Pasta Par-tay.


We did a really fun activity with our small group…. we got sitters for the kids and went to Joel & Annie’s to make “pasta from scratch”. I can’t tell you how curious I was.

Here Annie is mixing the pasta right out on the counter. In the end, it will be ravioli.  I don’t know what all she put in it, but I saw lots of eggs and flour.

Dough babies.

The most fascinating part of this process was when they lifted the dough and threaded it through the machine that flattened it and made it PAPER thin. It was just so fun to watch.

And watch we did.

Who is this handsome man, you ask? Well, he is the father of all my children.
Anywho…. he is now filling in little blobbets of delicious cheese mixture– which will be the center of the ravioli.

Here Jerel makes sure every little pasta/cheese packet is sealed before boiling.

Joel and Annie’s house is amazing. They bought an old, unloved, two-story house in town and loved it back to life. I took this picture to showcase the beautiful dark wooden floors.

There were some cute baby boys there. Judah….

and, Sterling…

Of course, we had to put on a spread and celebrate the Feast of Raviolis. What is with men not liking salads with strawberries on it? Or maybe it’s just mine and the few that I know. Women tend to like strawberry salads- it makes them feel healthy and fancy and lovely. 🙂

Rachel and I raided Annie’s china cupboard. I love the results.

What a fun, special night of eating and talking! And ok, so like, I thought this HOMEMADE ravioli would be good. Sure. I mean, it’s homemade right? But how could it better than say the pasta I had at Broken Rocks Cafe in Wooster once (the best I had had up to that point). But- wow, it. was. so. good. It kinda melted in your mouth, like it was very soft and delicate, like melted cheese almost. I can’t really describe it.

Refreshing. I actually hate the word refreshing, but what else would you say with this picture?!

Another shot featuring the woodwork. I sometimes I feel I cannot say in words, how MUCH I love old houses and seeing their character. Like I would walk into a stranger’s house if that meant I got to see it. They fascinate me to the core. I would even say I find it more exciting to see an old house, than it is to see a new baby at the hospital. A human baby. Yes, I have issues.

And if I am chatting with someone and they mention they renovated an old house… I try not to walk right over top of them to get an invitation to look. ULTIMATE JOY.

Hand to mouth, guys. Hand to mouth.

They turned the leftover dough into noodle-form (fettuccine?)– which dried while we ate dinner.

GREAT NIGHT! Thanks, Hostetlers….


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  1. Shannon says:

    We did this one night last summer with Joel’s and the rest of our family. I’ll back you up on the food being just as good too! 🙂

    Men, salad and strawberries. Same same here!

  2. Jo says:

    What a fun party. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten homemade pasta. I took a strawberry spinach salad to a party recently and while the ladies swooned, the men… silence. Ha. Chick food for sure. That house looks wonderful! So much built in charm.

  3. Thelma says:

    huge. sigh of envy. That looks so SO fun.
    I have to keep this idea in mind for a sometime party. shoot, I should pin it.
    I like requesting frivilous things for Christmas, and the other year it was a pasta maker. I love doing it, but it is time consuming and so it’s a very rare luxery.
    But you’re right, it is SO good. so delicate and tender.

    and your sentiments about old houses. Yes! I’m really trying to come up with a clever plan to get to see the inside of the King house again:-)

  4. Christy says:

    This looks like SO much fun! I’m like Thelma–I was trying to silence my sigh of envy as well. I’ve never had homemade pasta but would love to try it.

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