Flowers a house-guest left here (she had been given them for a gift). I saved them, picked all the droopy leaves off, and had me a PRETTY bouquet that lasted a few more days. Funny, how fresh flowers brighten a woman’s day.

What is that one (non- staple) item that you always HAVE to have in your fridge? Mine is this salsa (Walmart!). De-lish. It is really good layered in a wheat tortilla with lemon-pepper rotisserie chicken, lettuce, rice, cilantro, and some sour cream. SAH-lay me now.

Flowers keep popping up.

My nemesis PollyPockets. Laila is really going through a stage right now were she begs to get them out a lot. Anything for my high maintenance 4 year old. That girl tugs at my heart like none other. She is so soft and beautiful and made of sugar….. but boy, can she be a handful! I was telling my dad the other day, some days I cannot please her. She hates HATES attention from people other than her family. In fact, look at her too long and she will bust out crying. BUT, give her not enough attention here at home and you have a wailing mess on your hands. My dad pointed out that that is pretty common among humans- the need for just the right amount of attention. So that made me feel better. These are all reasons to lay on the floor and cry:
Her milky was hot
Her milky was cold
Her pink coat is in the laundry
I carried Sterling down the steps and left her at the top
(In the morning) she remembers she went to bed  THE NIGHT BEFORE without a milky
Her uncle Jason teased her (lovingly)
Three people she doesn’t know smiled and looked her at the same time (school tourney)
The cashier at Walmart talked to her
She can’t find _________ (insert anything at all)

Sterling slobbered on her doll (“It’s ruined!”)
Kitty is missing

She makes me laugh so much though. Last night, I said, “come to bed, my sweet, tiny Laila.” That made her mad, she wanted to be “BIG LAILA”. Fine then, I will call you “Big Laila”. She is so tiny and blonde-y, calling her Big Laila just gave me fits of laughter like she is a big cow or something. Then she was mad (I was laughing) so she said, “You’re making fun of me!” “Well, just because you are so cute…”

Ah! writing this makes me love her all over again! I’m gonna go hunt her down and kiss her. Just kidding- she is right here.

Sterly Burley… Still the perfect baby since 2012! Right now he looks like he ran through a briar patch and he has such severe cradle cap that I finally got a prescription for him. As far as the briar patch? I guess he is scratching himself. Dunno, he kinda looks like a nightmare. Today I picked him up and his inner eye had a drop of blood. Laila told me she was just trying to get the boogers out of his eyes and “it was an accident”. Oh, my…

He had a phlegm cough (yum) last week- so I figured it was a time-saver to just wear a bib on him like clothing.

It helps when you have an uber-cool, sewing friend, like April that sends you cool packages!

Hook me up with some spring, please.

Her majesty and the royal baby.

AH! EVERY spare minute of mine is spent sewing baby stuff in my sewing room the last while.  I have probably 15 different fabrics scattered around- mixing and matching. 🙂 Bibs, burp rags, security blankets, washcloths are a few of the things I am having fun making. Both my sisters are expecting girls in the next year- so I am having fun getting a few do-dads ready for them. (The reason I didn’t post pics of the rest of my fabrics.) Inspiration has come from Pinterest… I am ready to copy this pattern. Also, April & Clarita have hugely inspired me with their beautiful, handmade baby gifts they sent me. Thanks, girls!

A few pictures from Laila’s 4th birthday party. She 4 little friends from church over.

Four year olds are so cutey pants.

I love my birthday girl. The morning after her birthday, she cried because she thought we forgot to sing Happy Birthday to her the night before (we really didn’t). I am pretty sure she was just crying because she was sad her party was over, she she didn’t know why she was sad.

Big bossy birthday sister! I mean she isn’t so bossy in real life, but WOW on the night of the party I guess she was feeling “oldest”…. at least they had a leader. ha
If I get time I will post more pics of the party- G and I took a lot!

have a fabulous Tuesday! My oldest is at school today. Sterling, Laila, and I love our quiet days on school days. Laila plays alone so well I hardly see her at times. Sterling and I cuddle and drink milk…



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  1. April says:

    It’s silly of me not to have noticed but I didn’t realize that Laila and Eliza were so close in age. Eliza tuns four at the end of this month. I can’t tell you how much I love the parties you throw for the girls!! The perfect amount of fun, pretty, and fresh without being over the top. They will be such good memories for your kiddos! As you were describing Laila I was nodding and laughing and thinking “Has she been in my house lately?!” Laila and Liza girl are on the exact same wave length 🙂

    I’m so happy that Sterling is already getting some use out of his bibs! Can’t wait to see all the fun things you’ve been creating! Darling fabric choices! I like the style of burp clothes you are making Jenny. What do you back them with?

    Love Jenny posts by the way… they are always a bright spot in my day!

  2. Clarita says:

    oh, i love jenny posts too!
    i laughed so much at your laila/sterling quotes and stories. it sounds SO much like olivia/hudson, you could have written it for them. i love olivia SO much, but she can make me fit to be tied in the way she is so mean to Hudson without even knowing it!! it is near life-threatening sometimes. and that’s not even really an exaggeration.

    i just loved getting a glimpse of some of april’s creations. she puts the greatest stuff together! i was SO sad when hudson outgrew the onesies she made for him. maybe after you give the gifts you can show pictures of what you are working on? 🙂

    the first picture – the aqua and pink – SO PRETTY.

  3. The kiddos are adorable! 🙂 Very cute party and love the photos of your home!

  4. Jo says:

    I do love me my homemade baby gear. A store bought washcloth will always feel flimsy now. It is so good to document how your children are right now. You think it’s something you will never forget but… amazingly they change and you do.

  5. jennie says:

    Enjoyed this glimpse into your life again. The party looks perfect for a four year old…party hats are so neat. Laila is pretty….Elle too!

    Take care, Jenny. Have a great rest of the week.

  6. amber. says:

    i love when you talk about your girls. i already see this best friend/ mother dauther/ i adore you but you drive me nuts kind of relationship. it’s so cool. and makes me laugh. probably cause i have a few of my own too. such a unique relationship like no other. i was talking to a friend at church last night who just found out she’s pregnant and she was saying how much she hopes it’s not a girl. that she wants all boys, and couldn’t imagine having a daughter ever! i told her now that i have them, i couldn’t imagine NOT!!

    the tulips are so pretty in their little mason chair. i have some of the same ones. jars that is, not tulips. 😉 but yes, how a fresh flower cheers a girl up. and this time of year… i’m just longing and waiting to see them all popping up outside!

    those burp cloths are adorable. i swear i have THE most talented friends ever! maybe God knew that was a way to keep me good and humble. ;))

    happy birthday to your laila girl. she’s such a cutie. and her party is lovely. i like what april said – you do everything up so nice w/out being over the top. i would say i’d describe your decorating as, “soft.” i like it!

    i miss you. and think of you often when i see my little framed alphabet card in the kitchen. xox

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