dress hem too.

blurry, yet sweet.

well, this may be my fastest written post ever. also the least thought-out.

 i held a grexing (homemade word?) baby the whole time i was typing. i am a multitasking magnate.

merry christmas to all of you from the kauffmans! we love you all!


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  1. Anna Stoltzfus Kauffman says:

    you are so funny. can’t wait to catch up with you this week. sorry you have so many hours to travel. very sorry.

  2. clarita says:

    I love it. All of it! The wreath on the kitchen cupboard. The white mantel. I immediately noticed the book. 🙂 I take it you’re enjoying it? I thought the author is so fascinating. Not a dry little observation book.

    I know you have a really good excuse to not decorate, not post, not… lots of stuff. But I am always happy to see a post from you!

    Merry Christmas to your beautiful family!

  3. Bevy says:

    Been thinking of you – Merry Christmas!

    I guess we can still say that the day after, yes?

    Blessings on you, yours and your little ones. 😉

    PS: Love the wreath.. and the Currier and Ives print, too!

  4. Jo says:

    Sorry about the pom pom on Elle’s boot. It is hard for me to not think about fixing it in Photoshop. Which will not actually work in real life will it? Elle’s floral dress is just beautiful on her. Clarita’s comment is making me want to read “Bringing Up Bebe” so I just requested it at the library. I love having more time to read in the winter. Your home is lovely! Enjoy these baby days.

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