A few snaps from my sewing room.

I feel like I have not had one second lately to do the things I love.Β  Sometimes I get kind of angry how every month in the winter is supposed to be SLOW, but it never is. I feel like winter broke a promise to me. YOU TOLD ME we would would spend hours being lazy together

The other day after I dropped Elle (Oops, I mean Elin, she is supposed to be Elin at school now) off at school, then me and the two littler onesΒ  ran into one of my favorite Mennonite thrift stores. You know why I love the Menno ones? Because they sell fabric.

I bought this green striped fabric for .50. I am sorry, but THAT is a rush right there. It kinda got me in a short creative mood that day so I snapped a few pictures. I lost my Art room to Sterling’s room. I am so fine with that. I now sew in the guest room. It is probably my favorite room in the house. I love the paint I picked for this room, the room is usually clean because no one sleeps in it, and the room is big- and those are the three reasons why I love it.

I laughed all the way to the bank on this one. I found these pillowcases on clearance at target that I wanted for our bed, but they were those long King-sized ones. So I brought them home and trimmed them off. There was pretty much fabric left. I ended up making this FREE skirt for the girls out of the waste fabric. Score-sies.

Working on spring clothes for the girls. Shannon was talking lately about how cool JCPenneys is. I agree! I just bought a few blouses for the girls there that are lovely- a few are pictured here.

Sterling is 3 months now. We.love.him.so. He hangs out on the bed when I am working.

I LOVE dreamy paper. I found a large vintage roll of beautiful, quality paper at the thrift the other day. Personally? I thought it looked delicious in this delicate, green frame I had.

Had to you know, blow off some dust and freshen up a few things while I was in there.

Hello, gorgeous.

If you have an old clock that does not work- taking it apart and framing something in it is fun. Paper or a photo of any kind.

Hi, Baby bunny!

That is the face I kiss a million times a day.

A fun pillow I slapped together out of a faded dishtowel. I like it’s laid back vibe. Faded dish towel, meet thrift store insert. Live happily together forever.

Another shot of the guest room.

ANOTHER shot of little Burley Sterly.

I picked up this skillet from a THRIFT STORE (Where else? I am sick of typing the word ‘thrift’- it’s kinda hard to type!) for under $20 bucks. I love it so much I want to marry it. Making things in this pan, changes E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. I have a gas stove, so that plus this = almost camping. πŸ™‚

OKAY. Well, I have about 1 million more things I would love to say. Soul & heart type conversations. Sometimes I just LONG to write and write and write, but I never can. I love the stage I am in right now with my little family, and feel I have probably never been happier. But I do so want to spend time being here more- writing about things that matter– not the latest little do-dad that I sewed or whatever. My soul just craves it sometimes. And right now there is so much on my mind, I might have ponderings overload. (Mission conference + 7 by Jen Hatmaker: chapters Waste and Spending + great conversations with women/my husband I look up to + WCRF + media fast)

If you are in the mood for a good read, check this out. We heard Mike Yankoski speak the other night. WAS NOT DONE LISTENING when he finished speaking!

Also, this song was a favorite at the mission conference: Beautiful & convicting.

Well, I need to lickety-split. For now, that’s all I have time for. It is literally bedtime on the dot right now.

So what are you pondering these days?



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  1. Bevy says:

    My heart is just squeezing in and out right now – from the excitement oozing out of this post. I love it!!

    It’s so me…

    I love that your not satisfied – but fully content.

    I love that you own the stage your on right now and you’re workin’ it.

    I love knowing I’m not alone… in this.

    PLUS: I love Menno. thrift stores, too – for the very same reasons. FABRIC… you should see the stacks. INTENTIONS! Good intentions to make up some fab skirts for myself.
    BUT that grey striped fabric from extra long pillow cases!! – now THAT is the way I talk. L.O.V.E. You have some lucky little girls.

    Jenny. Different subject…almost. But I need some help/encouragement, here. Your house style and mine are VERY similar. Overall, does anyone else (such as yourself) have to “convince” their spouse or family that they’re style is okay; that it is a beautiful art piece?

    Does your hubby get excited about the same fun things as you do? IF he doesn’t, how do you work around that? IF he does… can he come talk to my man? (haha!)

  2. April says:

    Of course you had me at the title πŸ™‚ What you said about… not having enough time to do the things you love… that has been me lately. I feel it so keenly sometimes. My life is busy and my energy level is way low and unfortunately the thing that always gets pitched is time for creativity. It’s fine for a little while but after too long I start to feel lost and… well, grouchy!! The tides are turning though and this post makes me feel inspired and even more determined to make time for myself.

    First, that striped material!!! Amazing! I love it and I love the skirt you made from it. Isn’t it wonderful the the smallest amount of fabric can be turned into a darling little girl’s skirt?! I bought a dress for me that was too tight through the hips. So I cut it off and made a tunic shirt for me and a skirt for Eliza. Is it wrong to admit that I totally impressed myself? πŸ™‚

    Now, let me talk about Mr. Sterling. Look at his gorgeous blue eyes!! I don’t know how you resist him at all Jenny. He’s going to be a tough one to discipline. How can you be firm and tough with someone who makes you melt every time you look at him? πŸ™‚ He’s a keeper.

    This comment is getting ridiculously long but I just had to say I love the pillows and the lovely paper and it all makes my eyes so happy! And I really need to get to JCP, ASAP.

  3. amy says:

    Just red 7 last week. It was a fun good read that made me laugh and think.

  4. Lynnelle says:

    I’ve had 4 cute babies of my own, but that Sterling–he gets me every time. He’s so cute!

  5. amber. says:

    mmm. love seeing all your latest creations – – especially that little sterling dude!! he’s just scrumptious.

    i like your idea of framing a pretty piece of paper~ just this afternoon i made a little framed creation myself out of the alphabet card and french cards you sent.. those were french, right? πŸ˜‰ i’m assuming. ha! it’s on my kitchen counter and it’s now my new favorite thing. do you do that when you create something? just like walking past and looking at it! :)) and of course, remembering my sweet friend that sent them to me!! xx

  6. cindy says:

    that song gets me everytime. i’ve been on both sides of judgement… so it’s both comforting and ouch. convicting. too. powerful.

    your baby is delicious looking. just Mmm scrumptious. sorry. but i use food words with kids. even other peoples. πŸ™‚

    i hear ya on soul cravings. and deeper conversations. and the whole time factor! and me? even without taking care of a baby… i don’t have what it would require in my day to type the abundance that’s wanting out. but i’m feeling a… gross alert…writer’s constipation with it all. i think a gentle laxative for me would be real life talking… πŸ™‚ in fact dr. cindy just prescribed that very thing. if you need an rx too… let me know. i’ve heard that g takes half days. at least he did in 2011. and he could help with dr. orders, i’m sure. πŸ˜‰

    love to you on this thursday!

  7. I feel exactly the same way about winter, it’s supposed to be slllloooow! Somehow there are always events and blah blah blah that fill it right up. This is the first time that i just said no to anything i could refuse and it has been amazing. i feel like i finally got in some hibernating.
    I have many many thoughts i’m pondering, sounds like they could be on a similar line as yours. I wonder how you feel sharing what you do on your blog. “soul and heart conversations” are the best kind, [like she says on you’ve got mail] “whatever anything is it aughta begin by being personal”! but that can be a tricky balance. I’d love to hear your thoughts on that.

  8. Clarita says:

    Oh, I am so with you about winter! Right now I’m feeling that sort of angry feeling, like PLEASE don’t be over yet because it’s been so busy! I had high hopes of all kinds of things for this winter – none of which were realized.

    Your sewing creations are just SO gorgeous. You are just so great with putting fabrics and colors and patterns together – you could do a fashion post once a week and I’d be thrilled! I so love how you dress your kids. That green stripe especially is just so lovely. The outfit looks so Boden. πŸ™‚ And your little guy is so cute and chubby! Looks like he’s a great dresser too, like his sisters and mom. πŸ™‚

    Your guest room is DREAMY. I absolutely love it! I wish I could pull a room together like that…

    I hear you on the last few paragraphs… So so much. Me too on wanting the heart and soul stuff. I hope you get some good delicious stuff on that soon!

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