Sterling is almost 6 months. Time flies. I have never had a baby get to 6 mo so fast, literally it seems like he was born a month ago (in my head).

The girls, cutting out magazines and making cool books.

I LOVE strolling on Sunday afternoons with my boy. It’s like quality time + exercise + fresh air.

Blueberry eyes.

Silly pants-es, I call mine.

Mr. Handsome Jr.

And now you know…. the rest of the story.

Sterling: “Laila girl, what you doing loving on another brother?!”


My washer broke last week so I have to do another laundromat run today WITH THREE CHILDREN. Life is a little bit crazy & go-go-go lately. We are loving it though- we call it life. And we savor the slower times- with friends, as a family, good conversations, and the times of connecting here and there. Those are the times that make life worth living, I think.

EDIT: My husband fixed my washer last night! He is just so resourceful and brilliant. And I am SO thankful to have my friend, the clothes-cleaner back. If you don’t appreciate yours- go hug it now. Going without something makes you so thankful.


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  1. amber. says:

    okay. you make some of the cutest kids.
    the end!

    the couch photo… love LOVE.

  2. Clarita says:

    I have said that very thing, that never has a child gotten to this age so quickly. Hudson will be a year old in less than two weeks, and I am flabbergasted. HOW did it happen?! It it really quite sad to me, actually. I don’t like how fast time is going! And on the other hand, why do I sometimes just wish for the day to quickly be over so I can start fresh again?

    Your girls are some of the most beautiful EVER. I love to see pictures of them. Laila reminds me so much of Olivia, it cracks me up. 🙂

    I love when you post, Jenny!

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