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Sometimes I’m not sure how to feel about Wednesdays. They sit there in the middle- not fun enough to be a weekend, but too open to really be a heavy work day. I do half my cleaning on Mondays and then get groceries. Tuesday we concentrate on getting Elle to school, and then I finish the cleaning. And then it’s Wednesday- a day where I loiter and then gasp to catch up. Today is Wednesday.

Yesterday I went to the dentist. What she said would take one hour ended up taking 2 1/2. There was drilling near my brain, my tongue snuck over and “felt a peek” at what was going on with back tooth upper right. A gaping shell was what I felt. Another cap goes on. I realized as I grow older I deal with more little urges of anxiety. I don’t really mind the dentist, but as she assessed me I realized, like the rest of me, my teeth are on the way to decay. They are not progressively getting new and better. I laid there, thought a lot- I had time!- and that former thought unsettled me a little… and then I felt a little anxiety. Life is temporal, I was made for decay.

Today I realized I am a happy, loser-mom. The following kinda made my day: I found a quarter in the washer. ONE QUARTER. I saw it and thought, That is so sad. When I found this quarter I know I felt instantly happier. 

And now I feel sad. My baby is crying and I can’t finish this paragraph. Such a rollercoaster of emotions!

Back now–

I have this fascination with pirates right now and that is: Why are child educators so in love with using pirates to teach everything? Veggie Tales, The Wiggles, Sesame Street, Phil Vischer’s Buck Denver is even a fan. (Using the pirate-voice to explain the origins of the Bible is just odd to me.)

A.N.Y. DVD series you pick up will have a segment somewhere, using a pirate to teach something, and than everything in that lesson will be some form of “Arg! Matey! Arg! Walk the plank! The letter R is dressed like a pirate!” It is so weird- just why?

And I always wonder, did every single pirate talk like that, or was there just a famous one (Captain Hook?) with a strong accent/speech impediment? Or did none of them talk like that? Is it a dialect? How many of them had an eye patch? Was it mandatory to have a stump leg to be a pirate? Did they really have hand-hooks back then? I bet not one of them resembled swarthy Johnny Depp. And weren’t they ruthless killers and looters? So why don’t we have Poacher, Mob Boss, Nazi, Abortion Doctor, Zombie, or Vampire themed birthday parties and Bible lessons? Oh. wait. a few of those are already a thing.

I just think when I see a banner for a pirate-themed Vacation Bible School for instance: that is just so weird.

moving on…

You know how “they” (who is they, I always wonder?) say it shows a lot about where your values are, by what you are willing to part with your money for? What does it say about me that I will buy Tide for our clothes, even if I have to skimp on family meat? But, I will always buy the cheapest toilet paper. Maybe that I want our clothes to enjoy a good, long life, but not my children’s bums?

You want to hear a household tip that will make your day? For a long time I have been a Plant Killer. Finally,  I came to the conclusion that my plants die because I water them so oddly. Like they will get bone dry, I will feel bad, and soak them sopping wet. Apparently, they hate this because soon after, they give up the fight. Somewhere I read that a tidy, concise way to water a plant is to lay an ice cube on the plant’s dirt. As it melts, it waters it. And the great part, it is waters it a tiny bit at a time. Plants seem to like that. So right now, since our house is so dry- big plants get two cubes a day, little plants get one. And they are thriving. I am so happy about this! I really adore plants in decor.

Three of my plants- can you tell which one is the fake one? The other two are real.

And can I just say  word about that Boden catalog up there? It. is. so. awesome. I want to marry every outfit, and frame every page. If there was ever a piece of eye candy that gets my creative juices flowing- this edition is it.

Here is a picture of my girls doing exercises. Elle is the instructor, boy, she worked poor Laila hard.

And there is my son. Oh I love that boy. He is so sweet. If you would pick him up you would say, “Wow, he is a big boy!”.

He is already bigger feeling than my girls when they were babies, they were always such skinny little lovies.

Yup, all the people I love.

What is it about your naughty child that makes you love them extra much? She will not always have this label I know, 3.5 is a hard age. Poor kid. To me, it’s harder than the notorious terrible-twos. Laila is mart enough to feel hurt about things, but not quite advanced enough to be productive.

Elle told her last night, “Stop being a normal brat and be a nice lady!”

Elle has really blossomed since she started school. She kinda knows more who she is, I think. She is still shy, but less so. Right now she is sitting at the table with her Lego Friends and she is following the directions page by page and it’s coming together nicely. I am soo proud of her. But she is very frustrated with Laila- “Lego breaker” she called her.

And I am proud of my little Lego-wrecker too. And yes, we run through apologies all day long… Sigh.

Anyone else ever get tired of making your kids do the forced apologies thing?

Can I share my New Years resolution that I am SO excited about? Here goes.

Well, cooking for my family is not one of my joys in life. Rarely do I get excited about being in the kitchen. It bothers me- I hate it that I feel annoyed at 3:00 when it’s time to make supper. So… I decided I am going to pick my favorite cookbook (this one) and make one new recipe a week from it for a year.

So far, I have made a good 10 recipes from it and it makes it FUN. Yes, I said FUN.

Obviously I do not make the recipes in a row (the order they run in the book) because that would mean we would have 5 different kinds of Chicken Alfredo in a month’s time.

I just thumb through, pick one,  and when I make a recipe, I write the date beside the recipe and any notes or comments on how we felt about the meal. I feel very “Julie and Julia” which coincidently I have here from the library right now. Making a new cookie or playdough recipe from the books counts as the “one a week”. I figured since I do not make desert for my family, I can try those recipes when we have potlucks or company.

Yup, I am excited! It feels good to kick a bad habit (hating cooking) in your life, and grow a little.

What areas have you been growing in lately? I would love to hear. I really admire people that are always growing, not afraid to change, not afraid to get better. People that take hard stuff  in their life and just grow sweeter, more humble, more tender, and more in touch with God and the feelings of other because of it. Mmmmm. 

This is a character trait I am so admiring in others right now. Welcoming growth, not settling for stagnated.

Ok, well I am out of here.

Holla! Nope, you are 33.


{i love you, my little hunka love!}


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  1. Cindy Fox says:

    Jenny, loved your post! I needed the laughs I got from it! Love your humor and honesty! Also like new recipe a wk idea too. Cheers to our naughty & sweet 3.5 yr olds! :)lam

  2. April says:

    Oh Jenny you always make me laugh! I like the way your brain weaves in and out. I imagine pirates would be outraged at the way they are portrayed. Arrruggg matey!!

    Awesome tip about the watering pants with ice! Now I’m going to go buy a house plant and see if I can keep it alive. I also love that you are trying new recipes! I like to cook but I get stuck in ruts. The new recipe a week thing sounds like a very doable goal that would keep life interesting. I like it! I might copy you. (also I love Julia,Julia!).

    That boy of yours… if I weren’t already pregnant I would want to be just from looking at him! My boys were so pudgy (so was Eliza though). Gotta love that thigh pudge!! Give me a sturdy baby any day 🙂

  3. Thelma Musser says:

    love the ice cube idea, cuz that it what I do to my plants all the time: ohmystarsyour thristy, herehavadrink GLUSH. and they are just a little overwhelmed.
    I always love seeing pics of your little guy, esp since we’re immersed in little man love over here as well. baby boys are just fabulous things.

  4. Andrea says:

    Love this post, and a peak into your brain. Seriously that pirate stuff? So true, and never thought of it before. Just willingly swallowing the stereotypes. But I would be horrified if any of the other things you mentioned were a teaching tool.

    That boy of yours, looks so Kauffman to me. And super cute and BIG too.:)

  5. Esther Glick says:

    cutie pie baby! i hae (too strong word?) dislike the kitchen tho i like the way it looks! pirates? do you the reason they wore a patch? not because the eye was missing but because it was their ‘night eye.’ maybe mommas should wear a patch to see in the dark… 🙂

  6. clarita says:

    Without gushing, I’m trying to figure out how I can tell you how much I loved this post? I’m afraid I’ll gush, and my husband is behind me watching me type, so I’ll come back later. ha! 🙂

    • Jenny says:

      that is funny you said that, because if i am at the computer, typing furiously, my husband will say: “WHAT are you typing and who to?! ARE YOU SURE YOU AREN’T SAYING TOO MUCH?”
      i guess he views me as a general “over-sharer”.

  7. cindy says:

    i always find a laugh here with you. such a clever, witty perspective. and nope. never thought about the whole piratey thing being in vogue. but yeah. it’s everywhere. i wonder if real pirates are offended.

    i was tickled over christmas when i realized i could continue watering my floral foam with fresh greens so easily with ice cubes. way better than trying to pour water slowly so it soaks in. and then i’m like…my plants! i love plants. but am a terrible care taker of such in the house. i can ice cube those too! i felt smart. until now. jk. so…others already do that. okay then. good.

    your little guy does look big. wish i could squeeze him. and those lovely girls.
    tgif now! have a great weekend!

    btw, you told di what i was thinking about her basement. i’m just plain jealous too. happy jealous. which sounds christian, right? because i sure could use a basement with the six kids running around here. this house gets even smaller in the winter.

  8. Lucy Friesen says:

    Oh, this was a fun read. Love the ice-cube for plants idea. I’ve got a few plants I’m keeping alive, but a couple have had to go to the plant hospital (aka my mom’s house) for reviving.

  9. Brooklyn says:

    Ahh Little Sterling…..<3 so cute.
    And this post? It made me smile.:)

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