A Little SanDiego.

Helly-o. I am here today to “try” and caption some of our many San Diego pictures. I uploaded them a few weeks ago… and yes, nothing gets done fast around here this summer.

Galen and I celebrated our big 10 year anniversary in May. We sat side by side looking at website from the San Diego area for hours and hours before we booked the trip. You could say my husband is a researcher- I love it. Here are just a few of our pictures– some of my favorites. πŸ™‚

This picture was shot in Old Town. If you’d like to see more go here. It had a very Spanish, old west feel which I so ADORE. These ladies were behind a quaint glass window, that you could view from the street, mixing up FRESH TORTILLAS. Cannot even tell you how OLD and rugged and colorful the inside of this restaurant was. Really, it seemed it had to have been there for a 100 years. Don’t know though.

The inside of the restaurant. We ate in what looked like an add-on to the main building. It was sunny, and had wooden floors– fans were whirring and it was packed with happy people.

The VIEW from the inside of our room.
At night you could hear 3 things: (I counted) the wind whistling, boats clinking against their moors, and people talking. It was glorious!

This was taken the day we crossed over the boarder to Mexico. We hit Tijuana. I could write a whole post about that city. I have been to Mexico many times– 6 times maybe. A few were just border crossings, but I was there on WATER and to visit friends once also.
BUT, I was not prepared for the sadness that was Tijuana. It seemed like a broken place with sad faces full of stories.
We actually ran into 3 different people on this trip (a restaurant owner, a fellow traveler from Santa Barbara, and a Mexican man who stood in line with us to get back into the USA) and spending time with them were God meet-ups, I have no doubt.

Everyone we met on this trip was open, warm, easy-going, relaxed, and so THOUGHTFUL. Having Sterling with us compounded this , I think. The people of San D blessed me SO much- I came home inspired. I told G, every time I took Sterling on a walk or walked around with him in La Jolla, I probably stopped and talked to 10+ different people. Such a different impression I got than the CA Stereotype. Almost everyone you meet says, “HI! …. how are you?” with a real smile.

Outside our hotel, water and all kinds of ocean-y things to view. My highlights here, were walking eeeearly in the morn with Sterling. Greeting people, saying hi to dogs, smelling the fishy and salty air.

Our all-included breakfast, by the marina-view window every morning. Loved it.

“The boys” date ready– we ate at an urban, hip, Asian place in the city this night. MY FOOD: oh. my. stars. I ordered chicken fried rice and an egg roll. Best ever.
Oddly, the only “fight” we had on the trip, happened at this restaurant. haha. I can mock it now. I had to throw that in there to “keep it real” don’t want you to think we float through life on angel’s wings drinking strawberry smoothies.

More of those AWESOME red flowers.

10 years down, bring on the next 10! We love our life together. <3

Galen shot this view late at night, the first night we got there, I was so jet-lagged I laid on the bed at like 4pm with Sterling in the crook of my elbow and we plumb slept all night. G wasn’t super thrilled that we had left him set socially, but anyway, he went exploring and took a bunch of pictures. this was one of them. The lit up room there where you can see the waiter, was where we ate breakfast every morn.

Oh! Great memory! We found Asian restaurant on Galen’s smartphone… it was so quaint. It was clean as a whip, but seemed like a place that hadn’t changed it’s regal decor since the 80s. A very dignified 50-ish Asian man waited on us. He was quiet, but very kind. We sat there and feasted on crazy-awesome food and just had the whole place to ourselves. And shared this fancy drink in a picturesque kind of way.

Sterling’s first time at the ocean AND touching sand! The mean-mom that I am, I died laughing at him. A few people stopped to smile at him too. He would try to pick it up in his hand and then growl, kick his legs angrily, and get so mad at the slippery, gone, texture of it. He did this for awhile… then when he got used to it, I think he found digging his feet in it was very soothing. The whole process fascinated me. But I am his mother. I realize this story is boring to most.

Father & son picture. Sterling, your daddy is worthy of all your adoration.

(Actually. Adore us forever, please.)

The wooden toys we brought back from Tijuana for our children. We gave $20 to a begging mother and her two extremely sad, dirty children for a box of these. I still pray that she got to keep the money and that it didn’t go to a toy pimp or some other evil stereotype. When they saw the bill, they didn’t really know what it was or should they accept it. American $1 dollar bills are very common though.

More later! “That’s all she wrote” at this point… my husband says that phrase a lot, and it fit here. πŸ™‚


PS. My blog has a private greeting at the top of my screen to me, that says, “It’s so nice to have you back where you belong.” Kinda fills me with mirth. Way to be adorable, WordPress.

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  1. Jo says:

    So fun to read! Such pretty pictures. Happy that you could do this for your tenth!

  2. April says:

    The two phrases that killed me were, “don’t want you to think we float through life on angel’s wings drinking strawberry smoothies.”, and “toy pimp”.

    I’m so glad you two (three) had a great time in SD and that the good people of San Diego shattered your impressions of Californians πŸ™‚ Aren’t the fresh made tortillas amazing?! The red flowers are bougainvilleas and they grow like weeds at the coast; they are gorgeous!

    Mr. Sterling is turning into quite the little man. I loved his “date-night” outfit! Happy 10 year anniversary my friend! May you have many more happy years of floating on angel’s wings drinking strawberry smoothies πŸ˜‰

    • April! How embarassing. I forgot one of my idols is from CA! See?So you obviously don’t fit the stereotype at all either. You don’t scream Silicon Valley at all.

  3. Clarita says:

    What an amazing trip!! I think it’s awesome you celebrated big for your 10th anniversary, even with little Sterling! So many people say they will, but then it just never happens. San Diego looks like a great place, with a neat mix of cultures. You make me wanna go. πŸ™‚ Loved the pictures, and your little guy’s great outfits! Boys are waaaay more fun to dress than I ever expected them to be.

    Cheers to the next ten! You two inspire me.

  4. Christy says:

    Again loved the pictures and reading about your trip. Cities are just so much fun, and I love the different flavors they have. Reading about how everyone was so friendly made me think that I need to do better at being genuinely friendly when I’m walking down the street.

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