Laila Consuela.



~My Lovely Laila.
Consuela is not her real middle name, it’s just the ‘fun name’ she has in our family. Elle is Elle Cavarelli. We’ll see what we come up with for Baby 3.

Laila and I had a busy morning- but we did get to stop in at our favorite thrift store, here in town. I bought this very cool, very vintage fabric for .75. I am having fun making pjs for both the girls with it.

I just finished Laila’s and thought I’d grab a picture of her in them. Laila doesn’t actually like her new jammies, she calls them rubbery and bouncy. (They are kind of a weird, shiny fabric.)

Then… I realized I never just SNAP pictures of the girls anymore- so I snapped a few of L in her natural habitat.

If you pick an animal your child would be- Laila would be a total Baby Bunny. (Elle is a gazelle.) She has to be the snuggliest, smushiest, most loving child on earth. (Also, the most disobedient right now- but I am not listing her weaknesses at present.) She says to me many times a day, “I wanna kiss.” or “I love both ub you.” And she thanks me a lot for things too.

She is also a ‘mommy-bup’ and that gets really old at times- but hey, I never feel starved for hugs or physical touch, I guess. If she could, she would surely ride in a pocket hanging from my side. One of her more annoying habits, is when she is feeling cuddly, she talks on end in a baby voice. I have no idea why she does it,  and I cannot say that it does not lose it’s savor with me. Fast. I try to be nice about it, mostly I am, maybe…

She is the most loving to babyinthewomb– she will spend long periods of times stroking my stomach, singing little tunes to baby, and giggling on and on when it kicks her.

Since Elle started school I feel like Laila and I are little daytime buddies. Just now she walked in and saw me on the computer and said,

“Thanks for staying here with me. I’m SO GLAD you are still sitting there– so I don’t feel all alone.” (Elle is at school today so she must have been feeling lonely?)

She is very expressive about her feelings. She will often say something, and then add at the end, “…and that makes me SO happy.”

She loves brushing her hair for minutes on end. She often talks about her long, blonde hair. And she LOVES boo-ti-ful things. It’s cute, but sometimes I feel it may be a bit cheesy. She noticed e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. and often makes observations to me, in great detail.

Anywho, I love my little snuggle bunny and right now she is talking to me, but I am typing so I better go.


A little shot of some of the great snail mail that came in the last few days. I love it! I love having things to look at, so the other day I went online and ordered catalogs from Anthropologie, West Elm, Restoration Hardware, Boden, Pottery Barn, Down East. It’s like getting free magazines really. You should try it. 🙂

Well, I better go. Got to go pick up my little school-marm.



K Life: a numbered list…

Well, I am going to try to post something.
I come here and it just looks like a weedy garden to me. My header really bothers me. It has to be 3 years old– since that baby up there is big Laila. Also, I was looking at each of the pictures and I do not have ANY of those things anymore, or it looks way different.

Since I have no wind in my sails for writing right now I thought I’d go numbered/Christmas newsletter style. Maybe that will help. No idea what will happen from here OUT…..

1. I slept very little last night. Laila came to my bedside and woke be up 3 times. Once she told me she was very hungry for a milkshake. I told her to get in bed with us as fast as she could–  anything to divert her from those thoughts, anything is  better than trudging down the steps and firing up the blender at 3 am. Then she did, but she poked and poked me until…. well, I don’t  remember what happened after that.

2. But anyway, because of that, after taking Elle to school and coming home, loading the washer, and feeding Laila….. I put her on a Sesame Street computer game and fell asleep for a few hours. Tonight when G came home– the house was a complete and total wreck, but his wife was very cheerful and rested. I think he was happy about it.

When he gets home from work, I always explain why the state of the house is what it is. He thinks it’s kinda weird and asks me sometimes why I do it. I guess I just want to be worth my wages.

Tonight I said: “By the way, the reason the house is such a wreck is because I slept on the couch for hours today.”

He said absently, “hmm.”

Me: “So what’s that look– I can’t tell, jealousy or disapproval?”

G: “It’s really- what do you call it- when you just don’t care… apathy? No, indifference? It’s FINE.”

3. I really like my husband. I mean I like him. I have been thinking about that lately. He is the most interesting and engaging person I know. And he is not dull. Dull and unimaginative drives me crazy, I think.

The other night we were sitting in bed talking, he was working some advanced algebra in a real nerdy way on his computer. We were discussing hashtags– you know: #.

G: “I don’t know why you hate them so bad. I mostly think they are just hilarious. I love ’em.”

Me: ” I just cannot believe you are serious.”

G: “You know what your problem is? You just don’t have a sense of humor.”

Me” “Um, yes, you are so right. That’s why I think you’re so funny all the time.”

Oh man. Get a slam, BOOM! comeback with  backhanded compliment. I fell asleep high on that one.

Most people write cute things their little kids say–  I guess now I just write cute things I say.


4. Elle is in school this year. She is 5 now, and so much more well-rounded than she used to be. I think she is braver, more confident, smarter, more hardworking (disciplined), and she is reading a little already. Thank you to whatever her teacher is doing with her. Plus, 2 days a week I feel like I have a babysitter. Laila and I do all kinds of crazy stuff while she is at school, like going to the doctor…. getting groceries… sleeping on the couch…. and socializing at fun places. I love it.

Here are a few pictures of School Elle.

She did not so super much want to go to school that first day.

Walking to the gate with her ‘I’m just bumming at home today’ sister.

Posing with the principal at Elle’s school, because he looks uncannily like my husband. Sometimes we even pretend we are married- it’s so fun.

Here are a few of her classmates putting their cute little things away. Everything Kindergarteners do is cute.

5. If you see me in 4 weeks, I will have a baby with me. I am over-the-top excited. I am sure I was this excited with my other two– it’s just that…. it has been LONG since we had a baby. Long. My girls don’t even know what it’s like. I cannot wait to experience it all as a little family.

Reality, I know: in 5 weeks when I am living out this ‘dream’– likely you will not hear from me on here, because I am just here in my house tearing my hair out. Oh, well, I am still excited. And I will have Vicadin. Actually that sounded like a joke, but really when you have been cut with a knife– reality is that you need a healthy dose of that stuff. Sad, but true. 🙁

6. I am pretty apprehensive about the actual surgery, you can say a prayer for me? It’s just I have e.v.e.r.y step of the way memorized, and there are like 5 steps that in my head I already have to breath through when I think of them.

7. Today I was listening to the radio and the speaker was saying that Jesus sweated drops of BLOOD before he was sent to the cross. It impacted me. Jesus never sinned, he was perfect always. Yet he knew physical agony about future pain.

That really comforted me– I think I picture that, as a person in tune with God, I should sit elegantly with my hands gently folded, and a look of peace on my face (preferably looking heavenward), as I think of things I am nervous about.

8. How has my PG been going? I hate to say it. Very well. I told G that 80% of the day, I forget I am pregnant. I basically feel the same as regular me. (Because regular me is always hormonal and sleepy.)

9. I still like to work on small projects. I don’t get much done that is crafty– but some days… This is a room-brightener pillow I made.

Some cozy pjs I made for Elle.

.75 fabric from thrift store and comfy as can be.

One of two mums I purchased for the outside– oh look, they are turning brown from someone who never waters them.

Finally two days ago I ‘falled’ up the mantel. It’s not perfect, but it’s cleaner and it makes me feel cozy so that’s all I care about.

10. Candles make me so happy.

11. G is gone tonight– he is reffing a football game at school. Elle is drawing at the table. Laila is curled up on the couch sleeping- I’m not sure whether to carry her to bed, or wake her. I threw all the supper and cookie making dishes in the dishwasher, now I am sitting here. I should be packing– we are going away this weekend. A venture that joins school related things and being with Kauffman family. It should be a great weekend.

12. It seems as a family with young children– you can go through some DRY times socially. Amen? But somehow lately we have been so lucky and have enjoyed so many fun times with company, out of state friends, and just special times here and there having great conversations with good friends in the last few weeks.

I feel really grateful because with baby coming (along with winter), I think it could be a very quiet, hibernating kind of winter.

Here I will insert a few pictures from the times I took time to get out the camera…

We LOVED getting to host Charles and Cindy for the night. They just moved home from Bangladesh, so we had not seen each other for 3 years!

Scrappy looking cuties, eating an early breakfast.

Little girls hit it off so well!

We have this CD, by the Hostetler Kids that has a darling song at the end about dancing with daddy. (I won’t lie- I tear up) Anyways G and Laila religiously dance with the song every night– and sometimes during the day. Here they are teaching it to Chuck and Chayla.

(Here is another rendition of the song- if you want to hear it.)


My aunt and uncle came to spend a few days with all kinds of family a few weeks ago. We got to have them for a few days. I even was lucky enough to keep them for 2 nights. Always lots of good talks, being tourists, being with family,  and good food eaten in good company when they come to town!

Cozy breakfast at Rebecca’s Bistro. Notice- no children that day! Special thanks to my friends, Shelly and Carmen for doing that for me. ♥

My uncle Terry has a very awesome, dry sense of humor- can you tell?

Well, that is longer than I thought it would be. I feel a little more caught up now. I can’t say for sure– but I have this feeling I may not post here again before the baby. But who knows? The urge to write can strike at the oddest times. Maybe I will blog hospital-bedside. Doubt it though.

HAPPY FALL SEASON TO YOU. I just, just love it……….



Guest Host…. Amy Showalter!

Well, this is exciting! I am just ‘over the moon thrilled’ to be sharing one of my favorite blog-spots to hit up for: eye-candy, beauty, lovely things, (maybe those are kinda all the same thing but let me be…) and wise words. Her photos are just so…. YUM.

Amy Showalter has agreed to write a guest post for me and I am just feeling so grateful. After you read her guest post- please visit her at Roller Mills Farm… and leave her some love.

You will LIKE-Y…. ♥



Here is Amy:

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, ‘What! You too? I thought i was the only one.'” -C.S. Lewis 

This summer i turned 30 years old.

I baked my own cake, which i’m pretty sure was a very grown-up thing to do.  

Chocolate, dark, deeply flavored with coffee. baked in a simple rectangular pan because i didn’t want to spend the whole day working on it.

It’s so great to be all grown up and do whatever you want.

People talk about feeling old in mostly negative ways but so far “aging” hasn’t been a problem… except for maybe having to grow up and deal with making my own cake. 

Beyond that I’m still of the illusion that life is what you make it regardless of age and circumstance. 


One thing that changed a little though is friends. Or maybe it was me that changed.

Either way, it caught me off guard and caused a few moments of grieving. 

I didn’t see that one coming. 

It doesn’t seem to help that i recently got married and moved to a totally new area. So many close friends are now far away but, after being here for a few years, i guess i expected to be further along then i was with building new “local” friendships. 

There was even an article in the NY Times “Why Is It Hard To Make Friends Over 30?”… 

After reading that rather depressing perspective of how life gets in the way of good friendships i decided to stick with my previous declaration of “life is what you make it”… 

I think anyone of a “certain age” understands the LIFE that gets in the way of all the great and noble things you aspire to do with your one glorious chance to live, so… i probably don’t need to explain that further. 

Even so, it’s unacceptable to have to plan 3 months in advance just to share a meal with someone. 

There are periods in life, maybe, when this happens… 

I hear a new baby takes more attention then a full time job… and any major life changes, like marriage, moving and careers, can sometimes demand all your energy and focus. I’m convinced though, to really live well, those should not be the norm.

If you have a husband, i hope that he’s your best friend but you know that’s not what i’m talking about here.
Women need other women-friends. 

We need couple friends. Sunday night friends. Traveling friends. Coffee friends. Christian friends… and even “worldly” friends. (whatever that really means!)


Whatever you’re into, whatever stage you’re at in life, a good friend who just “gets it” makes even the dullest moments seem energizing.


 I haven’t really figured it out yet (really?) but there are a few things i’ve observed that greatly improve the chances of maintaining old friends and gathering new ones all through life. 


So i started a list of a few ways that i’m learning i can be intentional about cultivating friends.

1.) Friendship, like anything good in life, actually takes work. It takes effort and it takes consistency. Since so many friends are long-distance for me now, i have to make it a priority to connect in some way on a regular basis. Phone calls are hard for me but i’m working at getting better. It seems a good idea to think of talking to one person per day. Facebook does not count.

To be honest, right now i’m at about 1 or 2 good, long-distant phone calls per week… and sometimes that’s including my Mom. She usually gets first priority. I told you i’m not very good at this.

2.) It takes sacrifice. For all my complaining, i do have some really good friends who are local. Recently one of them called about stopping by on a midweek day and i have to admit i really wanted to say no… I had the day all set to paint a room that i was turning into a closet and i was so excited to see it done. I knew that it wouldn’t happen if she came but… i said yes. Over a glass of sweet tea at the kitchen table she announced that they were pregnant! and i was one of the very first to hear the news! I was so glad i said yes! Even though it meant i had to spend a sunny Saturday inside painting when i usually would have liked to be free to do something less committed. So worth it.


3.) Keep some chickens. Or try gardening, whatever it is that thrills you.

 In his book “The Meaning of Marriage”, Timothy Keller has such a great perspective on the character of friendship saying “The very condition of having friends is that we should want something besides friends”. He goes on quoting C.S. Lewis, “Friendship must be about something, even if it were only an enthusiasm for dominoes or white mice. Those who have nothing can share nothing; those are going nowhere can have no fellow-travelers.” 


4.) While we’re on the subject of fellow-travelers, Keller also talks about marriages benefiting from sharing life in community. Being able to see a more in-depth perspective of marriages other then your own, or if you are single, before you get into one, can help greatly in setting your own expectations for what it really looks like as well as recognizing during challenges that you are not the only one experiencing hard things. He and his wife Kathy have a group from seminary who get together a few times a year from all parts of the country. If you have groups like that, value them,  and make them a priority.

Once a week on Wednesday we have a group we call Supper Club who meets to gather around the table and for a “family dinner”. It has grown into a deep community of some rather unlikely friendships. 

There really is incredible power in sharing a meal together, especially on a regular basis. Everyone takes turns cooking and doing dishes, even the guys.


So much deeper then just a meal for enjoyment, even though it is that as well. We’ve all had ups and downs and varying feelings since we started getting together more then a year and half ago. But it’s real and has helped each one of us to grow as individuals, and in community.


5.) Another big one i’ve noticed is allowing each other the freedom to change. This might be even harder for me then making those daily phone calls. I have a tendency to categorize my friends and sometimes they jump out of the perfect little filling system i’ve set them up in. Single friends become couples and sometimes it’s hard to adjust. Babies are great but sometimes that means fewer conversations where i get full attention. It can be hard to let go of the way things were but we have to make adjustments of our expectations. 

6.) I’m also realizing that i am changing. I don’t have the time and energy to devote to maintaining and developing friendships in the same way that i used to. Living on a farm, having a husband, making a home… all good things that must be prioritized in order to preserve harmony and balance.

7.) Liberal amounts of forgiveness and grace. Very important. As much as possible i try to live without regrets. But if there’s anything i would regret its the moments when i don’t offer these things. 



What do you think? Have you experienced friendships changing after a certain age? 

Do you feel like you are still making new friends as easily as you did before marriage/kids/responsibilities?




A small post for Saturday….

{A leather mini recliner I found at a thrift store for a good price. It had a rip in it, but I managed to get some Amish guys to sell me a piece of leather to repair it with, she cleaned up SO NICE.}

{ a few fresh flowers still survive in my backyard }

{french vocab cards in an old silver cup}

{the only live plant in my house- i want more!}

~I do not really have anything important to say today. It’s a Saturday, and soon I will go into work for a few hours. It has been raining all morning- so that has been peaceful. G came downstairs this morning and said,

“A rainy Saturday morning- can it get any better than that?”

I have taught him right.

I made grape juice and scrambled eggs this morning for G and I with real cracked pepper, mozzerella cheese, onions, bacon and green peppers. I try not to brag- but it really hit the spot.

I will say though- that the girls are level-ten hyper this morning and needing a good run in the rain. Sometimes I can take the noise. This morning…. (picture me shaking my head and rolling my eyes.)

Last night I was feeling a little chef-y, and I had this idea in my head of this soup I wanted to create with these pantry items.

It turned out SO.



It went down the drain after we suffered through supper. Garbage disposal ate good last night.

So anyway, if you ever put these ingredients together, go ahead and stick them back in your pantry. I hate to say epic fail, but it must be said here.

Which is another reason why it was so good that I scored a delicious breakfast this morning. It put the wind back in my sails.

I just told Elle she needs to go run outside and she said,

“I don’t wanna live in the STREET!” ~Whatever that means.

Laila loves her daddy bunches. She likes to climb on him like this when he is talking on the phone… or reading… or anytime really.

The nose makes a great handle.

An older picture from the last pool day of the season (with their cutie-pop Yoder cousins).

Elle was very concerned that her best friend and her sister had the matching suits- “They are going to best friends now!” she wailed.

You know you are all grown up, when a great mail day is a favorite magazine and a big, FAT COUPON.

Well, my news bag is empty. (Anyone else remember writing that to a penpal as a preteen? I do.)


What made your Saturday fun today?



North Market.

{a few snaps…}



{Summer maiden}

{Laila posing}

A few random shots from AUGUST- a great month.

Even though Elle is smiling- she LOATHES getting her picture taken. I am pretty sure the shot before this was of her crying. I deleted it.

We have a ratty garden intent of producing one item: grape tomatoes. The girls love to pick them!

I LOVE how long Laila’s hair is getting. Proud momma.

Elle is my artist- she draws intricate, datailed pictures all day long. Laila never really draws people. So the other day when she drew her 2nd and 3rd people pictures ever, I savored the moment!

To me, they are just DARLING.


The other Saturday morning, my Once a Month Club went to Rebecca’s bistro for a mother/daughter get together. It was really, really sweet and fun.

My girls felt like the stuff as they ate their fancy ‘meat and pancakes’ breakfast.

We were sad to not have with us Silla, Chloe, and Kate. 🙁

My food- everything you order there is good.

As we left, my girls had to examine the fairy garden…

I realized at 30 weeks I had not one pregnancy picture. So I made G snap one as he was running out the door. It is so cheesy.

After he left, I thought I can try to get a self portrait of my belly, and this is what I got- so “Hi, there!”.

The other night my nieces and nephew were here. My girls had made Easter eggs one night, so the kids found them and begged to eat them. Whatever makes ya happy…

“School Elle” was teaching an art class. I was very impressed- she has great technique.

After the park and ice cream, every one was bathed and eating popcorn and watching a movie. I felt pretty accomplished let me just say.

Ok, weird ending… but I got a clinger named Laila here. Got to go!

Enjoy your holiday weekend! ~jenny


My Tiny Kitchen Makeover~ (before & after)

Before: My little galley kitchen the day we first laid eyes on it. 🙂

Still Before: We hired a guy to come paint the walls (he was pretty good), and a different guy to do the cupboards. It helped. Some.

Seriously, when we bought this house I had not a clue under the sun what I was doing. We went to Lowe’s and since I thought, all paint is created equal (It’s not!)… I picked out low grade Olympic (from Lowes) paint. It never looked good. I painted the kitchen white, and it always looked like drywall basically. So, ugly.

I have since become a paint-junky- now I would say… paint matters MOST. Buying quality paint makes more of a difference in a room than anything else you could ever do! A few brands I like Sherwin-Williams, Ben Moore, and if I’m feeling tight Valspar from Lowes in pretty good. Not as good though. SW has a lot of 40% off sales and since it’s a mile from my house- I buy most of my paint there.

Before: Had painted the door green. Oh my husband mocked me when I repainted it this last week, but the green was not doing anything for me.

And I really like things to do things for me.

Another before: We will call this wall color “drywall dreams”.

Feel nauseated and depressed yet?

Before: You know how you just want ORDER in your life? A system, something that looks good and is FUNCTIONAL. Yup, that’s what I had ordered.

I collect old ‘silver’ware, clear glass, and white plates- problem was, some were stored away, some were stuffed back into shelves… I want them OUT and used.

Working on it…. painting IS NEVER GLAMOROUS! I worked on this project for over a week off and on. (I am still not done.)

Galen came home one day and said, “You are just crazy the way you paint stuff.”

It has been days, and I am still trying to figure out if that was a compliment to my speed at ‘gitterdone’…. or if he was just calling me OCD. I actually think it was both.

Before: Yes, G helped me deep clean as we went. I made him climb up and vacuum on the top of my cupboards. I have a darlin’ for a husband- that’s fo’ sho’. 🙂

Not sure what slang I was going with there- just roll wit’ it, yo.

Did you think that was a baby carrot and a mouse?

Well, it’s not. It’s my chubby, reddish finger and a dust bunny. Ask my husband about the greasy dust bunnies everywhere. Let me just say moving out your fridge and cleaning under it, can give you sweet dreams for a good 3 weeks after.

Little red stool- before.

Little stool- after.

Oh my. Please do not just re-read that. Please move on and forget.


… And finally!

A few afters. (For those of you that were all bunched up after my last post WITH NO AFTERS. )

I kid, and I love you. 🙂 I just had a lot of coffee and I always love pretty freely when I’m high on caffeine.

Yes, after. I did not say this- but I also had to repaint all the cupboards. How do I say this gracefully? Well, the paint “job” we hired was. awful. It needed another coat at least, the nail holes were open, and gaping and the whole underside was never painted at all. I will just stop there…. yeah.

Colors used:

Walls: Glimmer by SW (Sherwin-Williams)

Cupboards: Snowbound by SW

(1,000 % happy with both colors!!)

Happy sigh. All my collections are out and working for me. I loaded the rest up for Goodwill and sold a few pieces too. I do not like to own things I do not use. And yes, we use my collections to eat cereal in the mornings…

Life is a beautiful gift, I want to treat it that way.

Shelf on the left side.

Seriously, I think I am turning into my grandma W.

I look for beautiful things to use everywhere I go. I had taken someone to the Dr. and was waiting outside the office– and snipped this little greenery off a bush on the porch. It just goes so perfectly with what I was working for. In fact, I would say this green bush-piece– it helped to shape the vibe of the whole kitchen.


A few details: I love to buy little bottles and glue random labels on them. This was one I bought at Save N Serve for $3.50.

In case, you didn’t already think I’m crazy- I can usually tell you the price I paid for anything. ever.

One of my favorite decor tricks: frame little postcards with old, old frames. This was frame was $7 from the Berlin Antique Mall.

Can I tell you I buy 80% of my decor from Save n Serve? I actually find them a bit pricey at times-  but I DID score these hip chicken wire baskets for TWENTY FAD CENTS EACH. That is a little bit of  quarters for so much cuteness.

More details.

More labels glued onto jars.

Love me some little silver pieces.

Joy and I found these awesome little, vintage, wall calenders at the thrift store- $2 each. She took a pink one, and I took all the blue ones. I love them for dish towels.

Repainted the green door. My fake calligraphy is a JOKE.

Top of the pantry. It still needs another coat of paint- the pantry. 🙁

Girl’s art box arranged better.

Above the sink. It’s funny how when something is right- it looks good.

Let me explain. My sister cast off this blue wood board above the sink to me. I never loved it in my bathroom. It just looked sad. Now here in the kitchen, it’s like the perfect marriage or something because it just shines here.

Frames that look hideous in the thrift store can look SO cute when cleaned up with modern paper framed inside of them. this was was so ugly when I bought it- I felt like a fool for giving denero for it.

This frame was $3 at an antique store. Sturdy, but gold and gaudy. I painted it, cleaned it, and sewed some paper together to make like a paper quilt and framed it. BTW, sewing paper is fun. I wanna do a mini quilt some day. Also, this frame didn’t have a hanger on the back, so I stapled on some twine in a tear-drop shape- works great.

Details: cream and sugar jars from my friend Shelly. I love them!

More of the same. 🙂

Remember this corner?

This is how it looks now. I put up a huge, was-ugly bulletin board (covered in khaki fabric) with all my little what-nots on it. It really helped clean my fridge off.

It’s fun to make pretty push pins by gluing on vintage baubles.

Another close up of the baubles.

Alrighty well that’s all for now.

I really am sick of loading pictures right now. Laila is sick of it too. She is sitting here putting little dolls, doll clothes, and bracelets down the front of my shirt. then she digs them back out again. Can we say wanting mommy?

It’s Friday morning- not sure what all I’ll do today. This last week was so busy, gogogo.

Last night G helped me carry up a weeks worth of laundry. A TON. I got it all put away and I cleaned a lot yesterday so I might just pull a lazier day today. I only have 10 weeks left in my goingverywell pregnancy- so I always have things to do, but need to take rest breaks too.

If you just read that paragraph- well thanks, because it was pretty boring.

Gonna go mother my girls now!







Baby Room BEFORE.

Don’t you just love how I wrote BEFORE in all caps in the title line- just you know… to clear it up for anyone that thought this was my completed baby room.

Yes, the Art Room has gone far, far, far down hill. Can we just call it the Armpit of our house? The Problem Child room. The Black Sheep of the home.


Anyway, my baby room is now 80% done. I actually cried over this room. It took me a week to paint it, partly because I kept having to load up the girls and head back down to Sherwin-Williams and mostly because with 2 girls I could only work on it a little it at a time.

Oh dear baby in the womb- you better treasure and cherish your bloodsweatandtears <(really spellcheck you don’t LIKE how I spelled that?!) baby room.

And a few more Craptastic shots of the the BEFORE.

BEFORE. Remember that.

Because you never know when you might want to start a project that includes a plastic doll, a tripod, a cardboard box, and some forgotten fabric… it’s best to just leave it all out.

Being prepared is SMART.

This picture makes me go yesss. Yesss. Yessss.

All ya’ll trashy stuff, are a burning in the town dump, hanging out getting to know new junk at Save and Serve thrift, you saw our front curb, or you are in bins in my guest room dresser. You do not control me anymore. NOW I CONTROL YOU.

Piles and piles of photo albums from over-eager jenny in the 1900s, I so hate you all.

Stopped vacuuming this room.

Closet of horror. Housing all G’s music folders from every choral group ever sung in, and books from college days of yore.

And (dreamy face) that oh so uber cool and elusive green SNOWBOARDING JACKET G wore all through our SMBI days. He roamed the halls wearing that jacket with cargo pants,  long sleeved Ts with ski lingo-logo-jargon, and some very kickin’ soccer shoes that were quite “new” in that time period. Who was this man that sat around with a LAPTOP AND A SMALL CELLULAR DEVICE?! Oh, and what? he buys things online– who does that?


Anyway, so I love and hate that jacket. Great memories. Belongs elsewhere.

And because I am weird in more ways than one- I had to go shoot the old soccer shoes with my camera phone. They are too good to miss. Please remember these were being worn in what…. 1999. Pretty pushin’ it in their day. Rumor has it, G’s school kids admire them now.

We keep them around,

“just in case I ever need them for a dirty project.”

~end quote.

Closer closet details. I feel like this has turned into a scandalous expose.
Hanging Folders: more hardworking than their nemesis Laying Flat Folders.

Sewing area delights. Happy to report this sewing machine now also resides in a landfill somewhere.

Ok, well that’s all folks.


Thanks, Willie Wonka for the backup.

Come back in 2.5 months…



Simple and Worky.

Blame the Nesting.

I have this urge the last 3 months or so to purge, clean, organize, make things functional, simple, and yet beautiful too. I  just think of life with 3 children…. and how I want to walk into any room in my house and see nothing cluttery. Nothing gathering dust that we don’t really need or use.

SIMPLIFY life I guess you could say.

I LOVE things organized, but I would say I have to work at it. My natural inclination would probably be to NOT go that way. I battle a few pack-rat slash hoarderish tendencies if left unchecked.

I want to have time for those I love, and not spend all day tending to our STUFF.

You may or may not believe me, but i actually do NOT know much about decor. I mean I know ‘pretty tings’ but sometimes how to arrange them in a pleasing way makes me feel pretty lost. I do not want a pile of stuff sitting here and there. I want it to make sense.

I have been reading lately how decor needs to be one layer at a time. I have thought on that a lot. Also that when decorating you need to wait… and just slowly let things evolve. Beloved collections happen over time.

This is interesting to me, because I think I stuff or throw up things sometimes, without too much meaning or thought.

One goal for my home has been to take things that we use a lot and are kind of “in my way” a lot– and make them look nice and kept handy.

Like the blankets above: my girls adore throw blankets. They carry them around, move them, and cuddle with them. The blankets end up these scrunched up, ball-y eyesores, that are kinda scattered all over the house. Roamers, you could call them.

I found the basket in the girl’s room (it was holding their bedtime library books) and found that when I rolled the throw blankets and stuffed them into the basket they became pretty AND useful.

They also created a “layer” beside the love seat- one of those things I said I am learning about.

NOT rocket science, but you know, fun for a silly housewife.

My girl’s draw with plain paper likely 80% of the day. I used to have these ziplock bags laying around with all kinds of different writing materials in them, you know, crayons, markers, paints… EVERY night when G came home there would be crayons scattered all over the floor around the table. He was quite vocal about how much this made his every night. (joke)

Well, now this enamel bins keeps them all together and just somehow makes it easier for the girls to pick them up. Flimsy ziplocks are just overwhelming for kids to clean up with. (Fact.)

Cheap pillows are so easy to make. I have been re-working or recovering quite a few. Best way to do this- use table napkins, or cheap little pieces of fabric from thrift stores. I also like to buy ugly, but clean and sturdy pillow forms at thrift stores. I wash them with hot water and Tide– then cover them.

Forms at Walmart are around $7. This way I get them for .50 – 2.00.

Candles always add layers and ambiance. I found that navy trim at a thrift store- it is delicate and gorgeous. Simple things like hot gluing it onto a plain curtain can make a little thing special.

My other SECRET for making beautiful curtains is… shower curtains! Okay, so new curtains are pricey– whether you buy it by the yard or buy the panels ready-made, they usually go for $20-50 a panel. So how do you get beautiful curtains for more like $10 a panel?

I guess it’s not actually a question since I already told you… But yes, Target has very hip shower curtains that are thick and not plastic-y. They run around $20 or more for one.

I cut them down the middle, hem them, they cover 2 windows, and they make AWESOME new curtains.

I did this in my baby room and I am just in love with my new curtains in there. (heart) Can’t wait to show them to you… one day.

These are the ones I made for the playroom from shower curtains. I have done a few other rooms also.

The oddest little plants from here and there add so much charm.

Ok, well, I need to go oat and a boat, so I better go.

(If you didn’t get that- read it aloud and pretend you are Canadian.)

I would be OVER THE MOON to hear what tips you have on decor/organizing/projects. Teach me. 

I may hit Joann Fabrics today- I have a new sewing machine so anything could happen from there. I am love with my new machine, btw, I am so afraid one day G will come home, and we will be in the corner kissing. Before that, I had a low-grade Brother from Walmart, which was given to me at the age of TWELVE. So yes, can we say upgrade?!

Over and out. ~jenny


Sensational 6.

This weekend with old girlfriends was just what the doctor ordered. If there was in fact a doctor that would prescribe such things,

“No, it’s not an apple a day any more that you need, but a girl’s weekend. Here I will write out an order for CVS.”

I have known these girls for years now. Christy is my “newest” friend and I have known her for, I believe, 8 years now. Jennifer, for instance, I have known since the age of 12. (I am 33 in case you like Math.)


Where the bread is soft as a baby’s bum and the pizza Italy-esque.

{Me, Ruth, Christy}

My happenin’ scarf is from Jennifer’s superhip store.

We had so much fun lounging at Jennifer’s house (a house that belongs on Pinterest or in a Pottery Barn magazine), eating cobbler and ice cream, sitting on the deck at night with the crickets blaring, having big discussions pool-side, sharing stories of faith and family, IKEA, Dunkin Donuts, shopping at Jennifer’s store (Main Street Exchange) exclusively- after hours, buying/trying on cute stuff there…  and just sitting at Jenn’s table… eating and conversing and laughing. Great talks with Dawn traveling.

And finally feeling like I have a real personality. I ADORE being a mom, but sometimes you just need to be a PERSON again. A calm, conversational, no one talking in my face needing things kind of day. 🙂

I dearly love these girls…. ♥

My IKEA lamp I bought on the trip. I really like-y it.

That’s all for today…


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