A book & a movie.

I received this book for my birthday (not from my husband either).¬† If you saw this book at Barnes and Noble in the “Religious” section, would you pick it up to page through it? Not me, it has the kind of bookcover art I cower away from.

It looks kind of like a book that elderly ladies would have on a side table in the late 80s– a doily would be under it, some fake velvet roses beside it, and a pair of smoked eyeglasses laying atop of it. And the book would be a little dusty. Like dusty because even the elderly woman didn’t feel like cracking open this vanilla book again. But if you did open it, it would be full of Stepford Wife-ish sentences that would read stuffily like,

“Delight, delight in thy husbandman! Be thine lovely darling forever. Oh, I beseech thee young woman woo your husband with thine hair, thine delicate little hands, and thine fair voice forever and ever!”


OK. but it’s not like that. At all. Although I admit, the cover art is not the best idea ever. Or maybe calling it an “idea” at all, was a compliment.

I read it eagerly because a few women I am close to, really raved about the book. When I told my one friend that I am now reading it, she said, “I am reading it through the second time now. It has CHANGED MY LIFE!”

Am I sellin’ it yet? Am I?! No, for real.

The author of the book was born in 1920. Here she is:

You can read her bio here on wiki. Isn’t she a lovely little thing?

“A loving marriage is the foundation of a happy family and a happy family the foundation of a stable society. Most of the problems in this world stem from troubled home. If we are to have peace in the world, we must begin at home.” – Helen Andelin

And now I will give a few thoughts on the book:

1. As I read it, I thought of some women that would kind of hate the book. You might….

OKAY. So don’t drink the Kool-aid! Actually you should never read a book and drink ALL the Kool-aid. What I’m saying is- take everything with a grain of salt and see what you can learn from the book. I would call her style “plain common sense”. I am only half way through and I am going–




2. I like it because it is written a little old fashioned. In a good way. Yes, I laughed when one testimonials mentions that after practicing the principals in this book, her husband bought her a “beautiful nightie”. The book was written in 1963….

But back to the style of the book- she uses classic literature and real testimonials to tell her perspective. So fascinating.

3. My last thought is that since it was written so long ago she does not use “politically correct” terms when it comes to today’s standards for women. I often read and could not help but think, someone out there is horrified at THAT sentence. But you have to excuse her, and look at the whole bulk of meat of what she is saying. Read the whole book and then look back and process with a smoked eyeglass, rose¬† tinted glasses contemplative mind. That is what I am doing. I was never offended at WHAT she said, but maybe cringed sometimes at HOW she said it.

Such truth- wow, this woman is insightful. Like, I want you to read it so bad, I feel like I might beg you to.


Okay, now a movie to watch. Galen came home and said,

“I want to show you something that is going to make you SO MAD.”

I said, “At who?”

Then he made me watch this video. I hate watching stuff like this, it makes me so mad and when I am done I am not sure– am I still breathing? I can only imagine the white-hot anger God must feel. I can just see Him rising up out of His throne in Holy, Righteous indignation….

So anyway, watch my video, okay? Then we can pray together to destroy this deadly spirit of murder, racism, and greed.

Sorry, those two things is what I have on my mind this Friday… jenny

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  1. Jo says:

    Well, I want to read the book and drink from the cool aid, but I am scared to watch the video that will make me mad. I’ll brave up in a minute or two.

  2. JessicaD says:

    I always need a good book.

    As for the video. My words become groanings which cannot be uttered.

  3. Bevy says:

    Well now, I want , no have, to read that book. Another one to add to my list…I suppose.

    Pwwwhhh~ the video. Oh my… so angered, right now. I couldn’t even watch it all – due to I needed to be somewhere – but I came back to comment. (I’m actually not so sure I want to go back and finish the movie, but… we’ll see.)

    You know. I have a dear friend who had this done at a young age (before she came to the Lord)… It’s hard for me to imagine what it must be like to live with this in one’s past, but she does. Every. Single. Day. AND now is married and has 4 beautiful children. Only by God’s grace… that there is forgiveness… and that she can walk in that.

    I forget. Because it wasn’t something that I’ve ever done. But it wretches me when I do think of it… and thank you, for the reminder to pray. That I would remember to PRAY for my friend, who in the deep and quiet moments of her heart I’m sure the “memories” and hurting come flooding back and the pain is there all over again.

  4. Lets give these women somewhere else to go. We need to create alternatives and mentor girls so they don’t want to make such devastating choices.

    I love old-fashioned books! enjoyed your description and you totally had me sold with the quote.

  5. That book sounds so familiar but I can’t remember if I read it or only heard of it before. Obviously I haven’t read it recently because I can’t remember, but you sure make it sound like a must-read for me. I do like old-fashioned books too, and even the way things didn’t have to be so socially correct and egg-shell-ish.

    The movie… I want to come back and watch it later…

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