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Maybe a title will come to me later…

Sometimes I’m not sure how to feel about Wednesdays. They sit there in the middle- not fun enough to be a weekend, but too open to really be a heavy work day. I do half my cleaning on Mondays and then get groceries. Tuesday we concentrate on getting Elle to school, and then I finish […]

January 16, 2013 10
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It’s beginning to look a (little) like Christmas…

  hi, well, it’s christmas eve! i have this post sort of uploaded for probably a week now. i guess if i don’t post it tonight, then who really cares about my piddly christmas post. (who cares anyway- ha.) i really did not decorate much- it all kinda stressed me out this year- yes, i […]

December 21, 2012 4
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Getting you in the mood…

After attending the school Christmas Story Journey last night (where Galen works and Elle attends Kindergarten) I feel blown away by the Christmas Story like maybe never before.  It was so so good. I walked through with my sister Julana, her kids, Laila and Sterling. Watching the wonder and awe on their little faces made […]

December 8, 2012 2
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Thanksgiving Weekend.

Thanksgiving was at my parents this year. It was really special. I’m sure having a new baby had something to do with this- but I just felt OVERWHELMED with blessing this year. My mom had these pretty, festive tables set up. We have a tradition– that before we eat, we drop kernels of corn into […]

November 26, 2012 4
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Why yes, I did have that baby.

Sterling Greybirthdate: 11/8/12time: 7:51 amweight: 7 lbs 12 ozlength: 20 inches Yeah my baby is 2 weeks old tomorrow. I kept thinking that I never updated by blog about it (not the end of the world or anything)– so since my sister has my girls for a cousin’s sleepover tonight, (bless her) tonight it shall […]

November 21, 2012 5
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Fall & Family…

Well, this morning has been successful so far. I woke up before the girls, drank a little coffee, turned on some worship music and worked on catching up on my correspondence. Now Laila is up, and she seems to be in a good mood. Everything was “funny” this morning according to her. She also picked […]

October 29, 2012 12
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Laila Consuela.

    ~My Lovely Laila. Consuela is not her real middle name, it’s just the ‘fun name’ she has in our family. Elle is Elle Cavarelli. We’ll see what we come up with for Baby 3. Laila and I had a busy morning- but we did get to stop in at our favorite thrift store, […]

October 18, 2012 5
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A small post for Saturday…. {A leather mini recliner I found at a thrift store for a good price. It had a rip in it, but I managed to get some Amish guys to sell me a piece of leather to repair it with, she cleaned up SO NICE.} { a few fresh flowers still […]

September 8, 2012 8
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North Market.

{a few snaps…}

September 3, 2012 0
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{Summer maiden} {Laila posing} A few random shots from AUGUST- a great month. Even though Elle is smiling- she LOATHES getting her picture taken. I am pretty sure the shot before this was of her crying. I deleted it. We have a ratty garden intent of producing one item: grape tomatoes. The girls love to […]

August 31, 2012 3
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