School Is Out!

Way back when….

Her first day of school- (Kindergarten). ^^


And now:

Last day of school! May 2013.

Looks like her uniform hung in there faithfully for her. I can’t believe my baby turned into a novice school girl. She has grown up SO much in the last school year. THANK YOU, Mrs. Mullet.


A few more pictures:

I bought a few cheap annuals for the girls to plant as “their” flowers. They loved it.

So many pretty flowers in bloom right now.

Laila mans her “man-babies.

She is such a good #2 mommy to him. We all adore Sterling. 🙂

We had a FAR OUT Pasta Party the other night with our small group. We made ravioli from scratch- fabulous.

One picture from my sister Joy’s baby shower. Cannot wait to meet her girlie.

Elin’s field trip to The Farm- fun, hot day.

I have got to git! Baby crying…….



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  1. Clarita says:

    You don’t even know how long I’ve waited for a post from you. 🙂 It made me happy to see one!

    Elle looks so beautiful and grown-up with her school uniform. I think too that kids grow up so much in Kindergarten. They become so much aware of the world around them, and it’s so fun! And kinda sad at the same time, to see them grow up and out of the little baby girl stage.

    I love seeing pictures of Sterling. He looks so well loved. And the other little mommies in his life? I so get that. We have that problem, er, blessing, going on here too. 🙂

    You MADE ravioli? Get outta town!! That looks like Charles Fox in your picture too.

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