Value of Life.

Amen… this is so powerful!
I have just been watching a few “longer liven lives” in my view here in LIFE, and I have just been blown away at the fact of how a selfish-driven life, just dwindles down in the sunset of life– and crashes and burns. It. is. so. sad.
But a life given to others– just twinkles more beautiful in it’s Twilight Years. I have been SO inspired by this. So far, I don’t get a lot more done than loving my little family, but at least it helps me to do that with better purpose (long term vision).
And– “helps” is the key word here… No human, can love perfectly 100% of the time.


Which is also very thought-provoking because WHO had a life more valuable than Jesus Christ? Um, no one. And he gave, wait, ALL of His life away. What a beautiful example.

I would love to hear– how have you loved someone well lately?

PLEASE don’t be shy. You can love me well by inspiring me! 🙂


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  1. JessicaD says:

    I spent grocery money yesterday to buy pizza for my kids at lunch. The point was a fundraiser for a friends adoption. Today I am hoping I made the right choice… (bc of the groceries not the adoption)

  2. Clarita says:

    This is SO GOOD, and what a challenge. This stage of parenting with little kiddos can feel like such a busy time, and sometimes I forget to live poured out for THEM, not just everyone else. On the flip side, I have several friends who are either pregnant and nearly deathly ill, or that just had a baby, so I’ve been doing extra cooking and babysitting to help them out.

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