Oh, Pinterest!

So…. I troll on Pinterest a lot.
Someone commented to me the other day (dear Stephanie) that she loves my pins because they never go together. Yes, that is true- I love Pinterest so, because of the wide variety of things I look at, that fascinate the living daylights out of me.
Like… The Holocaust, WW11, The Nephilim, pretty houses, pretty things, memes, favorite people in history, Native Americans, dry jokes, Downton Abbey, Gatsy, on and on. (My two favorite evening, afterthechildrenaresleeping hobbies? Surfing the History and Humor channels on the big P.)
My mantra for Facebook. I don’t pin to make. Pinning IS the end game. You can even make it a real quote. Then don’t forget to pin it to P.
I am VERY visual and I love to read– so really Pinterest and I should get married because we are so very much in love.
Anyway (all that to preface) I was surfing last night… And made aware of some of the thoughts that go through my head when I see certain things. I took the time to share a few.
Although my #1 thought on Pinterest is usually… “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”
Here goes a few more:


Nope.  Hate. 




How could anyone, ever, in this bedroom have an unhappy thought? 


Literally everything in this photo makes my heart sing.  Oh! It is just too much.


I feel cynical about the plants in the shower. 


I don’t get it. 


Man or woman?  The hair is throwing me for a loop.


This is a thing? If this is a thing, can’t ANYTHING be a thing? Maybe this year I will put red toothbrushes on a wreath and call it a thing.


I would pay $50 bucks to eat this now.  Wait. Maybe, make it $20. Or $10. Well, realistically it would have to cost $5 for me to REALLY buy it. And the $5 would be all scrunchy and old. But it sure looks like a happy place on a plate.  …I wonder if we still have peanuts? 


What is that word that means more than wow?


Someone else can read this. 


What do the people look like that like this? 


Dreams are like this……


Sometimes I don’t get art. 


Caption says: Gardening
Unrealistic Much.  And your weeds are full bloom roses, forgive me, this is just too much.


Someone else can make this. 


Hmmmm… hm… yes. 


L.O.V.E. ….If I was 14. Otherwise super cheesy. 


Feels good to laugh. 


Another humor win. 


Let me guess: estate sales! garage sales! antique stores! thrift stores! etsy! 


Her name is what. That is progressive.  Last name? Oh, well.


Well, there’s a few.

As you can see, it’s just a roller coaster of emotions.


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  1. Jo says:

    Very entertaining! Ha ha. While on Pinterest I often catch myself playing this game where I subconsciously guess who pinned what, then my eyes dart to the pinner name to see if I was right. I hadn’t noticed the history category. Love it.

  2. Clarita says:

    Yay, you blogged!! And yay, what a great way to start my crazy weekend – with a shot of great humor. Seriously though, I enjoy your humor SO much. Like, super much. 🙂

  3. Shannon says:

    I laughed!! And it’s too early in the morning to laugh so consider this highly entertaining! 🙂

  4. Thelma says:

    yay for jenny-humor! it’s been awhile! you have the most fascinating thots of anyone i’ve ever met, i think. Thank you for the rainy day jollies.

  5. Jenn says:

    I’m grinning. Thanks for the laughs. If I was on Pinterest, I would totally follow you.

  6. amber. says:

    i don’t pin to make! yes.. exactly!! and i can take it a step further and say i don’t even LOOK to pin. looking is the end game!! ;)) my head just nearly explodes w/ all the creativity out there. i can sit for hours so fascinated. and always come away thinking what my grandma used to say when we were watching t.v. or be at the mall together and she’d see someone/something weird, “well, darling.. it takes all kinds to make a world!!” ;))

    what thelms said – yay for jenny humor!!

    happy weekend dear. hope that ankle is coming along well. xo

  7. Christy says:

    Soooo fun to read a post from you, Jenny, and to get a look into your thought process. I’ll tell you an unhappy thought I would have in that beautiful bedroom–“He sat on the bed with his dirty clothes! Think. Think. Why would you do that?” Loooove the next picture, too! The man/woman is a woman! (lips, neck). FUNNY–a toothbrush wreath. So funny. The tacos look amazing and I would have a very similar thought process! Pretty place setting, and great quote on choices.

    • jenny says:

      –”He sat on the bed with his dirty clothes! Think. Think. Why would you do that?”
      oh my- so true!!! ok, good life might not be perfect in there after all. (good to know!

  8. Emily says:

    HA! So agree with every single thought process you have. I HATE creating anything – “Pinning is the end game.” Yes, yes, and yes.

    And I always know when you’re pinning on my Pinterest home page because in my head I would repin everything you pin. Pretty sure that you and I live in the same Pinterest house.

  9. Rachel says:

    So happy to come here and see your post!
    Pinterest is such a guilty pleasure for me.
    And what people look like who post Halloween decor like that? There’s probably a pin for that too! 😉

  10. jennie says:

    I sure loved going thro these pinterest pictures. So funny…love how u think. 🙂

  11. Tessy says:

    This one was my favorite “This is a thing? If this is a thing, can’t ANYTHING be a thing? Maybe this year I will put red toothbrushes on a wreath and call it a thing.” Ba ha ha.

    Fun post! I think we should be pinterest friends after reading this. I love random.

  12. Jessica says:

    Thank you for the fun! I like your humor. A lot.

  13. Cindy says:

    I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry over “embracing baby led feeding.”
    maybe those moms have cleaner floors and houses than I’ve ever had. 😉
    seriously?! the next step in the program is probably “how to be your 5 year old’s best friend.”

    (three things I’ve learned from parenting these 18 1/2 years is that I still don’t know what i’m doing. my kids need parents. and we all need Jesus.)

    funny post from hilarious you.

  14. Kathy Maldaner says:

    I laughed and laughed out loud when reading this. Spot on with all your comments. I just love your humor. Sometimes Pinterest is TOO much. ( ‘someone else can do this’. So funny.)

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