Elle’s July Birthday (6 years)

Elin Julia (affectionately called Elle)– turned 6 last July. And yes, I am just now getting around to posting her pictures.

After this– is Laila’s 4th birthday from last FEBRUARY. Yes, I am a slow poke.

Not a whole lot of commentary needed here. See you at the end?

Cousin & very best friend, Gracie spent the night. Elle’s plan was for her to come early to help decorate.

Sterly babes.

Decor: a display of the birthday girl’s drawings. I loved the idea, which Elle came up with herself. 🙂

Hello, fun colors. Elle picked these out as well. Really, I was just her in her way.

I love it.

Pink hydrangeas.

Laila with some last minute tweaks.

The girls are here. It worked out pretty good. I let Elle pick 1 cousin, 1 school friend, 1 church friend and 1 sister. ha I love letting them have parties– but huge parties are for the birds.

We played a few water-based games outside, and enjoyed ice cream.

Sara is such a beautiful, sweet, happy little girl. Even though she is Elle’s friend, she played a lot with both Sterling and Laila. They all love her.

Don’t miss awkward-looking Sterling, and his underwear trunks.

My lovely little birthday girl- I LOVE her so.

Long live summer.

Summer girlies.

Elle’s cake. Cakes are so not my forte.

I’m sorry, do you have a question?

Gracie, Elle, Kaylee, Sara, Laila~ ♥

Elle’s present from her family.

Elle you are adorable, even when you get sauce on your party clothes.

That’s all~ I hope to get Laila’s on in a day or so.


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  1. Shannon says:

    The little girls are beautiful!

    Quote: “Cakes are so not my forte.” Same here!! Same here!! All Reagan wanted was “Happy Birthday Reagan” written on a plain and simple cake. Would you believe I managed to mess that up? I did.

  2. jennie z says:

    I love birthday celebrations. I like the party decorations with the drawings, flowers etc that you and your kids did. you are a good mommy. cant wait to see laila’s party!

  3. amber. says:

    sweet parties for sweet girlies!!

    i can’t tell you how much i LOVE that you’re just now getting around to posting this!! i was just struggling today w/ this sense of being “late” with news/updates etc on my blog.. then i thought, “but who cares? who’s keeping track anyway!!” ;))

  4. Clarita says:

    I love her party! And I’m SO glad you’re posting this, because I still have a few summer things & birthdays I want to post about but just thought I might have missed my opportunity. But nope, it’s never too late for a good post. 🙂

  5. Anonymous says:

    Love the sweet girlies!:) kaylee had a blast! Just now saw this post even though it’s been here a while I know:)

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