She`s Here!

Yes, I mean the table.

G`s parents have given each of the children a sentimental piece of furniture over the last few years. A long time ago, we said we wanted the heavy old table, but I often forgot about it because I always thought there would never be a time when it would get shipped from PA to OH.

Time passed. Lots of it.

Now a few weeks ago my husband drove to PA in a semi with one of his buddies to haul something else back to Ohio. Something ELSE they packed to bring along back was this huge old table. ๐Ÿ™‚

She definitely belongs with us.

Her legs are splendid.

I ADORE things rich in history, and this table was G`s family`s table all their lives. And before that a farming family had it for 30 years.

I am looking for more history for it from my mother in law. Any news in interesting to me.

The top of it needs refinished. I plan to sand it off and restain it the color the legs are. Saving WORK and TIME and yes, also money. Plus, I love her the way she is.

Here is the box that holds all her leaves. Yes, they all need refinishing too. Like I said, the table is HUGE. If we were to put in all the leaves, I think it would reach across our dining room and living room. For now tablecloths cover a multitude of sins.

Winter project, you wait for me.


Elle and the big 3.

happy birthday, dear elle.

oh elle, you are so funny and so sweet.

so naughty and so silly.

i`m proud to be your mommy.

MMMMm, i just love you so much!!

oh dear, what is wrong with me?

can anyone find my typo?


23 hearts of gold.

wow. why is it just when you really do not have time to do something… is when you want to do it the most?

we are leaving tom (thurs) for the weekend and i don`t have groceries bought or the food packed, or the bedding or the clothes packed. in fact the clothes aren`t even cleaned. laundry is in piles all over the basement.

but anyways- as i trudged about the house, my computer called to me softly, i won`t tell you the stuff it says to me, but it always come across so fun, and way better than what i was doing.

i edited around at random some of my photos from last weekend so here they are. i was honored to spend the weekend with 23 smashingly kind, big hearted, and hilarious other women. so that is what today`s entry will feature.

so many of my “home friends” asked me about the big weekend after, and so these are for you guys… as well as my “new friends”– you`re all very dear to me.

i wish i had time to write more– i feel kinda “short and to the point” today so bare with. ๐Ÿ™‚

since a lot of us did not know eachother, we had a get acquainted time where we each used props to tell about each person in our family. as it turns out we all like to talk. this took hours. i loved every minute of it. there were prizes for best props, some of them were beyond precious. like kristy`s pipe cleaner family complete down to the daughter shown with highlights on her hair, using different colored pipe cleaners.

we got to go to rebecca`s bistro after hours for a fancy little banquet. this was at the beginning when all was still new. from what i could tell, there wasn`t an awkward conversation to be found.

we came from all over.

jennie from wisconsin, christy from south carolina, and thelma from penn. their smiles are real. these 3 beautiful girls blessed me in a big way.

my old, true blue friend, linda.

it was so PRECIOUS to be with, and around her again…

[note to self: puffed sleeves made shoulders look wide]

michelle, mary june and rachel.

spunky, passionate, beautiful- 3 things these all have in common.

the “founders”- the movers and shakers of it all.

i LOVE this picture. the lush colors, the beauty of these 3.

[and they represented oregon, wisconsin and montana!]

spent a lot of saturday morning at good `ol java jos. we left there only to hit walnut creek cheese for lunch, and stayed there, sitting and talking, until 6:30 that night!by then it had dwindled down to only 4 of us that could not let this party die. ๐Ÿ™‚

yes, we talk.

mary june looks awesome.

is her friend braced for collision?

this was fun. about ten of us worked on food and prep friday morning and had a brunch in the sun room…

this is gloria at java jos.

she has a heart of GOLD and is it fair she is so pretty? ๐Ÿ™‚

i admit i wanted a picture of her outfit because i wanted to show it to my stylish sisters who always manage (eas-i-ly) to out dress me.

flowers make me weak in the knees…

anyways- this was probably a fourth of my pictures, another day i will share the rest once i have them edited too.

i feel like there is so much left unsaid. but who said you have to say it all?

i wrote more but erased it, maybe when i have more time think i can expound better.

God gave me a gift that weekend- not feeling eloquent so will leave it at that.

love & thank you, jenny




I don`t live here anymore…

You can find me here

Blessings Friend, Jenny


Girlie Snaps, Pt. 2

I just love girlie stuff and (mmm) I love all the fun stuff that goes with them.

Like fun shoes, kitties and colorful skirts.

I mean kitties on shirts. I hate cats and kitties, literally.

What “mommy” says that?!

Ring around the rosy.

Laila cannot talk except to say- “ma”, “me”, and “my”.

Yes, those DO all mean something different.

But she can sing: “Asha, asha, asha, all fa dow…”

It`s kinda cute (very).

“Oh, Elle please be merciful to a little baby with a saggy diaper like me.”

THIS is what they do 99.9% of the time, when I want to take their pictures.

I love the freedom, wild abandon, and energy of little kids.


Elle, I love your brownie eyes.

I don`t know where the blondie sprouted from- I never had one of those before.

Heart to heart.


Leader. Follower.

Lil (hair) B-uns on b-abies are the b-est.


Stay Tuned.


I am Just Thrilled to be giving away 2 copies of this popular book, sponsored and written by the lovely, Michelle and Christy.

(photo by Michelle)

Stay tuned!

As soon as I get can get a minute to breath around here, I will get the giveaway up and running… (ex-ci-ted!)


Baby Shower Fun.

First of all– thanks so much to those of you who took the time to share your story/advice/encouragement about what I posted here— whether in person, on Facebook, or on here.

You all made me feel so loved, and SO NORMAL. Thank you, thank you, thank you, I read each message with reverence. Thanks so much for taking the time to bless my day!

And, oh yes- speaking of the gift of children…

I want to put up some pictures from myย  dear friend Dawn`s little baby shower Sanny put on for her, along with Heather and myself. We had a lot of fun.

It`s safe to say- we are all just GIDDY for Dawn`s baby to get here- and so ha-a-a-appy for this miracle God is blessing them with.

That all sounded really cliched, but sometimes cliches are the best way to express yourself.

Here we are:

Dawn loves muchly the baby toy.

Her onlooking mother and mother in law, say affirmative!

Elle takes this as a good time to just go ahead and unwrap one of those awesome presents all by herself.

“You wove me in my mother`s womb…”

Erika and Cindy`s killer good recipe for coffee cake, that I will probably continue to make until I die.

Or until the nursing home tells me I can`t use the kitchen anymore.

Whichever is first.

I should share the recipe?

Well. It`s late, and there is only so much you can ask of me right now.

“Baby dear”

I saw this idea to paint tin cans for silverware holders somewhere on a blog. I would love to link it up, but have NO IDEA now, where I saw it.

If it`s you, and you`re mad, let me know. I would love to give you a little recognition.

The empty egg was to represent new life- not sure if anyone at the party got that or not…

Heather`s AWESOME fruit parfaits. Words cannot tell.

I *think* the yogurt, granola and peaches were all homemade by Heather. (Wonder woman!) She just had a baby herself (Wonder WOMAN!) or I would dial her up and convince her to share the granola recipe, right here, right now.

Maybe another day I will swing that- she said it was nice `n healthy.

I love the look of utter devotion and admiration little Jacqui has in her eyes for auntie Dawn on this picture.

Or from the side of her face, whatever.

I do not get sick of paper flowers, I love them so much.

You`re sick of them?

Go read another blog then.


Vintage baby shoes bless me.

How old is the child that wore them now? Dead? Did they have a good life wearing them?

Or. Did they grow up to be a really mean person? It`s just HARD to believe anyone with such innocent, cute little vintage shoes could ever be heartless and cruel.

“For this child we prayed.”

I love Matthew and Elle~

…somehow I think they are kindred spirits…

Too much good food!


Not againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn….

(probably 10 fewer “N”s would have worked too.)


G`night, Jenny



i took a million pictures the other night.

And since this blog is my “doodle pad”- i`ll probably dump them all on here…

here`s a sneak peek…

nothing like a soft, chubby hand, and the legs of a 1 year old.

when elle was born, the first thing we noticed was her gigantic mouth.

she`s still got it.

i love low converse shoes.

especially with a cute skirt.

oh elle, you bless me.

i love my “brownie”.





The Gift of Children.

do you ever feel like you`d step in front of a bus for your children.

but you`d also give them away for a nickel?


i feel really bad saying that

because i love them with all of my being.

i cannot ever imagine

my mom,

or mother in law,

saying or thinking such a thing.

(they both raised 6, and seemed to never lose their cool.)

sometimes i wish i was more perfect.

that i would just adore reading stories 24/7 and never rely on the trashed playroom for babysitting…

every day i lose patience with them at some point.

i just thought it would be so much easier.

sometimes i feel like i was just blind-sided by having two, and i haven`t been the same since.

elle is till 2- she is starting to ask me questions i have no idea how to answer.

she also deals with irrational fears at times,ย  and i just wish my praying over her would help instantly.

laila wants to cling to my skirt all the time. i understand now what moms meant when they said,

“i just cannot stand one more person touching me!!”

i NEVER used to get that.

before i had either of my girls. i lost 2.

i wanted a baby more than LIFE. when we finally had elle- it was so easy and so fun.

i wanted more of this good stuff. we were just plumb in love with her.

18 months later i was sitting on a hospital bed holding 2 “babies”. elle and laila.

i had a c-section and a great recovery.

i felt so blessed. we were.

times went on.


i really struggle with guilt that i don`t feel jubilant and cheery at all times with my 2 miracle girls.

after all- didn`t God “give” me what i “wanted”?

don`t i at least owe God a proverbs 31 attitude at all times?

shouldn`t i spend the rest of my life being “perfect” to repay him for the gift He gave me?

can i just share with you that God is using these 2 precious little girls to teach me so much about myself?

i am learning to rest in God.

to face my imperfections and see them as a part of human-me, that good can come from seeingย  it.

that i can impact more people, being humble and human, than “perfect”.

that my girls will never have a perfect mother– it`s a joke to think they could.

it`s a journey.

funny how momma saying sorry, melts the heart of even a little 2 year old.

it`s funny how when i get behind her eyes, i often find her bad behavior started with me.

and my bad behavior.

i didn`t wake up with God that morning. i woke up thinking of me and how tired i was, and how everything in this house needs me

my sister in law said on facebook the other day- that she was talking with a group of older mothers and she asked them,

“what was the best time of your lives?”

[vacation? date nights? time out alone? girls nights? watching a movie?]

they all said,

“when all the children were still at home”.



it`s a journey… and i am trying, with God watching over my shoulder, to savor my girls, and my husband, and our life,



i`d love to hear your story, too.












in spite of


today was a good day.

i feel blessed.