Whatever Wednesday.

This is going to be a wild, fast mish-mash of all the pictures in files that are driving me nuts. And it’s Wednesday, hence the title. Here come 41 pictures. BAM.


This was taken on Father’s Day. Don’t you have a 5 year old, you ask? Yes, yes we do. She was livid and disgruntled, about something, we couldn’t figure out what, so she declared she was not going to be on the picture. So anyway, these 3 tried to carry-on without her.

Elle lied to me ( a bit) to get out of a spanking. After reading the first picture’s caption, I’m sure you now think we should be giving her more of them. Well, it is summer, and she really should be working on her writing, so I thought I’d slam home two birds with one stone, and get her to do an old-fashioned “shame write”.
Well, somehow it went from “God hates lying” to what appears to be “Dad hates lying” or the casual fun guy we call “Dod”.
This tablet laid on our kitchen table for a week, after she wrote this page… and one day Galen was sitting there eating on lunch break. and he said to me, deadpan,
“Man, sometimes it just hits me how much I hate lying!”
I found that humor pure genius, and promptly ruined the moment by raving about it.

Which, ironically I just did again here.

In this picture, Laila looks like such a diva-child I want to call her Mariah J-Lo. Whenever she goes upstairs to change, and wants to be extra fancy, she will announce her entrance and come regally down the steps. If she is wearing this vest, you know it’s hardcore fancy, whole-family-has-to-rave, expectations. Last night I saw her coming, and so I elbowed G to pay attention and get his raves ready.

You know how your baby starts pulling stuff out of cupboards and you’re like, man, I can’t even remember the day he started doing that? Well, this was a day in early July, and I caught him doing that for the very first time.

Came across gorgeous Esme.

The girls leave Sterling sitting places all the time. The office chair, kitchen table etc. It drives me bonkers.

My beautiful fresh peaches, blueberries and oatmeal breakfast.

One day we made Toyland. We made a town out of all the toys that don’t look fun when they are just thrown all junky-like in the corner. It was fun.

Laila and I share this delight in getting all the naked, mangey-haired dolls from the toy box, finding clothes for them and washing their hair in conditioner.  It feels like a make-over- SO FUN.  I love little dolls. Can you tell? This is probably half of our little dolls.

Someone dropped these flowers off the day after I made dinner for them. SO> SWEET. What a great impact it had on me.

Morning kids.

Sterling around 7 months here.

Buying fresh produce always produces so many creative juices in me, and makes me feel like cooking. So many puns here, what a great time.

Galen bought this big table at a school sale he was at. We simply could not live without it.

Did some cleaning/organizing here one day. More practical, less pretty than it was before. But I love it anyway.

Imagination play in the playroom.

We celebrated the 3 spring birthdays at mom’s one day.

A little cake I made. This pink one was more fun than the rainbow one i did long ago.

More details.

My BIL, looking like a character from The Far Side. I’m not even sure what was going on here. Glasses supporting Kleenex from blowing away so he didn’t get sun-glare. I think.


Cousin-fun for a few days while their parents were away for anniversary. (We traded- they had ours when we went to San-D.) (Once you were a tourist once, you now have the rights to call it San-D, like an alumni to the state.)

Sterling looks like he thinks this photo-shoot is the dumbest idea ever made.

This is where Sterling sits when I vacuum, and do not want him sucking on the vac cord. At almost 9 months now, he is “so over” this little red cruiser– and does not find it as awesome as you would think he must on this picture.

Valentine’s Day dinner with the girls. Yes, some of these pictures are old.

I love picking flowers anywhere I find them to stick around the house. Adds cheer.

Laila & a best buddy, Katy. These 2…. wow. What a naughty, dirty, funny, trip they are when they get together.

S’more of my sweet Kauffman nieces and nephews. (Back) Elena, Annie, Kendra, and Grant. (Front) Elliot, Sterling, Elyse, Kayla.

More bloom-sies.

My kids and their cousin getting Elle’s birthday party all ready. (Pictures later.) It is horrific that all I can think of, is the KKK when I see this picture. Cannot unsee.

Laila eating pink cake like a sweetie.

Elle snapped this stunning family portrait.

Yes. (groan) More floral pictures.

My mantel right now. Fresh lemons are the new flower. I really do like them. Then like today, when we had Lemon-pepper fish, (sweet potatoes) and rice, I grabbed a few of these lemons and we squirted it all over our food. It was SO good.


I came across this (from LAST summer) and had to share. You can’t say the father of my children  is a bore. Free-spirited fairy child, keeps him feeling mellow & fresh.


Later tater, jenny

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  1. Luci says:


    I don’t like to be all flatter-y to people, but I have to tell you, Mrs. Kauffman, that you are one of my very favorite bloggers. Maybe The Favorite-if you can handle that. Your little flower pictures just make my heart smile. And the humor is so good every time. How DO you do it? That is the burning question.
    Thanks for another fun read.

    • Jenny says:

      whoo- hoo! yesss.
      i am dancing a jig and shaking a tambourine over your encouragement. thank you, Luci. 🙂

  2. Jo says:

    Picture of Galen at the pool makes my day, and then there is Jason with the glasses/napkin combo! Might have to make a new pinterest board.

  3. Christy says:

    I’m sitting in a Target parking lot waiting on a plane to come in (picking up two girls). I was kind of grumpy because I got down here too late for Starbucks or Barnes and Noble or even Chick-Fil-A. So reading something fun like this helped me completely forget the latte I’d been saving calories for all day, the empty, greasy lot, and the guy who is kind of creeping me out. Duh, I’m not sure why I’m rambling on and on about my situation, but I really enjoyed the post, the pictures and the humor. I LOVE the picture that’s third from the last. The empty vases and twigs and antique clock look sort of winter-ish, but then the lemons are so summery and the contrast has me coming back to look again. Lemons are one of my favorites–food and decor both.

  4. Jolene says:

    I’m dying of laughter over the BIL pic and your hubby in the kiddie pool. My hubby is like ” what is so funny???”, cause of my loud cackling 🙂 Love it !

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