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Useless Paint News.

Before: Living room when the realtor walked us through the house. Before: This room has been through So many changes! This is how it looked back when it was our dining room- in the first month or so after we moved in. Before: How it looked last week. This room isn`t our dining room anymore- […]

May 14, 2010 2
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Happy Mother`s Day, Ladies!

(All photos in this post found here.) “…If men and women were surer of their God- there would be more genuine manliness, womanliness, and godliness in the world, and a whole lot less fear of each other.” E. Elliott I saw this quote the other day, and just wanted to SOAK it up and meditate […]

May 9, 2010 4
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Simple Projects you must see!

I was not going to blog today- but if you know me- I blog in spurts. I can have weeks where I am plagued with guilt over that blog I started and how much I do not have the energy/time/creative juices to throw something up on it. But then, there are times like today- when […]

May 1, 2010 6
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Things you find at the Library.

Every week my girls and I go to our local library. It`s like “that thing we do”. Yes, we are so “out there”. We go to the library. Last time we were there- there was a sweet, little, old, lady leaning over a poster writing her name with a black perm marker- trying to save […]

April 28, 2010 5
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A Side Note.

I just wanted to very quickly say— I`m so sorry for throwing out that little word tomorrow. I really didn`t do it on purpose. I cannot for the life of me seem to be able to get that kitchen “after” done and posted. What happened was- I decided to have some fun, and shirk my […]

April 25, 2010 2
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And These Are a Few of my Favorite Things…

One last batch of things I like- “during a regular day”!! [new crayons] [playing creatively] In reality, this project probably didn`t last very long but… [my baby`s soft curls-awww] hair gel helps… [tree branches from G] Red branch from our own tree, white one from a tree across the road (cough)… [softness asleep] Why do […]

April 13, 2010 12
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Everyday Lovelies, Pt. 2

Here`s my collection of beauty in my everyday life. I live a very simple life- but I believe there is loveliness everywhere, you just have to look for it. How`s that for a Hallmark card? [painted markers from Target] [baby ferns] [vintage kitchenware: mixture of glass, silver and white in sink] [string of loving notes […]

April 8, 2010 5
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A Closer Look with Shannon @ Young Crowd.

From time to time, I love getting the content for my blog from friends, or at least friends I feel I like I know from Cyberworld. Well, in asking people to guest post for me– I thought, how could I not ask Shannon- my oldest friend in the world? 🙂 Yes, we tore up our […]

April 4, 2010 5
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Lovely Links.

I wasn`t going to post anything today, but… I have been inspired  by what I have seen in the last couple weeks. Beauty GETS me. It just makes me ache inside. When I see something hauntingly beautiful, I just want to share it with the WORLD! I think that`s the reason I love blogging so […]

March 31, 2010 0
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Worship and Beauty in the Home.

I didn`t really know what to title today`s post. I think it sounds like a title from Keeper`s At Home Mag. But that`s just how it has to be. I had said earlier in the week- or was that last week? (Forgive me, I have been sick and under the weather for too long now.) […]

March 27, 2010 21
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