It’s Tuesday.

Hello, I am home alone with the kids tonight- husband has a GNO tonight. Nope. That’s not gyno you read, it’s guys night out. So I thought maybe I would upload a few pictures from March so far.
The girls are playing their usual “Stable Club” adventures all over the house. If you have ever watched this show you will understand when I say I am thoroughly entertained by their stories of their best-friendship and the mean deeds of “Heronica”. (Veronica) That Heronica! She acts up all day long, doesn’t that girl ever tire of her evil schemes? I guess not.

Sterling is going wild these days. He is so solid and heavy and kick-y! Like i can almost not hold him on my lap these days without hanging on. He literally was not like that 4 days ago. Babies change SO fast.

(I’m kinda writing that because this blog is also our family baby book. Hi there, grownup children! Your mother was not lazy- just too busy taking you on cool adventures to do a baby book.)

I am working on choc cookies in and out of the oven tonight. (Cookies take a lot of work, feel loved, children.) And had a great healthy salad for supper– lettuce, strawberries, feta cheese, plain pecans and fat-free Hartville sweet & sour dressing. That sweet and sour is kinda bitter (gross) so I drizzle honey over it too. GOOD STUFF.

Here is a recent family portrait by Elle.

I guess this was back when Galen was all into his gangsta beard and blue plaid sports-jacket.

Elle (the lovely red-head) is sporting a Christmas-lights necklace and an 18th century waistline.

Me? I always hold my baby, like Madonna holding the Christchild. (Elle told me, “I just couldn’t get your eyes right!”)

Laila has the prettiest perm, and she doesn’t look like a poodle at ALL.

I ♥ my family– whatever we look like.

Cookies I mentioned earlier. Thought the light was nice.

Every now and then you make a breakfast so good you have to go all foodie on it and snap a picture.

Let me explain the sandwich. Way back when husband was “new husband”, he got me started on them– and I used to hate hard-boiled eggs. Ingredients:  whole-wheat toast, (G butters his), hard-boiled egg, fresh ground pepper, hot sauce, and mustard. It just scratches that itch, you know? So good.

My men. The other night, when I climbed in bed, after standing for about 5 minutes staring at the gorgeouss-ness of Sterling sleeping in his crib…..

I told G,
“I don’t love Sterling more than you or the girls, but I have NEVER loved someone this way before. I never had a SON before, you know? I just ache with my love for him.”
We like him a bit, yes.

This is my “mothering chair area”.  It holds so many memories… from me barking at Elle to get off my shoulders while I am nursing the baby… to sleeping there for a week when I was too weak from surgery to climb the steps.

He has his father’s handsomeness.

My .25 coffee cup. A beloved companion.

“Oh daddy! That’s a wee bit too much, aye?”

These 2 are becoming besties– especially on the days when Elle is at school. I really think Laila has found her place again- she is so sweet lately.

Braids & mini puzzles.

This was, the moment before she touched it, a brand new roll of tin foil. When I asked why in the world she did that– she said,

“I JUST did not KNOW I was going to do a naughty thing.”

Helpful hands. Thanks, Laila.

Making Peep Houses via Kasey Buick’s blog. I know I wrote a scathing review of how it all went down on Facebook. But really, once I was patient and not in such a fried mood, and LET THE WHITE CHOCOLATE DRY they were sturdy as little bricks and were quite cute.

A little before and after…….

The ugliest wall in the house. And this is the first wall you lay your eyes on when you walk in the front door so…. I decided to spring-it-up a notch.

We have two rooms in out basement that were never dealt with, since we moved here. The rooms could be so cute with a little work– the one room has an old wooden door and brick walls– but ANYWAY, there is all kinds of wood, old shelves, and doors laying around in the one room. I went down there and found this beauty. Not. But I thought she might work.

I tore off the bottom 2 pieces hanging from it, filled in the nail holes, and painted over it to finish it off.

Inspiration for this shelf/radiator idea came from here.

Here is how it looks NOW, not AFTER. I love it though! The paint color is “Celery” from SW.

I still have 3 things I need to finish before I will say “it is finished”.

Want to paint the radiator a glossy white (have the paint, just need the time), and I want a basket similar to this photo  (basket with the pencils in it) for the fern, and the clock is from Sterling’s room, so someday it needs to be returned (and hung higher). I have my eye on a really pricey one at Tarjay from the Threshold collection. Maybe in 2016 I will have saved the $$ for it. ha

Jones Design Co. had a 50% off online sale, a few weeks ago. I snagged 2 prints– this is one of them. It likes to live within it’s $4 thrift store frame. I feel like I am channeling her with that fern beside it, I know Emily likes her ferns!

Yes, I know her SO WELL. (So well, that I had to go over to her blog to remember her first name.) Jones Design Co. is one of my top 5 favorite blogs of all time.

Since this post has no theme at this point, I’ll post this really quick yet. I read this last night and my heart just squeezed with agreement. I so wish I had known this when I had my first baby!

This is really true also.

Love to all, Jenny

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  1. Charity Miller says:

    Good post! As usual, I got a few good laughs, a few “yep, same here”s, and of course, the wistful staring at your always-cool home decor that you seem to so effortlessly throw together. Have a good week!

    • Jenny says:

      oh charity! for REAL someday i will write a post about how NOOOOT effortlessly these little re-dos come together. doing anything with 3 kids on your tail makes the tiniest things so weighty. (but i am sure you know that already- ha)
      thanks for the kind words though. 🙂

  2. Shannon says:

    Lovely post. I truly laughed out loud over Laila’s comment about not knowing she was going to be naughty! 🙂

  3. Hope Helmuth says:

    Your sense of humor is just great. Your posts are always so refreshing… refreshingly real and beautiful. The new wall is lovely as well.

    • Jenny says:

      thank you, Hope. i was just “at your blog” last night and loved it all over again! i pinned a few of your recipes. so thanks for that.

  4. Bevy says:

    oohh yeah… that last quote!!

    I’m going to have to ponder that one a little longer. yes indeedy.

    I totally get what you said about loving your son “this way” as compared to everyone else in your family… it’s not different at all. I’d like to think of it like this… It’s in the same color family – just a different shade. It’s still the same… but different.
    I don’t know if I made sense. But, I tried.

    Oh – and Laila’s quote. Too funny. She’s my Aubrey all the way…
    Good to hear from you again.
    You are a lovely and blessed woman.. You know that?

    • Jenny says:

      thank you for all your kind words, Bevy! you are always way to good to me. your last sentence spoke to me– i am blessed, thanks for reminding me of that! wishing you a lovely week with your little ones….

  5. Carita says:

    Although I do not have energy these days to decorate, I enjoyed your post. I think in every post of yours I admire the woodwork in your house (as well as your lovely decorating style :)). And the last thing you posted has been something I’ve learned slowly, gradually over the years about my students. It’s such a relief to know it now that I so wish I had known it earlier, too!

    • Jenny says:

      oh yes! i can only imagine how much teachers would run into this too…. (Well, i guess i do know a little, i am married to one.) 🙂

  6. Clarita says:

    I have been checking for WEEKS to see if you posted again. YOU are one of my top five blogs. 🙂
    … you melting because of your little son. oh my goodness, yes. it is hard to describe, not loving more, but a different kind of love. my son slays me!!
    … Laila getting into the tin foil!! great picture you got. i would have forgotten all about the camera in a situation like that! what is with second daughters and their love of being naughty without knowing it’s naughty?!
    … the woodwork in your house ~ gorgeous! i love the natural wood too.
    … Elle amazes me with her drawing. it’s so interesting to see the differences between children the same age. sometimes there are similarities, but my kids do not draw like that at all. Elle is really good!
    … your little shelf redo is lovely. projects/things like that give me a high. 🙂
    … my comment is so long! why don’t i just private message you my many thoughts and admirations?! 🙂

  7. cindy says:

    i love the family picture. capital letters LOVE. your eyes look fine, your lips even finer. 🙂 elle did a great job. my benjamin turned 16 today. and that’s related to this post of yours because my heart aches with love.

    you capture the BEST expressions! sterling looks like f u n. and i’m cracking up, that laila. of course she didn’t know, bless her heart, that she was going to be naughty.

    and this is going to sound ridiculous. but it’s true. i looked at your cookie picture and thought wow. you have such a warmth to your pics. and color tones. and the light— so perfect. and i scrolled down and saw that yes. haha. you liked the light too. funny.

    i rarely blog and didn’t finish baby books. but now i have an explaination, thankyouverymuch, i was too busy with cool adventures with my kids!

    happy it’s almost friday day!

  8. Bevy says:

    It me, Bevy! Jenny – I just nominated you for the Liebster Award… I hope you’ll accept. Here are 11 question I have for you. You’ll need to check back on my blog to see the post details..

    1. Your blog title/name? How did it come about… is there a story?
    2. Books. Who is your favorite author? What is your style?
    3. Speaking of Style. Who/what inspires you in your wardrobe selection?
    4. If you’re a mom! – Any advice you could share? If you’re not… What do you wish you could share?
    5. In blogging.. Do you share your Faith? Why or Why not?
    6. Collections… What is yours? Baskets? Cookbooks? – How did you get started?
    7. Do you have that one “best friend” – what makes her a great friend? Give me just two-three words.
    8. Pizza or Stromboli? Would that be homemade or “Take Out”?
    9. Camera advice…is needed. What would you recommend?
    10. And your favorite flower is…?
    11. Tell me that one idiosyncrasy you LOVE about yourself..

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