An Irish gentleman & a fun puzzle for you.

Meet Sterling, the kind (but moody) Irish Country Gentleman.

He owns a farmer’s market and sheep-shearing business in Waterford. He has a wife named Inga (she hails from Scandinavia) and a super-tiny son called William.

 “INGA! Where is my newsprint? It was laying right there… Madra caorach dÚsachtach ith mo pháipéar!!”

That night in bed,

“Darling Inga, tá brón orm go raibh mé chomh tras leat. Iarraidh ar mo tae ar maidin a dhéanann frightful dom!”

(What a happy ending!)

*wink, wink*

“Scéalta grá fíor riamh endings a bheith acu.”


The end.

Visit here if you want to know all that the Irishman said.

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  1. cindy says:

    i’m just sitting here laughing! you are The Best with captions.

  2. Amber says:

    What fun, and what a handsome little man. My in laws are in Ireland right now.

  3. clarita says:

    He is just adorable! I see little chubbers going on too, I love to watch that happen. 🙂
    And he dresses so well. I love his vest!
    And I will be visiting the translation…

  4. April says:

    Laugh so hard at the captions! I love how little boys look like adorable old men. Gideon had so much curly hair when he was born that he looked just like a hobbit.

  5. Thelma Musser says:

    he’s is a stylin’ little guy. And the caption queen rides again:-)

  6. Shelley says:

    I agree! Your captions rule the roost. And you have such a darling, handsome little man. What fun it must be to mother a little guy! Enjoy him.


  7. Audrey R says:

    love the pictures and captions! although, i did have to use that translator!

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