Photos from October.

My three, with their beloved– and oft smothered– cousin EsmeΒ΄.

I guess this is just a picture of two kids, hanging out by a coffee table. If you are looking for interesting pictures– look elsewhere.

This has been a month of LOTS of sitting. Reading, cuddling my children, drinking hot drinks. Seriously. this picture makes it look sweet. It had/has sweet parts, but it was a killer rough month. Still is. My cast has been off a week now. My ankle still really suffers, it is stiff as a board and always swollen. Tendons that need to bow to my training sessions.

My Anthro mug– best $8 I ever spent. πŸ™‚

Some of the flowers people sent me.


More flowers.

I probably took this picture because it was the one clean area in my house. Our bathroom didn’t get cleaned for a month!

I love plants.

Elle lost her first tooth. πŸ™‚

My precious small group girls came and brought lunch in to eat with me one day. It was fancy too. I cannot tell you how blessed I was with visitors during my cast era. I literally, did not have one day without visitors! And there were many days it was a total party in here. (Thank you all!)

A common scene after 6:00.

Sleeping Handsome.


This was the day my cast came off. These two were sick that day. After we left the Dr to get my cast off, we headed to Wooster to take Sterling to Dr for ear infection. I felt very much like a falling apart family. Galen stayed in the van with sick Laila. Elle went with me in to the pediatrition,Β  and pushed sick Sterling in the umbrella stroller, as her mother hobbled beside her. Man, I look back and do not miss those days.

My girls– 4 and 6 now.

The saddest part about my photos from October is that they are all taken indoors. I am a true Fall Girl- basically I suffer through summer, just waiting for the season that lifts my spirit and brings me peace… fall. And I missed it this year. It is a loss. We have a lot of work going on outside our house and so I wasn’t really able to sit in the yard either. Oh well, such is life.


The rest of the pictures are from 2 days ago when we wen to the airport to see my sister Julana and her family bring home their new baby from Ethiopia. I was so happy (thank you, again, to those who prayed) that I was able to go. My Miller family drove to Cleveland in two vans and it was SUCH a fun day- I dream of it still. It was a rainy, cozy, happily chatting day– my bro Jason and his wife Kendra, drove my van– we had so much fun chatting lazily.

But anyway- my camera had been acting up when we got there, but I managed to get a few shots. And THEN, when they came down the escalator and I wanted to get all these memorable pictures- my lens just plain was jammed and was not working at all. I wanted to slam my camera on the concrete. Work! Work! Work, you dumb machine! So, I never got an actual picture of Ramona. πŸ™ but she is home and darling and beautiful. We love her already.

Okay, well that is all I have. I am trying to write and finish so fast, so not sure if any of this makes any sense.

Happy Saturday all! jenny



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  1. Shelly says:

    I’m sorry you had to spend lovely october indoors, but it does look cozy and sweet and full of friends!! πŸ™‚ I keep checking fb for more pics of the adoption thingy. Soooo sweet!!!

  2. April says:

    The picture of Sterling sleeping just melts me! What a sweet face! All your chick-a-dees are gorgeous.

    Sometimes on really busy days I think “Man, wouldn’t it be great to have an excuse to sit and not move for a couple of days?”. But reading this post makes me realize how hard that would be! I’m happy to hear you were so well taken care of πŸ™‚ The sitting around and not being able to clean… that would make me stir-crazy!! Not that I love to clean, I just don’t like messy.

    How cute is Elle with her lost tooth?

  3. jennie z says:

    I’ll try this 1st comment disappeared.

    I felt all sad for you as I read this, that you could not enjoy your most favorite season.

    Your kids are always adorable. Your family looks fun and wonderfully perfect. πŸ™‚ BUT, I understand that awful feeling like everything and everyone is falling apart…we’ve had those days too. πŸ™ Days I do not want to relive!

    I like hearing from you…may your ankle continue to heal…sooner than later!

  4. Shannon says:

    I love staying home but after reading this, I’m sure I would lose my mind a little if I weren’t able to do anything around here. πŸ™‚ Thank the Lord for friends!

  5. Jolynn says:

    Such amazing friends you have! How neat that you had someone coming everyday! Sorry you missed your fav season! I love fall too!
    Cute pics and pretty flowers and cutesy kidos!
    I’m so excited for Julana and their new baby girl! How wonderful and exciting! Happy for you, you could be there!

  6. amber. says:

    first of all – sterling is one of THE cutest babies ever! is it weird if i say i love his mouth? cause i do. the shape of it or something just is adorable.

    i always enjoy the glimpses into your life~ leaves me feeling warm and cozy and like i want to BE there!

    glad your cast is off and hope you’re getting stronger each day. hope you can get out now more and soak in some of these last fall days.


  7. April says:

    Hi you. I know life is crazy busy and not to make you feel guilty at all but… I miss you here. I miss Jenny posts that brighten my week

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