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Today`s topic: What is your biggest pet peeve on (the topic of) conversation? (Wouldn`t you love to know what these dishes are dishing about? What`s the Hot topic?) Clearly, I have a few, or I wouldn`t be stirring this pot. Here I will share a few that “egg” me on to annoydom… My first one […]

June 30, 2011 45
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Day Journal.

I have seen this done various times. Most recently, Arielle and Shelley. Both these ladies have beautiful blogs. You should check them out. Well, this morning is a blah-ish Monday so I though this quiz might take me to a cheery place. Although in a lot of ways today is not that bad. //So here […]

March 28, 2011 17
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Little Family… & Anthropologie.

I thought I`d share a few photos that I sure think are fun. What started out as a weekend wide open (“Lets do something cool!” — said on Friday afternoon) turned into meeting 2-hours-away-friends, a Priceline hotel, and a fun-fun lazy day, strolling at  Easton mall and other outdoor (fun to look, but way too […]

March 24, 2011 7
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Humor Wins.

Thinking about something interesting… {Image from Improve my marriage.com} Last night I was up late, reading the Reader`s Digest, (which has been my favorite mag since I was 12 or so), and there was an article in there, about a secret the happiest and longest married couples share: What is it? They know how to […]

March 6, 2011 22
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The anatomy of a photo shoot.

^We are ready to hit the town, and I thought, they look so darling, so I went for my camera. They aren`t in their pajamas… their hair is rat free… they don`t have crusties around their mouths and noses right now… no sagging diaper…they look so happy and loved… So I run for Camera. Above […]

February 8, 2011 6
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I love winter– it`s my favorite season. I`m not sure that I have ever met anyone else who`s favorite season is winter. It is odd I know. I think it`s because my 3 favorite words to feel are: safe, cozy, and relaxed. And winter is a time for me, that I get to feel all […]

January 15, 2011 13
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Bad News For The Kirby Guy.

Since I haven`t felt super compelled to write anything lately… I came across this the other night from my archives, for the first time in over a year, and thought I`d share it again… So you don`t think I closed down shop. haha ~Jenny Here goes. This is circa September 2008. [Image via Super Stock.com] […]

January 11, 2011 17
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{Life with a 3 year old. You never know what you will walk into the room to find…} ^”I know! Go to the salon! Pshaw! I`m telling ya.. Pay someone to do something with my hair I can do for free. Neeever, girlfriend…” ^David was not a fan of horror movies, and was especially unimpressed […]

January 4, 2011 7
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Christmas Outakes.

{Family photos 2010} {Photographer: my brother Jordan} He did a super job. I had him hold my camera and snap away. No fancy or trendy photographers for us this year… Sad, I wish we did. Just trying to save a little cash-o.We are trying to be kind to our house on the outside (paint) this […]

November 17, 2010 15
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Kodak`s Holiday Brownie.

{Brownie Holiday Camera} I fell in love with this gal about 4 months ago. That`s when I saw her at the local antique mall… It was love at first sight for me, but I wasn`t sure what I would do with her… I forgot about her… And then the other day I had a brainstorm […]

November 11, 2010 10
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