Things my little darlings say.

A few Laila & Elle-isms..


Today I let Sterling be in the Bumbo in the bath with the girls. They thought it was the greatest. I decided to brush my teeth since I could do that while still being in the bathroom. (Elle waved her hands a few times and told me to go and “do the stuff with the laundries”. Trying to get rid of me so you can mother my boy!- ha!) Yup, as soon as I turned around, and my mouth was full of foam, Elle ran hot water (she is very legalistic about her bath being HOT ENOUGH), and Sterling started screeching. Poor baby. His feet were under the new, hotter, running water. I flung my toothbrush across the room (no I didn’t) and hurried to massage his feet (like that helps) and said,

“Oh dear! Elle, how HOT was that water?!”


Elle: “Oh. About one pound…?”


My oldest girl is A.D.A.M.E.N.T. that she will never marry. NEVER. She caught wind of the fact that it means she moves out and lives with a stranger and never lives with us again. This horrified her. When I *forget*, and make a comment about someday her daughter… or someday when she has a husband… she always says,

“MOM! I am NOT getting married, I will be a (horse) Rider or a Marine Biologist (Wild Krattz).”

(She also wants to be a “pop star for Jesus”– she told her class about this, and being the prudes that we are, it embarrassed us greatly. So now she calls it a “vocalist”.)

And then I tell her well you can be a mother AND a rider but she will have none of it. Her and Laila both are fit to be tied when I try to explain to them that someday they will be sisters AND whatever occupation they want. To them that is like heresy. You cannot be a sister when you have a job, that is for little girls that live with their mommas.

Anyway, so it was a proud day full of sunshine when Laila declared (out from under her rulership of Elle- bold!) that you know, she would like to be a momma. Yes… she would!

Elle got out her best teachLailasomething voice (it sounds like how Americans sound when they talk to any person that cannot understand English) and said,

“Laila! that is nice. AND GUESS WHAT? Next. time. you. have. a. BIRTHDAY, when you blow out ALL the candles…. The ones that are left and NOT blow-ded out… ARE THE AMOUNT OF HOW MANY KIDS YOU ARE HAVING!!”

I said,

“Well, now I am not so sure that’s–”


“YOU ARE THE BEAST OF THE KING OF BOOBIES!!” Elle screamed this at Laila during one of their very intense fights. I’m pretty sure she just took all the words I told her aren’t okay to say, and put them all together.


Laila: “Mom! Elle said we are in Indiana, BUT IT’S MILLERSBURG!”

Elle said, “Well Laila, I am just pretending that it’s a space ball that comes to see us and our bears.

Me: “So like, an outer space thing?”

Elle: “Yes.”

Me: “Laila, you’re right though. We DO live in Millersburg.” (She smiles through her tears.)

Later I overhear:

Elle: “Welcome to our place! We love that outer space can come to see our bears!”

Laila: “Welcome to Millersburg!”


Elle (in her teachingLailasomething voice): “Blind is SUCH a cool word. It means two things– when you cannot see anything, and when your hair is yellow!”


Last night when I tucked them in:

Me: “So would you rather that momma and daddy LOVE eachother, OR let you do whatever you want?”

(What kind of a question is that? A trick one?)

Elle says milkily: “LOVE eachother…”

Me: “Awwww, Elle that is nice and it’s true–”



Galen: “Welch’s grape juice is just. so. good. I wish I could win a year’s supply. In fact, I think if I was given the choice between a lifetime supply of Welch’s or a $5,000 vacation– I think I would pick the juice.”

And that was because my husband is cute, and I like to give him a little face-time on my blog too.


Here is another Galen special:

G was gone for the weekend. I get a text early in the morning: ”

“Good morning, Beautiful, how was your night?” (Yes, this is the cheesiest song line ever, but it is also a very old inside joke of ours. The inside joke is not romantic at all, just a stupid thing that happened probably 8 years ago that had nothing to do with us.)

I texted back: “Mine was…. terrible. We slept 3 and sometimes 4 in the bed last night. I have a backache, headache, crick in my neck and the blankets were all a jumbled mess in the morning. I would so much rather sleep with you.”

He texted back: “Ahh! Go downstairs and… PAMPER YOURSELF! hehe”

(Because the downstairs was trashed and he knew it.)

It made me laugh so bad. He knows just when to be a droll and sarcastic and well, he just gets me and what I think is funny in life.


a few pics…

^ My camera’s flash is broken. This is the corner of our house where I can get good natural light, so yes, that is why every picture is taken on this couch.

^ Making treats (party mix) with momma while Elle is at school. This is kinda Laila and my “thing” on Thursdays. She is so totally destined to be a bake-shop owner someday. Baking makes her COME ALIVE– something which I cannot identify with AT ALL.

^ Ha! A picture from Christmas Day, right before they got to open their gifts. Laila was being so sweet. Something made Elle mad and she is trying to “stay mad” but inside she is very excited about her presents.

^ Take two. Must include this gem as well.

^ Poor Sterling. Here he is baby Jesus, I think. (In the manger)

^ No flash remember?

^ All the stuffed animals are out to celebrate with King of all the Toys (Sterling).

^ A picture we took at Christmas.

^Yup, this perfectly illustrates Laila’s deep, passionate, and pesky love for her brother.

^ “My mom is totally awesome” in that she doesn’t make me comb my hair until 12:00.

^ Aw…. I. just. love. my. boy.

^ Life as a boy with two older sisters…


Over and out! jenny

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  1. Shannon says:

    I totally lol at the “Beast of the King of Boobies!” Things like this are the ones to remember on those really bad days! 🙂

    • Amber says:

      I lol in a dark, quiet house of sleeping people. 🙂 So hillarious!

      And the first pic of Laila holding Sterling, I totally thought he was a doll and scrolled back up to look again. He is darling!

  2. Audrey R says:

    Oh my word, some of those had me shaking with laughter. Kids are so fun!

  3. Bevy says:

    ((sigh!!)) I would love to be a fly on your wall…

    this is too funny.

    Great for reading here tonight.

    oVer and out – back at’cha.

  4. jennie says:

    You have NO idea how LOUD I laughed. You have like the best little family ever. Thanks for making my night…I love when you post. 🙂

  5. Drusilla says:

    Hahaaha, Chloe asked what I was laughing about when I literally loled about “king of the beast of boobies” that DOES sound like a conglomeration of words that are off limits! I love the things kids come up with, priceless!

  6. Thelma Musser says:

    this is hysterical. your kids are funny.
    and your little guy is so cute. love seeing pictures of him.

  7. clarita says:

    Okay, now since the “groupie” conversation over on another page, I’m scared I’m going to sound like a gusher. 🙂 But at the risk of doing so, and hoping you will get me anyway…. I laughed so hard at this post. Maybe in part because our kids are so close to the same ages and same genders, and I completely get the whole “teachingLailasomething” voice, or making the poor baby be the King or Baby Jesus or whatever else, and the second daughter’s great INTENSE love that will either produce a very very patient child or a very very angry one…. This was just such a fun post. 🙂

  8. Jo says:

    I laughed so bad. Pop star for Jesus at school? I’d blush too. So funny though!

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