Entertaining Friends.

(All images from Pottery Barn)

(Fell free to pretend this is how my house really looks.)

(Or this is really how I entertain.)

Ha. Ha!

I was thinking about something lately– and I`d LOVE to have ya`ll weigh in on this.

When having people over to eat and entertain; or when you go away to do the same at someone else`s house– what is the number one “must” to you?

What`s that thing you do– or that you like when other`s do to you- that makes you feel really happy and special when you are being entertained or entertaining?

I`m sure it`s different for everyone.

For instance: My husband`s NUMBER ONE THING when we go out: is serve me something good to drink.

That`s all it takes to make him happy, there would not even have to be food. [And when he says, ‘something good to drink’– that could definitely be a soda over ice.]

Basically anything BUT water.

My must on the other hand is: that the one thing I think is so crucial to making guests feel loved is…

Never, EVER start cleaning up the mess, dishes, toys etc. before they have left out the door. There`s something about just leaving the mess that says, “you are so interesting fun to be with, oh, company, that the world can just sail on by (and the dishes can just pile up)”…

No one likes to feel rushed or “pushed along”.

Oh, and never make them help with dishes. No one REALLY wants to help with dishes, you know?

Or maybe that`s just me. Selfish me.

I`m sure a flurry of you will disagree with me on this– and that`s wonderful.

I want to hear what you think.

What`s your mantra?



Sewing Pt. 2 [longest post ever]


Due to some recent catalogs that came in the mail– namely MiniBoden and Tea— I got really fired up and inspired.

It`s so weird– I literally HATE sewing, but for me, it`s a means to an end. The creative part– is what gets me hitting it. I am very visual and to be inspired in any way in life I have to look (and look and look). I don`t use patterns- I just go with the feeling I get from something. And that`s pure BLISS.

So yes, to answer the question: I love/hate sewing.

Elle loves to use my camera to take pictures. I was going to junk this picture (above) then I saw that it`s really a picture of my sewing area– so I kept it for here.

My sewing room isn`t air conditioned, and  in the summer and it would take a gun to my head to get me to sit in there and feel motivated/inspired right now. I abhor heat.

So one day I got the bright idea (GEN-I-US)  to bring it all down and sit at my kitchen table.

Side note: the AC on that floor blows right onto the kitchen table.

It`s been sitting there waiting to serve my every sewing needs for 2 weeks now and I`m loving it!

Slapped a few pillows together for the play room.

I just have to share this– because of how hefty pillow prices are these days. Plus, since pillows are ornamental only, it`s hard to ever call buying them a real “need”.

Ok, so buy 2 table napkins. And sew them together and fill with batting. The napkins are already the same size and they are already hemmed… so easy a 5th grader could do it.

I have found the coolest napkins are at World Market- pictured here.

I bought a pack of 6 plain white napkins from them for $10 (for the backs of the pillows.) The fun part, is picking out the colorful fun fronts of the pillows. WM`s napkins are $2.99 each.

You have to buy the batting– but with a Joann`s %40 off coupon you can buy that stuff very reasonably.

So you`re looking at making a pillow for around $6.

Here are the ones I have made using this “method”– if you can call it that.

Since people sneak eating in the playroom a lot– not impressed– I have to wash these on occasion. I don`t stuff them very full when I make them– so I just toss the whole pillow into the wash on delicate cycle. They usually wash  up great.

When we had our family garage sale this year, Joy had this gorgeous, size 2 skirt leftover that she said she was sending to Goodwill. Out of the goodness of my heart, I saved it thinking “one day” I would “try” to do something cool with it.

You are going to think I am lying–

But from that little size 2 skirt, came 3 littler (if possible) skirts, and 1 little, matching, purse-satchel for Elle to carry her church toys to church in.

To explain: the original (size 2) skirt was very narrow at the top, but with a very full flounce at the bottom, once I cut the top off, there was fabric EVERYWHERE.

I think every piece of that skirt got used, there was only a tiny little square left. 🙂

Satchel inspiration came from these Hobo Sack pictures: here at MADE.

This is a Walmart tee embellished with ruffles made from leftover fabric from a shirt I hemmed once.

Inspiration for these ruffles came from this pretty Jersey Dress, here.

Had to have them model since they were dressed to go away.

Laila and her very full skirt-y.

Not sure why I kept/took this picture.

Hands and feet only a mother would notice? I think.

Two baby blankets I made for friends. These were SO much fun to make.

I love making blankets- especially summery ones like this. These both got comfort knotted and trimmed in satin.

I have spoken of my “dreams” before- things I dream of doing one day. One in the forefront right now, is designing and selling kid`s clothes. I love making outfits and dressing kids. When my brothers and sisters were little, I often dressed them all and sewed for all my sisters and mom for years. When we went on family vacation`s I often packed their clothes according to outfits because I loved it so much. And begged to comb my sisters.

Odd little girl.

Maybe opening at Etsy shop is for me in the future? I can dream can`t I?

And by the way- what are your dreams? I feel weird sometimes having them so intensely, because I feel like I should be happy just being a mom.

I have friends that say it both ways. Some are perfectly content as is. Some dream constantly. I think both are great. I admire both outlooks for different reasons. Do you ever feel this way? Sometimes I feel like my life hasn`t come to it`s full fruition. I feel restless in a good way, I hope/think.

So what do you personally think about it all? I`d love to hear input from you in the comments on this.

Not sure if that is a longing that will be realized here or in heaven. One thing I get excited about is: that God will  give us pretty sweet jobs in heaven and  that are the “perfect fit” for each one of us. Exciting!

Ever have a stain on a shirt you love?

Hide it with a strategically placed flower!

This is from Joann Fabric`s. How cool is that?

You just sew it right onto the neckline of a tee or dress. Can`t wait to find the perfect thing to embellish with it. I`m thinking at was around $5– but I used a half off coupon… NOT BAD.

The green flower above it is from the same rack.

This was a shot of one of Elle`s homemade skirts with my favorite garage sale tee. Thanks, Erika.

Felt doesn`t fray– so it makes great fun “fronts” for tees that have cheesy stuff on the front that you can sew on and cover whatever it was you weren`t crazy about.

Inspiration came from these pics. I want to try the bird one yet too. It looks awesome.

Newborn pjs– a baby gift for Sydney.

Inspiration came from these Knee Pad Pants pictures at MADE.

I use to collect old, er, vintage bed sheets to make blankets out of. I was looking for something a little different to do with bed sheets, and the girls needed pajamas…

My mom also brought these back for me from my grandma Wenger`s family sale. So the special meaning is cool, too.

I have to say they turned out cuter than I thought the (ugly? cute?) fabric was at first. I didn`t get pictures of all the fabrics I used but here are shots of the one.

Most every night we make popcorn, per Elle.

My favorite part of making stuff like this is the EMBELLISHMENTS! Especially if the ribbon is Found from my scrap box or vintage.

The waist line.

Since I believe in being redundant– and had a million yards of fabric yet on those bed sheets– they also got matching SKIRTS.

Green trim was from GOODWILL. 🙂

I have to get a shot of the details.

A lot of the inspiration for this skirt is from The Market Skirt also from MADE.

But, most of the drooling was over this handmade girl`s clothes post by Mandy Lynne– if I can ever learn to sew this creatively… wow.

I will continue to look at this post of hers many times and just.. yeah.

Laila`s was a little different. I went with yellow for her. I have since made more skirts with this look. I kinda love it. 🙂

This is from our little family vacation. Proof they actually wear them.

Headbands are fun easy to make. This one got a bit huge. Whenever I can FIND my scissors! I want to cut it down smaller.

I really wanted this gray scarf and didn`t want to pay the $49 price tag.

This one is cut and re-made from a new tee for me that I didn`t really like.

(photo from Made.)

I still have a few projects I want to try. One is this Can Can shirt (above) from MADE. I got a couple yards of this cool brown fabric from a garage sale for .10.

Yes, that is ten cents. And I would love to do my own variation of it. Maybe add a little satin trim…

We`ll see. Maybe one day I`ll have picture of it to post. (If it`s not a complete failure.)

What happens when I sew? What does my house look like?

I usually sew a little every couple days– but yes. This is what my house looks like when I work on stuff.

Playroom fun for all.

Sometimes the baby falls asleep eating spaghetti.

The girl`s entertain themselves more.

I am THRILLED with Target and their current fun educational $1 section!!

Elle needs my help doing these usually–  but she is thrilled to do “school”.

Elle does more pretending on her own. This is a “watering can”– she came up with that all by herself.

I dearly love my funny, witty Elle!

They adoringly greet daddy when he gets home…

It is fun though because Elle can now work a needle and thread through a scrap piece of fabric and she loves to cut, OH, SHE LOVES TO CUT. I like when I feel like we are making a “happy mess” together.

G says when he gets home he doesn`t care if the house is a mess– if we are happy and creative and wallowing in it.

But if it`s a stressful, “I`ve been neglecting the girls mess” then he finds it very stressful and unhappy.

I agree.

I used to be a real neat freak so letting my house “go” is a real adjustment– I`ll be honest with you.

Okay, well, there are a few of my little do-dabbles. I (sigh) can`t believe this post is finally done.

Two other ventures I am on right now is reading the Bible all the way through. I am using the NCV translation and I am utterly captivated. The Bible is so interesting. I like the NCV because it is translated in today`s terms and also not “watered down”. I read a summery of what all they did to make it as closely translated as possible and it was amazing.

Yes, I think amazing is appropriate here.

The other thing is I sunk my feet into lately is the Couponing World.

Yes, I buy the Sunday Paper for the P & G flyer, price match at Walmart, own a CVS card, have Extra Bucks in my purse, love matching sales against coupons….

Seriously though, this is a big deal for me. I have for YEARS been too intimidated to start–then I did– and now I am all the way hooked.

Just starting slow– and learning as you go– are the only tips I have on all that.

Anyone has any tips on all this– I would SO welcome them.

I am still quite the novice couponer.

Too long so I`ll stop now, Jenny 🙂


Simple Sewing.

pajamas from bed sheets.

ruffles added to walmart tee.

toddler skirt cut and re-purposed from aunt joy`s skirt

re-purposed garage sale tee.

i am having a lot of fun sewing off and on the last 2 weeks. trying to get some pictures of a few of them.

i know i have been kind of MIA- but we just got back from vacation and i feel a little snowed under.

plus there are some glitches going on with my blog here, and it`s driving me CRaZy! and i loved wordpress because it was so user friendly…

later friends, jenny


[my]thoughts of today.

I found this time-stamped in my files, so it will be my post for today.

I am still finding new entries from you all on this post.

Keep them coming- I feel greatly loved and ‘heard’ by God… I hope you feel the same. I can`t tell you how “fed” I feel from all of the comments and thoughts there so far.

Wisdom overload! :) I love it.

Never underestimate the power and wisdom and leading of Christian women speaking life and TRUTH to eachother!


[what does God think of, when He thinks of me?]

Proof that women have very random thoughts in a day.


PS. Check out this gorgeous dinner party. I fell in LOVE.


Signed: Unsettled, yet Passionate.

I have been very unsettled lately, with so many different subjects rolling around in my head.

Most of them my husband and I have been discussing- and I can`t really say I have found real closure for some of them.

Here`s one thing I wonder about, and I would love feedback from you on this.

Does our “spiritual gift” or our particular passion- ever become an idol to God (in his eyes) instead of an offering to Him?

Okay, so I will use myself as an example. I`m not just nuts about talking about myself but anyways. Here goes.

I feel passionate about many things- I won`t bore you with what they all are- but one that feels obvious, and comes through on this blog is: women embracing beauty.

I will admit, sometimes I kind of hate that- because of this blog- somehow I am tagged with this as my seeming mantra, because it`s not really my thing NEAR as much as people think it is.

But maybe I don`t know myself either. Sometimes I wonder.

Moving on.

It was brought to my attention recently, that perhaps embracing “beauty” (gag, kind sick of that word already- and I have a feeling I`ll be using it a lot more before this post is over) could really be a way to live the American dream and make it spiritual.


Yeah, I`m wrestling with that.

Because here`s the deal. There is way too much hurt in the world and children going hungry- to even think about the minute details of a humble, but still very wealthy, home in the US of A. And of all the things that God was most passionate about- it was the forgotten and voiceless and us doing all we can to be that one hopeful light in a very dark night for them.

Can anything else REALLY matter?

Wow. I am so there.

But then I think but no, I cannot leave it at that, I still have to come back to what I feel passionate about- and I am convinced it is important too. I have to fight for this!

(Isn`t it funny how when we are passionate about something, we always  assume it is of MOST importance (to God)?)

So, to me: beauty DOES MATTER.

Satan was created the most beautiful angel in heaven, when he fell, his beauty wasn`t from God anymore. Now what he possessed was only Satan`s own sordid imitation of beauty.

Because, Satan cannot ever come up with his own ideas, he can only twist what God already came up with.

I am so convinced that Satan wants to fully destroy women in the area of beauty, because he can`t stand how jealous it makes him when he looks at woman and sees that God created her with beauty as her defining trait. A picture of God Himself.

[Side note: men`s defining trait being leadership and strength.]

I am sick of women in my culture feeling shame for longings that God created them with. It`s like a friend said,

“When women aren`t free to express beauty- it comes out somewhere- you see all the canning jars lined up according to color and texture.”

God created us to crave and create things lovely. All good things come from God right? And I believe women display this area of God`s attributes. I am pretty sure men aren`t the ones gifted in loveliness and softer touches.

Think about it.

When sin came into the world, think of how easily God could have decided: Sinners deserve brown. He could have turned the whole earth to murky, muddy, brown or pallid, lifeless, gray.

All of nature is brown.

Every newborn baby is gray.

All sunsets are muddy.

But He didn`t!


It`s so obvious God gets joy from creating, and creating breathtaking masterpieces. Even amidst ugliness of sin in this messed up world. What a GIFT.

Next time you marvel at a part of nature say,

“GOD IS REAL. There is no way something so pure and  beautiful could exist in a rotting cistern like this world- without a GOD to have preserved it .

Satan tells women many false things about true beauty, some are: beauty is pride, you are ugly and can never attain/possess beauty, or beauty is self made. He says, You are the owner of your beauty.

[Which is funny because Satan being the “owner” of his beauty was his curse. God left him with his own corrupt imitation of it. ]

Beauty has nothing to do with a woman herself. It has nothing to do with the features of her face or the texture of her hair.

To me, the best way to describe true beauty is the word: reflection.

When you see a Godly woman, you look at her, but when you see her beauty you SEE God.

Not her.

I am so far from this, (I want to laugh now) but, it makes me happy because I feel I have a clearer picture than ever of where I want to be.

You can`t be insecure when you possess true beauty. Why? Because it isn`t even about her/you/me. It`s about God. It`s supernatural.

A few other random thoughts:

We would never tell a man he has to leave his strength in spirit behind, or become/look weak- to be free from pride.

It can`t be done-  it`s just a part of him. What would even be left of man if he were not allowed to portray the very thing God created him to be defined with?

So why do we ask it of woman? If you tell me beauty is pride and a hindrance to God…

… I can only think- can you ask her not to breathe?

Is it wrong to breathe when rescuing someone [saving an orphan]…. if it comes perfectly natural to you?

It wouldn’t get in the way of anything bigger- because it would just be there as you do the bigger thing.

So back to my earlier question.

Is it possible to get so strung up on what you think is huge to God…

(when really God is so huge, to us it`s confusing as to what day-to-day things could be MOST huge to Him)

…our passion–that we don`t realize it has become an idol?

Is it possible for women to feel fulfilled doing something (creating etc.)– and then one day realize it isn`t even reflecting God at all?

Or is that a lie from Satan since he is obsessed with destroying Real Beauty?

Like this blog where I capture what I think is beauty in a day- and it brings me so much relaxation and joy to dabble around with it– but some days it feels really small and maybe God isn`t in it at all.  Some days I feel unsettled about it all. Is it pleasant… like a back rub, but not Worship at all?

Practical day-to-day is HARD. We live here. On earth, in America. The odds of that happening (being born here) are so slim and yet we do.

We have houses. We have time. We have enough money. We have children and husbands. We love them. We want them to have happy memories. We want them to feel safe. We want to create a safe/happy/loving environment. We want that iconic American dream, I mean, in a way we do.

Is that okay? I`m not really even sure.

How does God want us to live? Women, what is God`s plan for us? What if we don`t get to live in this “blessed” lifestyle forever? How much “safety net” is healthy when raising a family? Is it unrealistic to teach our kids to enjoy the “happy bubble” we live in?

Please weigh in people, I`m more confused now then when I started…



“Unsettled, yet Passionate”


Oldest Friends Weekend.

wow, we had such a good time last weekend…

there is just nothing like being with a crowd of old friends and the super comfy feeling, great conversations, banter, & kid escapades it brings.

i feel so, so lucky. we love my old friends.

it`s saying a lot that it was so good, because we spent the whole weekend together (in july!) without air conditioning and lived to tell about it.

in this old house. i just had a to take a few pics and show you how breathtaking the front of it was.

you said we lead a charming life?

well, when you aren`t rich in material things i guess most of life has to be charming. 🙂

i love the character and freshness of the cool green stucco against the white curlios. (the real name for those is escaping me at present)

sorry, zebs you guys have a great van but i still tried not to get it in my picture (and failed).

these hung in a row inside the kitchen door. like they were there waiting for the maid to grab one on her way out to milk the cow. not sure why she would need a house key when milking the cow- but you get the idea.

lots of chandies everywhere.

yes, the front entryway had THREE heavy wooden doors you had to pass through before entering. the first one had a screen in it, but still…

goes to show there were paranoid people living in the 18 and 1900s too.

laila enjoys the parlor, curling her toes, and expressive page turning.

“the tension was so thick; you could cut it with a knife”.

hahaha. just kidding.


not that you can tell by sanny, terri and josh`s passive attitudes (above), but we enjoyed eachother`s company mucho grande and “the parlor”- as it was SO CREATIVELY dubbed by us- was a hit place to sit, second only to the back patio with the massive, green yard behind it.

more pics later. i have more.

well, i need to get ready to wear my gray, small plaid, apron, smile fetchingly and carry diet pepsis on trays all day…

…for all kinds of fanny pack wearing sojourney-ers…

waiting on tables. i love it.



Marital Bliss Giveaway!

Edited July 26, 2010: Giveaway now closed!

The winners are:




Congrats you guys! Thanks for all your input and fresh ideas, I loved reading the comments…


Package 1- French Plaque and Marital book.


Package 2- Paris box and Marital book


A book review:

Marital Bliss {with a kiss of reality}

(Look inside the book here.)


Michelle Beachy


Christy Smucker

Reading ‘Marital’ to review for this giveaway was so thought provoking for me. I know the book was written intended to encourage a bride with unknown/high expectations.

But I totally forgot that as I started reading.

I got so caught up in applying what I was reading to my life, that one night I literally turned the book over to the back cover, to make sure it WAS geared for new brides. And not just girls like me. 🙂

I learned so much. Yes, after being married 7 years.

There`s also that thing of reading something you may have sort of known already- but you see it in a new light reading it in print. And it just reinforces a way of thinking you may have been having~ and it feels really good to add more to an old former thought trail.

I loved how I didn`t get weary reading- ‘Marital’ is a great mix.

Both Michelle and Christy write (and they are EXCELLENT!), and the book is also FILLED with excerpts from many anonymous women (my favorite part) that were interviewed by Christy and Michelle. At the end, there are also a few guest authors.

Another dimension that was unexpected for me, and might be of great interest for some of you, was the way this book was a subtle window into the life of the Mennonite culture. Both the writers of this book, Michelle Beachy and Christy Smucker, are Christians, living in a Mennonite community. As am I. This comes out many times in the book and I couldn`t help thinking,

This would be a great picture for someone not familiar with the Mennonite lifestyle to get a good picture of what life is like for some of us.

Yes, that is my literal thought. That`s why it is in italics. 🙂

Although I have to add, in a lot of ways I feel like I was  learning, learning, learning! as I read- even the practical things like meal planning, gardening etc. really got my mind spinning.

I like to look at it at reading ‘Marital’ as a helpful tool, not a high ideal I have to attain to and cannot. Because I did struggle with that a bit in the beginning.

And knowing the authors, (I can say that now! 🙂 ) I know that that was their intent as well. To come alongside a new bride, and offer helpful advice to her, and love her well, right in the middle of the mess/fun she is in.

C and M are just incredibly down to earth, spunky, interesting, fun girls. Love `em!

The font is fresh, the book is beautiful.

I highly recommend it for a wedding present. It is something I SO wish I had 7 years ago at the beginning. ‘Marital’ is a good friend and a listening ear.

This book is also a great read for a husband and wife to read together. I often read excerpts to G in the car. One night in bed, he read to me for awhile.


“Is this true for you? Isn`t this interesting? We should make more of a point to do this kind of thing. Oh my, this is not us.”

Yes, those are our literal words to each other. That is why I have quotation marks around them. 🙂 (Again, not)

Very conversation-provoking, and interesting to talk about as a couple and get the communication flowing.

Bravo! Christy and Michelle. Sensational job!

Additional books can be ordered here.


C and M have sponsored 2 copies of ‘Marital” for me to give away today.


Since so many of my giveaways lately have been sponsored~ I wanted to add something from ME to you, also.

The prizes are pictured above and the first winner gets first pick.

I love you guys, my readers. And today I wish for YOU to win. 🙂


1. Enter by leaving a comment answering the question:

“I wish (about married life) someone had told me…”


“I wish married people knew…”

2. Enter up to 2 more times, by linking to any other social network ( Your blog, Facebook, Twitter) with a LINK BACK to this giveaway.

Steal this one:

Marital Bliss Giveaway!

Giveaway closes Monday, July 26.

I can`t wait to read your comments! (Fun for me.)



For… Sale.


Well, I am here with some of my stuff for sale. So far this blog has not been a Craigslist. But today it shall be.

For Sale:

If interested, please contact me at Ilovegk@gmail.com or Facebook private message me. I will do my best to go first come, first served.

I “named” them all, so you know what to put in the subject line of your email.

Cash only.

Because all items listed are glass and a lot of them are heavy- I don`t think I want to try to ship any of them out. Local sales appreciated.

Why am I selling them?

Because before we moved to this house I was collecting vintage blue bowls/plates for my future kitchen. As it turns out, I never went with this “look” or color. I kept them for so long because I loved them so much and didn`t want to part with them.

Right now I`m going through a purging fit and am just sick of them hogging a whole cupboard.

They are priced according to what amount I remember purchasing them for (or less).


Name: Plate on a Pedestal. $4 SOLD

Here she is with “her crowd”. She has a small chip on the one side. I think it adds character. 10 3/4 inches across.

One more picture.


Name: White Folk People Bowl $8

10 3/4 inches across.


Name: Turquoise Mixing Bowl. $16

(I paid $19 for this one)

13 inches across


Name: 50s White Pyrex Bowl $6

8 1/2 inches across


Name: Blue Flower 2 Part Bowl. $5


Name: Blue Swirly Bowl. $20

10 inches across.

This bowl is just gorgeous and in perfect condition. When I paid for it, the old lady at the counter said, “I think that bowl might be pretty valuable.”

Who knows. I paid $20 for it.

The white “swirlies” are raised.

This one would make a GORGEOUS coffee table “statement” bowl.


Name: White Chalkboards. $10 each SOLD

In great, but not perfect condition.

19 3/4 by 8 3/4

Can be hung horizontally or vertically.

People buying them together get first priority (I really do not want to break them up 🙂

“Buy us”- corny, I know.


Thanks for looking! Jenny


{FFE} FridayBrunch.

Here are some more of the pictures from FFE. The Friday morning brunch.

I have so many pictures, I am posting them in categories now.

{As she ducks her head in SHAME.}

If I could have any job in the world it would be to set up tablescapes and photograph them for magazines…


Or run and own a Bed and Breakfast…

Or author a book…

I have too many dreams. Seriously pray for me. I can get really unfocused, and I need to be a WIFE & MOM right now.

Which I do love insanely much, by the way. The wife part comes more easily than the mother part, usually.

But anyways- please endure my long string of pictures by obliging me because I was fulfilling a fantasy by doing so…

(The tablescape one)

Thanks much.


Muted tones and loveliness of candid conversations…

Aw, Baby Madison.. could you be sweeter?

Could you be cuter?


Speaking of baby names. G and I were talking on the way home from our trip last weekend about themes of names.

Our girls have family names (Elin, Julia, Jeanette.) I love quaint, sturdy old family names. We have good friends who are going with books of the Bible (Jeremiah and Leviticus, so far). I would never have thought of it, but I love it! Another friends/couple is going with Bible names: (Hannah, Zachariah and Matthew).

I love themes.

Rolling with that.

G and I were saying wouldn`t it be fun to go with Fairy Tale characters for theme names?


“Hey, it was so nice meeting you all, too! This is our oldest, Goldilocks is 12. Pinocchio is 7. And the twins Hansel and Gretel are 3. (Shakes head) They are into everything! And of course, my lovely wife, pregnant with baby girl Cinderella.”

In hindsight, I guess I should have made the twins 2, since that is a more stereotyped “into everything” age.

Carmen saved the day with her killer flowers.

Founder Audrey Kilmer Miller struggles to get the crowd whipped into submission and listening.

Sister Michelle is rather blatant with her uninterested-ness.

Aw. Okay.

Two sweet souls were listening faithfully.

Rachel and Thelma get caught up over coffee and a camera.

Yikes, Thelma, you are spreading (huge) camera envy all over the world!

The camera is also huge.

Lots of color here. Good representation of the group at hand.

Lisa and Linda, soul mates.

Buffet Line.

All attire acceptable. PJs if you want to.

Pjs equal overall happiness for women, generally speaking.

Men take note. (all 1 of you, G)


Madison and Gloria.

Linda and Di.

Again, there is a camera/coffee meet up.

Orange juice pitcher came from the “wrong side of the tracks.”

Jessica: “My eyes are big aren`t they? I`m going to shut them now, so Jenny doesn`t put a notoriously crazy caption with them.”

Rachel: “But Jessica. They are still big.”

I resisted!


Later world, Jenny


New Baby {Love}

Sydney Paige~ Born July 16, 2010

New baby girl belonging to my sister Julana, along with her husband, Jason and Gracie and Isaac. So HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS!!

Julana looks awesome, and she was so at ease when we saw them. I think she was born to bare and raise {nurture} children. She has a gift…

Is there anything as precious as a new baby? I always think it`s a huge reminder that there`s still a God at work and He loves to kiss us with the blessing of New Life.

I can not say it enough. Sydney is so ti-i-i-i-iny and oh so pretty!

If my husband had twins. ..

He`d say, “Run along and go find your mother now.”

I have to say, I`d love to try twins with this man some day. Just whenever I get my sanity back would be great. 🙂


And this~

is Lily Ruth (Born July 17, 2010)… beautiful daughter of our loving friends Brent and Dawn. Another joyous congrats sent out to you two!

The whole way to the hospital, Elle sat with her chin in her hands and looked thoughtfully out the window. When we finally drove into the hospital parking lot, she sighed heavily and said,

“I just cannot WAIT to go see this baby.”

The JOY on her face (above) says it all. She has prayed and prayed and prayed for this baby.

I think she felt personally responsible.

WHY I didn`t get a picture of Dawn holding her baby, I have no idea! I want to pinch my arm until it`s pink, or kick myself in the shins.

She looked radiant and was just glowing with joy. Mommy and baby were so beautiful.

Laila, says, “Excuse me mom, I heard there are babies here?”

We were in Penn. spending the weekend at a rental house with friends. Both these births are EXTRA special to me, and they weren`t due until August (first part of). And wouldn`t you know…

they were both born while we were gone. Made for a thrilling weekend!

Dawn and Brent were actually with us at the house, but disapeared one morning setting sail for home… (we found out later)… they left to have Lily!

Happy sigh.

Thank you Jesus, Sydney and Lily are both safely here…