Monday Stuffs.

Just a regular fun/crusty/stressful Monday here.

I have a love/hate relationship with BOTH winter and Monday– so imagine the conflicted feelings I feel today.

In case anyone thinks I think just because I like to blog means I have great photography skills- I do not (Obviously!). Taking pictures is fun though…

Sneaky little chef.

{Laundry down my steps… waiting for me.} I was gone on funday all day Saturday since my husband was gone. And today I pay for it! It was so worth it though. What did we do? My 3 children, my sister Joy, and I met other Yoders & Millers at the Massilion McDonalds mega-playplace. We hung out for hours while the kids played. Then we hit Target and Aldi– just a fun day of great finds and family fun. Drove home after dark in a light snow. Unloaded 3 sleeping kids and 3 loads of purchases all alone. Felt pretty accomplished once they were all PJed up, and tucked in bed.

This annoying thing sits in the middle of my living room on snow days. I a little bit loathe it.

I love to look at and read stuff. Kinda a whole bunch of books/mags going on at once usually. One day I had this bright idea to make a little “mom box” that stays beside my “mothering chair”. 🙂 I love it- can you believe my stuff just floated all over the house before. Being organized is so simple, why does it take such determination?

Yup, lots going on.

Clipboard with shopping list great to have in there too. For when you are feeding the baby and you remember you need ____.

Fun package came in the mail for me a few days ago. My kind of fun!

Elle blows my mind with her art. Even when she watches a movie, she will draw as many characters as she can. Here she drew this book cover.

“Heeeey, how you DOIN’?”

“MOM. You lookin’ FINE. Whoever said pajama pants and your ‘cleaning look’ isn’t hot– is W-R-O-N-G. And how is my ‘more milk’ order coming along?”

“Pick me up, pick me up, pick me up. If you can resist me, your heart is made of steel.”

Happy Monday to ya! What did you do today? I would love to hear… even if it was just laundry, hardwood mopping, scalded milk in a cup, veggie burrito, and Mumford & Sons like me.


PS. Oh, and Curious Carol wants to know: Whatcha making for supper?

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  1. Jo says:

    I’d tell you what I did today but then I’d have to… you know what, because it was that lame. Low key Monday’s are my favorite.

  2. Bevy says:

    First snow and then a rainy kind of Monday around here. It’s called – Paper dolls, movies and snuggle-up kind of day, with a sick little one who is still in her PJ’s.

    It feels like a soup and homemade bread sort of night. Let’s try a Ham and Split Pea soup tonight. Shall we?

    Oh, and there were photos going on around here today as well except that my kids had the camera this time…
    It’s always fun and interesting to see a photo from their view and angle. You know it?

  3. Nettie says:

    Oh Jenny! Thank you for the laundry down the steps photo!!! That made me relax internally that I am not the only one…way to be transparent 🙂

  4. jennie z says:

    This was so nice to read on this Monday. The photo of the laundry reminded me of when I used to do laundry down the basement…that is how my stairs would look too at times. 🙂 Your day at mcd’s and target sounded fun. I liked the organized book basket! Nice!

  5. carmen says:

    My day over here… kinda crusty too. =(
    What’s in the oven for supper is a concoction i threw together and it’s stewing in the oven right now. and deviled eggs. glad you got a fun day on Sat! getting all 3 unloaded, plus your wares, and then all put to bed sounds like a workout for sure.

  6. Thelma Musser says:

    this monday? I felt like I’ve been running all day and not quite catching up. It’s the kind of day where you turn around and knock a glass over and it breaks,while you’re trying to cook dinner because you need to work this afternoon, meanwhile the baby doesn’t want to be put down for a second, so you’re begging your 4 yr old to entertain him but she’s running around shrieking like a banshee. Ok i’ll stop now. that was my day. the house is a disaster. but it’s ok. There’s steak for dinner and that’s a happy thought.

  7. Rachel h. says:

    the line “more milk order” totally cracked me up. you are hilarious. really.

    your Monday looked industrious. little laundry, ironing here…studying for a bible study, loving on the littles, and fried chicken and mashed potatoes for supper. it’s been a good Monday here.

  8. Shannon says:

    This crusty Monday was spend sweeping cobwebs off the ceiling on the kitchen and washing down dirty walls. I am determined to get this crazy house Spring cleaned before I have this baby. ugh!

    Play dough… despise that stuff. It is probably my least favorite way to entertain the kids. I hate the crumbs!!

  9. Lynnelle says:

    haven’t been over here for awhile. Fun to read the last three posts all at once. Bless your heart for bringing out the play-do on a Monday. I can’t stand the stuff much to the chagrin of my kids. In fact I hate all fun stuff that makes a mess–cut up paper, glitter glue, tape, paints, markers, etc. etc. but most especially play-do and especially on Monday. Sterling is just the darlingest little boy. and your girls are so funny. Blind IS a cool word.

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