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Family Brunch.

I have had so much stress with my blog lately. Well, more with pictures. My husband sweetly reformatted my computer- and advised me to load and edit my pictures completely differently.  Either I`m not doing it right, or it`s not working- now I can`t view my photos and they are saying they can`t be found […]

February 13, 2012 8
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Rounding a Corner.

Just lately something has changed for me. My girls are growing up. This morning I thought, when they get up in the morning I feel like I get to spend the day with some of my best friends. I`m just really loving my time with them lately.  It`s not that life is perfect for us, […]

January 26, 2012 11
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A Tribute.

My friend Susanna, posted this song on Facebook this morning. When I heard it, I knew I had to share it. Sometimes a song plays and words are not needed. Your Spirit connects and bursts open. Sadness, longing, joy are felt. So many emotions….. Over Thanksgiving I lost a baby at 9 weeks. It felt […]

January 17, 2012 34
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Days at home.

Well, I`m just sitting here on a lazy Saturday morning drinking my java. There is snow outside. Snow makes me happy in the way “going to Florida” makes some people happy. No, really, I get a little lift in my spirit when it snows. And, this will not be a long post about snow- something […]

January 14, 2012 12
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A few snaps from Christmas….

I just uploaded all 127 pictures off my camera from over the holidays, etc. I can`t help but share a fewsies. When I snapped this picture, I heard: Laila: “Baby Sydney! I LOVE you.” Elle is not sad. She is feeling intense. Whenever she feels strong emotion or love for someone- she clenches her jaw, […]

January 5, 2012 2
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Thoughts are Everywhere.

They are. My thoughts are all over. That`s a lot why I post so little. I can never pick just one topic. So, I`ll write about a few. #1. How your kids make your day in the tiniest ways. Like this morning, when Elle was up early with G and I- and she sat with […]

January 4, 2012 29
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Fellow bloggers, do you have files and files of pictures you never posted? I do, and I`m not sure why it bugs me. It`s like unseen pictures in files aren`t pictures at all to me- they are forgotten and sad. Which makes me think I am using this blog as a “crutch” for not really […]

December 16, 2011 4
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Paper Lovin`

It is SO amazing what ugliness can be transformed with paper! I am just astounded. I confess- I am a paper junkie. Pretty paper “gets me”. Pretty packaging- yes, that too. Pretty paper book- $20 at Joann Fabrics (used a 50% off coupon)- a multitude of opportunities. The temporary (there is also permanent) double sided […]

December 12, 2011 23
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(Literally!) Life in a Doll House.

^ When your floors as far as eye can see, look like this… ^ …sometimes the inner OCD innate desire to play with toys mother doing normal daily duties, sits down for awhile quickly to make things look like THIS. (Picture toys in their bins and uncovered floors all around this picture.) Ahh, Sweet Order, […]

December 7, 2011 5
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Life in a Doll House.

We trudge down the steps together, all three of us have hair tufts, and are feeling “early”. “Girls, do you want an egg or toast?” “Egg.” “Toast.” My girls are birds. Would they ever eat both? Want to make a child feel overwhelmed much? That would be how. I make one of each. (The eggs […]

December 5, 2011 15
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